Whatsapp Introduces New Features: Everything You Need To Know

Whatsapp has been dominating the social media industry for decades. With some of the most amazing features present on any social media application, it keeps strengthening its place with even more new and interesting ideas.

Without any further delays, let us dive into WhatsApp’s newly introduced services.

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Whatsapp To Launch A Premium Feature For Businesses

The company’s messaging event took place on Thursday on which Mark Zuckerberg announced the introduction of free cloud-based API services for businesses on WhatsApp, in an attempt to get more businesses to join it.

Whatsapp has been significantly increasing incentives for business users and is one of the many platforms on which this Meta Platforms owner, Mark Zuckerberg has initiated features that put a greater focus on shopping and business.

The Whatsapp Cloud API is the next best step and will help operational businesses all around the world to generate a Whatsapp presence with the help of free and secure cloud hosting services.

This will help them run on an immediate basis and build themselves on Whatsapp, and provide users with a customized experience as well replying to their clients with greater and quicker speeds. All in all, this will help businesses to interact better with their customers and be more involved with them.

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The Launch Of Cool, New Emojis

Apart from introducing API cloud free services, Whatsapp also has a new update in store for its users and with it the support for new emojis.

More than a 100 new emojis have been launched in this new update, and there are plans to bring these emojis to Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Desktop as well in the coming future.

Some of the new smiley face emojis are:

  • Melting Face
  • Saluting Face
  • Dotted Line Face
  • Peeking Eye Face

The two gender neutral emojis are:

  • Pregnant Person
  • Pregnant Man
  • Person With Crown

All of these emojis come in a variety of skin tones.

The remaining emojis are hand gestures such as handshakes or hand shaped hearts. The rest focus on different categories such as food products, drinks, nature, objects and symbols. A few interesting ones are:

  • Jar
  • Empty Nest
  • Coral
  • Lotus
  • Beans
  • Bubbles
  • X-ray
  • Crutch

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Whatsapp Has Always Outdone Itself

Whatsapp has always brought in updates that have been well liked and appreciated by its users. The introduction of free cloud based services will be sure to give this app a boost in the right direction.

And emojis? Well, we all love those, don’t we? Let’s see what Whatsapp has in store for the next few years to come.

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