ASG Technologies Named a Leader in October 2019 Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions: Garnet Inc.

ASG Technologies is said as the only provider we have today of incorporated and flexible end-to-end solutions. These flexible solutions are mostly used for all the data-powered business. 

The company named as a Leader for Metadata ManagementSolutions in October 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant. This announcement and positioned was listed by Gartner Inc. 

As per the report, a detailed outline of the enterprise metadata management market is been provided. Apart from this it also evaluates 17 vendors on the basis of the uprightness of vision and executing ability. 

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Undoubtedly after this, ASG Technologies moved-up and guided towards the right in the Leaders quadrant.

ASG’s discharge rhythm that continuously provides new abilities. This eventually helps organizations successfully attain protective and objectionable data strategies.

This empowers stakeholders to understand, analyze, find and share only trusted data.

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Gartner and Swamy Viswanathan after this- 

According to Gartner an effectively regulated metadata and content provide a glimpse into data workflow, it’s all about the proficiency to perform an impact analysis and a widespread data prototype.

Explanations benefiting this use case also provide a business wordbook. This also includes accountability which is said as important for its terms and definitions. Moreover, Gartner added Governance use cases that must benefit the situational entreaty of rules and politics. 

Swamy Viswanathan, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at ASGTechnologies and EVP, said organizations must-have tools in place of both maintain compliance and gain insights. This will ultimately help them to leverage data as their most strategic assets. 

He further added that ASG’s Data Intelligence 9.8 empower allusers to understand, find and after this eventually make use valuable data assets. And this all within the ever-expanding volume of data that any organization must manage in present condition. 


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