10 Important Functions on Your iPhone

Apple releases a new iOS version about once a year, and users get new and refined features every time. Building on previous iOS versions, the latest iPhones feature a series of new capabilities and some improvements on old features. Here are ten important functions on your iPhone that you should be aware of.

1. Use SharePlay to share your screen in FaceTime

You can share videos, music, and your screen with SharePlay. Call someone on FaceTime and press the SharePlay button. Press Share My Screen in the pop-up. 

To share images, music, or other media, go to your phone’s home screen by swiping up from the bottom. Then launch the app you want to share. You can show pictures in the Photos app, stream video in a video app, or play music in the Music app, etc.

2. Copy text from images using Live text

You can take a picture of a restaurant menu, a road sign, a textbook, or anything else containing text and paste it into a document. The text will be fully editable. 

Open your email or wherever you want the text to show up, tap the respective spot, and hold. You will see the toolbar pop up. Press Scan Text, and you’ll see the camera viewfinder at the bottom of the screen. Capture the text and tap Insert.

3. How to join a FaceTime call on Windows and Android

Start FaceTime and press Create Link at the top. Send the link to your receivers when the Share pop-up shows up. They just tap or click on the link, and you’ll be notified that they want to join your FaceTime call.

4. Stop apps from spying on you

To hide your location, turn off your location sharing under Location Services in Privacy. Your iPhone can generate an App Privacy Report, which reveals how certain apps are using your permissions, such as microphone, camera, and location.

To see your report, go to Privacy under Settings, then to App Privacy Report. Turn it on, and you’ll soon know if any apps are compromising your privacy.

5. Use Focus to filter notifications with Focus

This function allows you to filter your notifications based on what you’re doing. The Personal filter will only let calls from important people through. If you choose Sleep, you’ll get no notifications.

Focus is in the Control Center, which you’ll find by swiping down from the top right. Tap Get Started to have your notifications configured. 

6. Create tab groups in Safari

To create a tab group in Safari, press Open Tabs, tap the menu at the bottom centre, and find New Empty Tab Group. 

7. Drag and drop

To insert an image into a message, hold the image and drag it into the app. Use another finger to go back to the home page. Release the image in the Messages app.

8. Walking directions in augmented reality

Hold the phone up as you walk so it can visualise buildings. Maps will overlay the names of streets and walking instructions over live video. You shouldn’t use Google Maps on your iPhone.  

9. Change text size in any app

In Control Center, press + by Text Size. Pull the Control Center down if you want the text in an app to be bigger. Press the Text Size icon.

10. Restore the Safari address bar

To put the Safari bar back at the top, press the AA button on the left of the address bar. Go to Show Top Address Bar in the menu, and it will be back. 

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