How To Keep Your Property Safe And Insured

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Your home should be your safe place, where you feel comfortable and relaxed. However, it is a good idea to invest in additional measures to increase the security of your property. From criminals trying to break into damage to property, there are a few issues you may not be able to prevent on your own.

This article will advise you on how to keep your property safe and insured so that you can feel safe and at ease in the comfort of your own home. 

Invest in A Sturdy Front Door

One of the first things to do if you want your property to be safer is to invest in a sturdy front door. The look of your home will have an impact on how others perceive it – if someone sees your house as easy to break into, they are more likely to do it.

Considering that the majority of criminals study the houses they target beforehand, it is a good idea to make your home look difficult to break into. Having a strong front door will make it more challenging for anyone to break in and it will also provide the impression that you have thought about security.

They can then think that you have invested in this and that there may be other security systems in place. It may not seem like much, but a front door can act as a deterrent. 

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Keep Valuable Items Hidden Away

Most people love having big windows so that the light can shine through. However, one thing that people forget is if you can see the outside, it is likely the outside can see you. Breaking through the windows is a favorite way of criminals accessing properties but also how they identify what is valuable indoors. If you have any valuable items, be sure to keep these away from the windows so that they are not visible from the outside. Items such as big smart TVs or even collectibles, are some of the examples of things you should not have near the windows. As an alternative, you can also invest in tinted windows, which make it difficult for others to see through but still allow you to have the same visibility and light from the inside. 

Invest in Security System 

Criminals are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, which is why security systems must be too. Having a good lock on all doors may not be enough to keep your property safe. There are several security systems on the market that you can apply to your property. Most of which have movement sensors CCTV and alarms that contact emergency services directly for your own protection. Many of these security systems allow you to monitor everything that goes on around your property from your phone so that you can manage this even when you are not home. This option may be costly but it will be a positive investment that will increase your safety. 

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Discuss Warranty 

When you purchase a property you expect it to be in very good condition, however, this is not always the case. If the state of the house is not up to standard, you are likely to be offered a warranty. Having a home warranty policy in place essentially means that there is a contract in place between the homeowner and a home warranty company to ensure that the costs of maintaining household systems and appliances are covered. This differs from home insurance and each will cover different things. 

Have The Right Home Insurance

There are numerous costs associated with buying a house – the last thing on your mind will be to spend even more money on home insurance. However, even if you have a home warranty in place it still is a good idea to invest in home insurance. If there are any major issues occurring, such as criminals breaking into the home or a fire, this will only be covered by the insurance. It’s best to have these in place and not need it rather than struggling financially after an incident. It will not keep your property safe per se but it will help you with the costs and replacements should anything go wrong. 

Add Lighting 

Another way to keep your property safe is by adding appropriate lighting, especially outdoors. The main entrance should be well lit so that you have visibility around the property at night time. Criminals tend to act when it is dark, therefore making it more difficult for them. Having lighting that is sensitive to movement is recommended so that the lights go off every time someone is around your home. This may be the best way to spook anyone that tries to explore your property as a potential target. 

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Secure All Windows

As discussed before, windows are a vulnerable part of the home so you need to reduce the likelihood of people being able to break in from them. If you live on the ground floor be sure to always secure every window. The glass should be sturdy and double glazed so that it does not break easily. You will also need to lock the windows so that it is more challenging for anyone who tries to force them open. 

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Hire a Property Manager or Security Guard 

If you have serious concerns about the safety of your home and you spend periods of time away, it is a good idea to hire a property manager or even a security guard. This will make it easier for you to rest assured that your property is safe. The property manager can oversee any issues and keep up with the maintenance of the home. A security guard will keep an eye on the property and deter any potential trespassers. 

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Get a Dog 

A dog makes a great pet but it is also a great way to add some security to your home. It may not seem like much but if someone sees that you have a dog, they are less likely to try and break into the home. There are dogs that are specifically trained to deal with attackers and to increase the safety around your property. 

Keeping your home secured and insured should be one of your main priorities. Following the tips discussed on this page will allow you to easily achieve this. 

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