One Piece Film (Red): Who Is Shanks’ Daughter


One Piece Film: Red is all set to be released for fans worldwide in the upcoming months.

One Piece Film: Red

According to the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media, it says that One Piece Film is all set to be released to fans across the world.

The film will have an amazing storyline, and many fans will love it. When it was first announced, the hype was real. From the start, fans were pretty much sure that it would be heavily tied to Shanks, a person who’s the idol of the main character, Luffy. He gave him the iconic Straw Hat, which belongs to the Four Emperors.

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Who Is Uta?

Everybody knows that the movie is related to music and features a person named Uta. Uta means song in the Japanese language. Uta is Shanks’ daughter.

As per leaks and rumors, there’s a woman who is white-haired and gave Uta the Shoto Totoroki hairstyle, which makes many fans think that this is her mom. As of now, nobody is sure about it, but the connections are clear. At the moment, we can’t make it official because the One Piece fan base will be surprised by this.

Uta has known Luffy since they were kids in the Windmill Village. This place is Luffy’s hometown. As of now, we don’t know what happened to Uta in the fifteen-year gap between her and Luffy’s childhood in the East Blue. Now, everybody knows she’s a pop star.

One Piece’s YouTube channel airs a series of Uta video diaries, and it tells how Uta has become famous. She has been getting limelight because of the fans, and she will be performing in a live concert which many fans will be seeing in the One Piece Film: Red.

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Uta’s role in One Piece Film:

As per the reports and rumors, Uta will be in the main character lineup. It is because she’s connected to Shanks and Luffy. Many fans across the world will be looking out to watch her in the film. Uta will have her own live concert in the film as well.

One Piece series will have its own idol character, and people will love it. Uta already has a bigger fan base in the real world. They just have to wait for the release date in their region, and they will experience the all-new film of their favorite anime, One Piece.

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