How Does SEMRush Improves Your Website SEO campaign?


During the initial stage of your website, it is hard to drive traffic to it. You focus on building content and web pages to improve your website’s search ranking with the help of some high-volume keywords. For that, you’ll need a keyword research tool to get up-to-date insights for the most valuable results.

A vital SEO tool is the best choice that makes it easier for digital marketing experts to grow your digital business. The digital world is surrounded by vast competition. So, a vital SEO tool canbe quite beneficial to study about your competitors and a lot of other things.

You must be familiar with different SEO tools that help in marketing your business digitally, like Alexa, Spyfu, Moz, and many more. However, the top SEO tool is SEMrush.

SEMrush is used all around the world by SEO experts. Want to know about it more? Our full SEMrush review has you covered. This blog will show how to use SEMrush, its features, and its benefits for your SEO campaign.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a SaaS “all-in-one” suite developed by an American public company primarily for online ranking data, including metrics such as cost per click (CPC), search volume, and keyword research. The platform gathers data about online keywords assembled from Google and other search engines. Using SEMrush, you can collect a lot of data such as:

  1. Identify trends that occur within your industry niche.
  2. Discover keywords used by your competitors and how they rank in the search engine.
  3. You can discover link-building opportunities.
  4. It gives you an understanding of how you can outreach your competition.
  5. Identify vital keywords for your campaign.
  6. Indicates how challenging it will be to rank for particular keywords or search terms.
  7. Does an SEO audit that can be vital to create a future strategy.
  8. Suggests websites that value backlinks.

How to Use SEMrush?

As we discussed, SEMrush is an SEO tool that helps you find the valuable data required to create an effective SEO campaign for a website. For instance:

1.     Keyword Research

Keyword research shows how many viewers are searching for a particular keyword. It explores how many people are ranking, how hard it is to rank for that keyword, and provides an idea for other keywords.

SEMrush keyword research tools fill out all the queries related to the above cases. SEMrush Keyword Overview tool will give insight about:

  • Volume of a specific keyword.
  • An idea of how difficult it is to rank a webpage for a particular keyword.
  • Competition of that keyword.
  • Trend of that keyword.

Nowadays, the ‘Keyword Magic’ tool is also used to find keywords related to the phrases you have entered. Through SEMrush’s keyword research tool, you can find all the critical information you need to make the best SEO plan.

2.     Rank Tracking

Rank tracking, also known as Position or SERP tracking, allows you to monitor a website’s daily rankings for specific target keywords. You can set your targeting to view any particular device type, such as Desktop, smartphone, or tablet, and compare geographic locations.

This SEMrush tool is easy to use. Visit the Keyword position tracker section, write a domain name and the keywords(s) you want to track, and press enter. SEMrush will create a report displaying how your website is presently ranking for those keywords. You can also check your competitors’ domain names to know how their website currently ranks for those keywords.

As more data moves through SEMrush, the information changes over time. A subscription option is also available. You can monitor your rank tracking by subscribing to regular email updates. Moreover, the tool has multiple features like sorting, tagging, filtering, and exporting reports, making it easy for digital marketers to find what they want in their website’s PPC or SEO performance.

3.     Backlink Analysis  

Backlinks help to drive traffic from other websites. Website performance in search results relies on the number of backlinks. Adding backlinks is easy, but creating quality backlinks is challenging because google or other search engines prioritize websites with quality inbound links.

Backlink Analytics

The backlink Analytics section on SEMrushexamines competitors’ backlink profiles and compares multiple domains. SEMrushBacklink Analytics comes with various features such as:

  • Advanced filters, exporting, and sorting
  • You can easily view a competitor’s best-performing pages by acquiring backlinks
  • You can have Anchor text analysis used for each backlink, Referring domains, and IPs
  • Competitors report for searching the domains that have the most identical backlinks to you
  • Fast comparison feature

A webpage is constantly crawled to search for new backlinks. The backlinks are added to the database within an hour of being published. Backlinks data are updated in the interface every 15 minutes by which competitor’s new and lost links are monitored within a minute from being formed or removed.

Backlink Audit

Its assists in launching the complexity of backlinks directed to our websites and ensures website healthiness. It compiles all the spam links, which you can analyze and later upload as a “disavow file” on google. 

