Escape to Avsallar: Your Gateway to Tranquil Living and Lucrative Property Investment

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Where would it be if you could escape to a tranquil and peaceful place in Turkey? If your answer wasn’t Avsallar, please stick around until the end of this article because you will have become a believer by then.

Get insight on your next business move – see why people are buying apartments in Avsallar for investment.

A Brief Look at Avsallar

Avsallar is a municipality in the Alanya region of Antalya. Even as a foreigner, it is hard not to know Antalya. It is one of the major cities of Turkey and its capital city by government recognition. Therefore, the easiest way to explain the beauty and serenity of Avsallar is to let you know that it is similar to Antalya in many ways – proximity, facilities, looks and infrastructure, etc. Antalya is the 8th largest city with a population of barely 2 million people, which attracts over 12 million expats and visitors per annum.

Due to the high number of visitors, businesses boom on a premium level in Antalya and Avsallar. This boom reflects in various ways, for example:

  1. It affects turnover on food items and improves small businesses: Turnover of people equals increased sales margin for goods and more patronage for services. An easy way to look at it is that people will eat while they visit, and they will buy food products. They will also need their laundry done and patronize any other service rendering company they need while they are around. Following this logic, the more people came into the country/city, the better the companies and businesses fared because the sojourners would patronize them and open more opportunities in that line.
  2. There is likewise a boom in the real estate area in the target location. There is no gainsaying that an increase in the number of tourists will directly translate into an increase in real estate turnover. That is because of the growth in turnover value and the high quality or growth of new property types. For example, the luxury real estate trend proves this exchange. As the market demands it, units begin developing to meet the needs in various parts of the city.

There are other apparent proofs of the luxury real estate interaction in the municipality. But it suffices to say there is a boom this 2023. Read more on the official website

What Type of Properties to Expect in Avsallar

There is usually that point of confusion if looking into a certain area for housing opportunities. In this case, everyone knows Antalya, but not so much of Avsallar is known as a segment, and it may raise questions as to what type of property is obtainable in the region and if they are worth an investment. The type of properties that are prevailing in the area are:

  1. Villa Apartments – These are much larger than simple house apartments. They often come in a separate yard area, usually detached or semi/ detached. They stand out for spectacular finishing, ample spaces, front or back garden space, etc. They may have two to five bedrooms, a kitchen space, etc.
  2. Various bedroom apartments – bedroom apartments are often smaller than villas; they have a living room area, bedrooms depending on how many (maybe one – four bedrooms), a kitchen and restrooms attached, etc.
  3. Condos: Condos are units of the apartment that forms part of a larger building. They include apartments in skyscrapers, where people can only own their portions individually, but everyone owns the building collectively. These condos may have varying room sizes and numbers.

Avsallar A Modern Haven for Retirees

For many years, there was an influx of retirees entering Avsallar as tourists and even migrants. This pull was at first surprising and unexpected as various analysts tried to understand what the attractive factors were and how they could be exploited for a communal goal. Therefore questionnaires were carried out among people of various ages, where it was discovered that, indeed, the retiree folks migrated in large numbers in the last decades, and secondly, that they did so because of the high comfortability of life in Avsallar. The comfortability according to surveys included factors of the variety of housing units available, the beautiful nature of the city, and the high number of quality locations across the city where one can enjoy a gentle evening as the oldies loved it, and a general positive expectation cost-wise.

Regardless, there is also a very many young populations in Avsallar, so the young-aged category also says they feel comfortable living there; you can read more on live facts from above.

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