One Piece Film: Red Reveals Shanks’ Power & Origin


One Piece Film: Red is all set to hit the theaters and streaming platforms.

One Piece Film: Red:

According to the reports and sources, it says that the film of the very famous anime, One Piece, is coming in the future.

The film revolves around the main characters like Shanks, Luffy, and Uta. Two other characters, Roger and Rayleigh, find Shanks when he was just a 1-year-old kid. Roger found the Shanks from the treasure chest, which was stolen during the God Valley incident. It pretty much explains why Roger was happy when he was carrying Momonosuke, even when he was still a child.

Most of the fans believe that Shanks was found inside the chest, the Yonko, which is the celestial dragon. Surprisingly, Shanks being a celestial dragon is yet to be confirmed in the future. As of now, there’s no connection that has been revealed.

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More to this, Shanks’ powers will be revealed. This film will reveal the whole character of Shanks. He is known as ‘The Killer of Color of Observation Haki.’ These powers will let him negate his enemy’s ability to see the future. Shanks has mastered swordsmanship, as he will be fighting with his opponents with his blazed-up sword.

There are still some unanswered questions about the Shanks. You can get all your questions answered once the movie is released in your region. Moreover, Yonko has his own plans for a newer era. As of now, the author mangas hasn’t revealed any hints or details about what are Shanks’ plans for the future.

Release Date Worldwide:

According to the reports, One Piece Film: Red will be arriving at the theatres and streaming platforms across the world. Below is the list of the release date in different regions:

  • Hong Kong: 25th August 2022
  • Thailand: 25th August 2022
  • Singapore: 2nd September 2022
  • Netherlands: 8th September 2022
  • Phillippines: 17th September 2022
  • India: October 2022
  • Germany: 13th October 2022

Fans of One Piece belonging from these countries can keep a check and track the release dates.

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A little about One Piece:

The story of One Piece revolves around a character named Monkey D. Luffy. He is a young man who is inspired by his childhood idol, one of the most powerful pirates, Red-Haired Shanks. He and his friends are on the way to a journey from the East Blue Sea to find a treasure that will make him the King of the Pirates.

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