Hashtag Tips to Grow Your Instagram Involvement

hashtag tips

Instagram users use hashtags to label their posts. It’s also a way to categorize their posts to help other Instagram users find them fast. During the search, Instagram algorithms use hashtags to improve search results on its explore page. 

They are used by the Instagram algorithm as a reference point for categorizing posts and making suggestions to users that use specific keywords during the search. When used correctly, the hashtags can improve engagement and attract a larger following. They are an important tool for marketers, influencers, and those seeking to pool a bigger audience. 

Why are Instagram hashtags important? 

Recently, Instagram recommended users limit their hashtag use per post to between 3-5 hashtags. According to Instagram, this will help make Instagram algorithms categorize the post better and it can rank better in search results. 

This is one reason why you should learn to use hashtags in the most relevant way in your posts. For example, if you use Mac, you can learn how to use hashtag on Mac to become a pro and grow your Instagram involvement by attracting new followers and more views of your posts.

Instagram is slowly moving in the direction of semantic keyword search. This will open entirely new opportunities for posts to be discovered during the search. That means the wording in your post or the titles you use in video content will be discoverable too during the search. 

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Hashtags on Instagram remain an important tool to help you grow your audience and convert it to a business audience. If you pair your hashtags with the right wording or content, the new Instagram algorithms will bring you impressive results. Here’s how to grow your Instagram involvement using hashtags. You can also grow your Instagram involvement taking some measures. One of the best ways is to buy Instagram accounts from the growth service.

Choose the right hashtag

There are various types of hashtags but not all of them are unique to your Instagram page. There are product tags used for describing a product or the type of service you are giving. These are hashtags such as #wigs, #Robotcleaner.

Other hashtags describe your niche or the specific thing you do, like #cryptotrader. Community hashtags describe Instagram communities #electriciansoninstagram. Location-specific hashtags describe services or products in a specific area like #lawyersinflorida. Choose and use the right hashtag.

Use the right number of hashtags

Instagram allows users to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post and a maximum of 10 in a story. These are acceptable numbers and if you exceed that limit, it is likely your post will not post. Recently, Instagram recommended using a maximum of 3-5 hashtags for best performance. 

Search for the best hashtags

Hashtags trends keep changing and sometimes you might use a hashtag that is not trending and it performs poorly. There are different methods to search for trending hashtags. Do an organic search online and keep changing the keywords during the search.

Use a hashtag suggestion tool to easily find hashtags within your niche. Use the Instagram tag search tool to find the trending hashtags according to volume. Lastly, be active on Instagram and be keen to check how users have used their hashtags.

Test your hashtags

It is okay to use your hashtags directly, but you might get better results if you test them first. Test and analyze each hashtag performance so that you will know which one to drop and which one to use. Most users use hashtag analytics tools to test insights, likes, saves, and comments on their posts. 

Follow hashtags

In the search results, it is possible to follow Instagram hashtags. Once you follow a hashtag, the post appears in your feed, plus every other post from all the accounts you follow. It works well with community hashtags too. Choose wisely the type of hashtags to follow and only follow those that will be relevant to your posts or those that will likely add value to your posts. 

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Use branded hashtags more

Most branded hashtags are used in the user bio and they mostly include a call to action. Create a habit of using branded hashtags often to build your brand in various types of Instagram hashtags. 

Use product-specific hashtags 

It is important to have an understanding of the various types of hashtags and their uses. Product-specific hashtags perform better compared to general or hashtags that are outside your niche. Be careful because some hashtags are offensive and will only drive away involvement. 

It might help if you first search to check how other Instagram users in your niche have used their product-specific hashtags. It will help you get ideas on how you will create your hashtags. The right time to post might also affect the way your audience will engage with your posts. 


The right use of Instagram hashtags can help boost your page by growing engagement. Understand the different types of hashtags and how they are used. Use hashtag tools to search the trending hashtags, then test them and choose the best. Product-specific hashtags perform better, although you should be careful with the way you use them. 

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