8 Smart Ways to Make Your Service or Product More Accessible

Trying to make your service or product stand out from the competition? Look no further – we’ve got 8 easy and practical steps that you can implement today to ensure your services or products are both user-friendly and accessible. This blog post will explain why accessibility should be an important part of any business workflow, what makes a successful service or product more accessible, and how implementing the right actions can help boost your customer base and profitability. Keep reading for our top strategies for making your service or product more accessible!

Create Multiple Platforms

In today’s world of technology, businesses need to create multiple platforms for their services or products. By doing so, customers can access them easily and conveniently, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Whether it’s through an app, website, or social media, offering your product or service on various platforms will not only broaden your audience but also enhance the user experience. It’s all about providing your customers with the best possible service and making it as simple as possible for them to engage with your brand. So, take the step forward and ensure you have a robust plan in place to reach all your customers.

Develop a Comprehensive User Guide

As businesses continue to develop and release new products and services, a comprehensive user guide becomes an essential tool to help customers effectively navigate the offering. Whether it’s a physical product or a digital service, a well-written user guide can be the difference between a satisfied user and a frustrated one. Developing a user guide that is not only detailed but also easy to understand can take some time and effort, but the result will pay off in the long run. By providing answers to potential questions and clear instructions on how to use the product or service, a user guide can help ensure customers get the most out of their purchases. Investing in a comprehensive user guide can also prevent unnecessary customer support inquiries and ultimately help your business thrive.

Provide VPAT

For businesses that are looking to make their products or services accessible to people with disabilities, providing Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) is an important step. A VPAT documents the extent to which a product or service meets the criteria of accessibility standards such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To learn more about VPATs and how to create one, click here and get access to some helpful resources. Providing VPATs not only ensures that your products/services are in compliance with legal requirements but also demonstrates your commitment to creating an inclusive environment and fostering customer loyalty.  By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your marketing efforts, increase engagement and conversions, and ultimately grow your business.

Utilize Social Media

Utilizing social media platforms has become an essential marketing tool. Whether you are launching a new product or service, creating a social media presence can help raise brand awareness and reach potential customers. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow businesses to connect with their target audience and improve accessibility to their products or services. With the power to create engaging content and personalized marketing strategies, social media is a cost-effective way to advertise and grow your business. So, if you’re looking to increase your online presence and boost your visibility, it’s time to leverage the benefits of social media and take your business to new heights.

Offer Free Trials

Every business owner understands the importance of offering value to their potential customers. And what better way to do that than by offering free trials of your services or products? By doing so, not only are you allowing them to test out your offerings before committing, but you’re also showing them that you have confidence in what you’re selling. Plus, free trials allow potential customers to get familiar with all the features and benefits you have to offer, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, more sales. So, if you’re looking to attract new customers and boost your business, consider offering free trials as a way to showcase all the amazing things your products/services can do.

Improve Your Website’s Usability

Having a website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly is essential for success. It is not enough to simply have a presence on the web; you need to ensure that your website is easy to navigate and provides a positive user experience. Whether it’s finding information about your products or services, or simply browsing your pages, customers should be able to easily find what they are looking for. By focusing on improving your website’s usability, you can build a loyal customer base, increase engagement and conversions, and ultimately grow your business. So, take the time to ensure that your website is optimized for user experience – your customers will thank you for it!

Use Infographics

While you can always rely on traditional marketing methods such as print, radio, or television ads to get your message across, infographics are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Why? Because they provide an engaging and visually appealing way for customers to understand your offered products or services quickly and easily. Plus, with the rise of social media, infographics can be shared quickly and reach a wider audience in no time. Utilizing this powerful tool can help you stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to your business. So, if you’re looking for creative ways to engage potential customers and boost conversions, consider investing in creating high-quality infographics that will capture attention and encourage action.

Maximize Your Email Marketing Strategy

One marketing tool that should not be overlooked is email marketing. With the ability to directly reach your target audience, email marketing can effectively promote your products or services and drive conversions. It is also a cost-effective way to foster relationships with your existing customers and maintain top-of-mind awareness.  To maximize your email marketing strategy, start by sending personalized and relevant content to your mailing list. Use segmentation to target specific groups of customers and tailor your messages accordingly. Utilizing automation can also save time and effort while ensuring a consistent and timely communication strategy.  Additionally, ensure that your emails are visually appealing, mobile-friendly, and easy to read. Utilize clear calls to action that are aligned with your overall marketing goals. Lastly, regularly analyze and optimize your email campaigns to increase engagement and conversions.

In conclusion, incorporating these eight smart ways to make your service or product more accessible will result in increased engagement and improved conversion rates. By taking action on these seven strategies, you can improve the accessibility of your service or product and create a more enjoyable buying experience for customers. Ultimately this will lead to a rise in interest and conversions for your business.


Just remember, there is no size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing. It is important to find the right combination of tactics that work for you and your business. With the right strategy, you can make your service or product more accessible and watch as your customer base grows!


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