How To Manage Google Docs?


Google Docs is an online document platform that is accessible from any browser. You can create, edit and share the documents on this platform.

Setting Up Google Docs:

  • Creating a blank document:

Setting up Google Docs is an easy job. All you have to do is make a Google Mail account and head over to Google Docs. In Google Docs, you will find templates of different stuff and a blank page from where you can start your work.

For creating a blank document, you can use the ‘Blank Page’ option on the Google Docs homepage or simply click on the large ‘plus’ sign that you will see in the bottom right corner.

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  • Importing an existing Microsoft Word Document:

If you have a Microsoft Word document and want to import it to Google Docs, you can do that on Google Drive or Google Docs. You can do the drag and drop from your computer to the web browser for easy upload. Also, you can click on the ‘folder’ icon on the Google Docs homepage, then click the ‘Upload’ tab. You will see a blue ‘W’ for the Word file on Google Docs.

  • Collaborating on documents with other people:

You can share the documents that you have created in Google Docs with others by sharing it with others. It is one of the best features of Google Docs that it lets you generate a shareable link for the document. Collaborators can view, suggest edits, or edit your document.

You can share the document by pressing ‘Share’ and then clicking ‘Get shareable link”. You can write the names or email addresses of the people you are sharing the document with.

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Managing the Google Docs:

There are some easy ways to let you manage Google Docs. You can follow these instructions to manage it in a more convenient way:

  • For finding the word and page count: ‘Ctrl+Shift+C.’
  • For adding Page numbers: Go to ‘Insert’ > ‘Header & Page Number’ > ‘Page Number’.
  • How to control margins: Click ‘File’ > ‘Page Setup,’ enter the amount of white space, then click ‘OK.’
  • Adding a text box in your document: ‘Insert’ > ‘Drawing’ and then click the text box.
  • Adding a table of contents to your document: Go to ‘Insert’ > ‘Table of Contents’ > Click on the option you like.

You can manage all your documents in Google Docs using these shortcuts. It will consume less time and get your work done at the right time.

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