After Uploading, google will receive an alert and disregard these links. Failing to upload the “disavow file” will lead to google imposing penalties on sites containing various poor-quality links. Disowning toxic links will have a positive impact on your search rankings. There is an option to whitelist the link to get back a specific backlink that is not toxic.

  • It ensures the most precise backlink data and is integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Majestic.
  • It manually inquires website owners about link removal via email integration.
  • It keeps track of new and lost backlinks over time via the “Lost & Found” report.
  • It filters and sorts to find all spammy backlinks rapidly.
  • Ability to make a disavow file and eliminate your site’s connection to any harmful links.

4.     Link Building

Link building is the act of getting other websites to link to your website. In SEO terms, it is called backlinks, as we discussed. Getting backlinks from high-quality sites helps you rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and gives authority to your site.

The Link Building Tool gathers a list of link-building possibilities for your domain. It gives you a management interface to possibly make a better plan to acquire links. Using the Link Building tool, you can efficiently run an outreach drive and have a competitive analysis of your SEO competitors.

  • On the bases of target keywords and competitors, it gives Bulky lists of outreach prospects.
  • Automatic contact data recovery for target sites.
  • Built-in workflow to manage the outreach procedure.
  • Google and Gmail Search Console combination. 
  • Provide a “Monitor” report to track your campaign’s growth over time

5.     Broken Link Building

A broken or dead link is a web page that cannot be found by a user or no longer operates anywhere for various purposes. When you try to access a broken link, you will see an error message from a web server. 

Building broken links is an essential SEO strategy that helps search for dead or broken links. It enables you to recreate the dead or lost content that it once pointed to, making it possible for everyone to determine who linked the dead or lost content to your new link instead.

Using this tool will let you create new backlinks to your content. The higher the backlinks directing to your website, the higher your content makes search results.

6.     Site Audit

A site audit is another popular tool of SEMrush. SEMrush site audit is a powerful web crawler that inspects the health of a website. It will give you an idea with many errors that make it easy to find the exact point where the website is struggling or hurting its SEO. It helps fix Duplicate Content, broken links, Crawl Errors, Slow-loading content, SSL problems, and missing headers.

Site Audit performs an in-depth analysis of AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages), HTTPS execution, indexability, and crawlability. During the site audit, it crawls in flexible settings from domain to subdomain, or subfolder. Site audit analyzes which specific page to include/exclude and audits the mobile version of a site.

The site audit tool scans your entire website and fixes these issues to boost the SEO of a website. It gives you advice for enhancement for each page. Each suggestion has its own reasons. These recommendations can include:

  • Providing HTML attribute to broken images 
  • Which keywords to add? 
  • Overusing keyword 
  • Which websites to include as backlinks?
  • How to improve meta tags and meta descriptions?
  • Internal linking approaches
  • Extent of content 
  • Adding the tags if necessary 

7.     Traffic Analytics 

The traffic analytics tool from SEMrush provides you with comprehensive data to identify the demography, source, and location the traffic is visiting the website. You can create an SEO strategy for your website by studying the traffic analytics tool’s data.

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Other Ways to Use SEMrush 

SEMrush has extended its features to a more advanced level. Apart from the powerful toolkit, SEMrush has come up with some other data such as:

1.     Keyword Gap 

Keyword Gap gives a side-by-side comparison between keyword profiles of up to five competitors. You need to enter the domains and select the types of keyword rankings (paid, organic, or PLA keywords) to evaluate. The report will then display the overall keyword overlap, the best opportunities for each site, common keywords shared by all sites, and more. 

This information is beneficial to making an SEO campaign as you can find closely where the top opportunities lie in your place.

  • Organic, Paid, and Product Listing Ad (Google Shopping) analysis
  • Guide to locate the unique keywords you are not, but your competitor is ranking.
  • Visual charts of keyword overlap between sites.
  • Advanced filters for quick and effective keyword research (Position, Keyword Difficulty ratio, Intent, and more)
  • Give a comparison of mobile and desktop keywords
  • It compares subdomains, subfolders, and URLs that are limited to Guru or Business subscriptions only.
  • Instant SEO competitive analysis between you and your top competitors

2.     Backlink Gap

The backlink Gap tool compares the backlink profiles of up to five rival websites on one occasion. Just enter the domains, and SEMrushwill show the list of all referring domains that transfer links to these sites. You can easily find websites linking to your competitors but not you through filtering. Backlink Gaps helps SEOs find gaps between competitors’ link-building plans and strategies for their outreach to build links.

  • A line graph shows competing sites’ backlink profile growth over time
  • Fast filter to identify the backlinks your site is missing out on
  • Actionable link-building and outreach insights

You will be required to enter the websites of many competitors to get started with this report. Make sure to submit your domain in one of the input fields if you want to be able to discover backlinks that your rivals have, but you don’t.

3.     Log File Analyzer

Manually analyzing a log file is time-consuming. It can be a challenging task that leaves you confused unless you have extensive training in technical website analysis. This application is for you if you’re looking for the simplest approach to view an access log and know how Google bots interact with your website. If you provide client services, you may use it to evaluate a potential client’s website and create a technical road plan for how to restructure and enhance the crawlability of the website.

The Log File Analyzer is a technical SEO tool that examines your access logs and shows a report about how GoogleBot crawls your website. Access logs are kept by a web server and record the details information of all activity happening on a website from bots and people. This data helps SEOs track technical concerns and enhance a crawl budget.

  • Do status code and file type evaluation
  • Identify the most crawled pages on a website
  • Perform Desktop and mobile bot action
  • Determine opportunities to manage bot activity 
  • Remove navigational and structural issues that disturb the accessibility of certain pages

4.     Organic Traffic Insights

Organic Traffic Insights helps you to identify what is happening on your website. It improves your SEO plans based on traffic statistics. Planning an optimized SEO campaign can be challenging when you are unaware of your keyword portfolio.

Here is why Organic Traffic Insights is best. It allows you to combine data from three strong sources— Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEMrushinto a single dashboard. Organic Traffic Insights contains information such as sessions, click-through rate, and volume with organic keywords and rankings discovered by Google Search Console and SEMrush. It’s simpler to make necessary adjustments to your SEO approach with data you can trust. 

With this integration, you can obtain information from fast cross-reference and Google Analytics data sources on those “not given” keywords that can offer you the extra advantage. It will assist in passing the ranking of your rivals. And you came to the most accurate overall look at your website’s organic search performance.

  • Find the keywords labelled “not-provided” by Google Analytics
  • Comprehensive dashboard to track a website’s performance in organic searches 
  • Analysis of regional traffic
  • Analysis of desktop, mobile, and tablet devices
  • Simple connection with position tracking

Domain Comparison

Another great feature of SEMRush is the domain comparison tool. You can add up to 5 domains (websites) of your competitors and compare their and your progress in terms of keyword rankings, organic and paid traffic and banklink analysis. You can easily get actionable data from SEMRush in comparison with your competitors’ domain.

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How Much is SEMrush?

Making the right choice for your company may seem complicated, given the range of SEO and keyword research tools available, particularly when you’re new to SEO. Although it may be similar to tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Spyfu, SEMrush’s general user interface is so comprehensive that any e-commerce company can take advantage of its offerings.

SEMrush offers various pricing models, depending on the type of business your company operates:

  1. Pro ($119.95/month) – For starters and small teams
  2. Guru ($229.95/month, For Small Medium Enterprise Companies
  3. Business ($449.95/month for larger e-commerce agencies or enterprises

If you’d like to try them before having a monthly or yearly membership, the “Pro” and “Guru” plans of SEMrush provide free trial options.


One tool that can handle all of your SEO requirements is SEMrush. It offers capabilities that can help your website rank highly in all SERPs. You can conduct thorough keyword research with SEMrush, write blog posts, examine your competition, evaluate data analytics and a lot more. Additionally, it helps in the management of your website’s traffic. It keeps you informed of your website’s positive and negative aspects, so you know what is effective and what is not.

SEMrush has certain drawbacks, such as high costs and difficulty learning for beginners. But after getting used to it, you’ll see that ROI is significantly higher. Numerous websites have benefited from SEMrush. You could take help from it as well. Sign up for a free trial of SEMrush to get started. Communicate with us for any queries you may have.

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