What to look for in a Digital Business Card app?


Business cards are essential tools for business networking, regardless of size and the field of business sector. Most business professionals are switching to digital business cards to showcase their branding and brand identity.

Digital business cards are basically the electronic form of paper business cards that contains all the information related to contact and business details. Digital Business Cards are not only to share business details but also to enhance the visibility of your business. It also builds a brand reputation in the market, and people can quickly connect with your product and services.

We are all familiar with the popularity of Digital Business Cards, and if you don’t know how to create them, you need to take the help of a digital business card app. Many digital business card-making apps are available in the market, but you cannot choose any app because you do not want to waste time and money. 

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That’s why it is essential to consider some key factors before choosing the right digital business card app. So, let’s look at some important criteria for selecting the right digital business cards app.

Multiple Business Cards

Whenever we choose a digital business card app, we need to ensure that it provides the capability of creating multiple business cards. We should always pay to get the premium features of any digital business card app, so we shouldn’t have any limitations. 

The app should provide the capability to create multiple business cards so that functionality is convenient and scalable. Which means, you can have a different digital business card for each of your “side gigs”.

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A Digital Business Card app should offer multiple templates so that we can easily create, with the available pre-designed templates or with your own designs. In general, we need a digital business cards app because we don’t know how to create digital business cards without them.

So, it is essential to have some templates, which offer a convenient option for everyone, from a beginner to a creative professional. The templates should be of different colors and layout so that we can choose the best one from which we can start creating our digital business card.


Another essential thing to consider is that the app should provide all the features at an affordable price. For example, many apps allow the creation of a digital business card free of cost but will provide limited features. 

If we want all the prominent features, we need to go with a premium plan, which should be cost-effective. However, if you don’t know about the most affordable digital business card-creating apps, then you should try ShareEcard, which also gives you an option of a free trial period; it is worth trying.

Easy to Use App

A digital business card app should be easy to use so that we don’t have to face any hassles in creating a digital business card. There shouldn’t be any clutters or a complex user interface that confuses people about the app. The navigation should be easy, so we can create a digital business card quickly and understand this app’s features without investing too much time.

Convenient Sharing Options

Generally, we go to events and conferences to share our business cards as part of business networking. Therefore, we should always consider the importance of sharing options when choosing a digital business card app.

The Share option should be easily visible and should have as many sharing options as possible. In addition, it should have all the popular social media icons so that we can build a presence on as many social media platforms.

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Digital Content Options

We all know that Digital Content significantly impacts the viewer’s opinion about you and your business. That’s why the app should have the feature of attaching Digital Content so that you can give more information about your business or services through social media links, videos and brochures/presentations. 

With the Digital Content option, we can attach and include as many digital contents as possible to our digital business card that make it a more detailed guide about your business. For example, external links can add more value to your digital business card, so always look for the Digital Content option while choosing a digital business card app.

Customer Support

Customer Support is an important point we should consider when choosing a digital business card app. Whenever we face any issues through the app, we want to connect with the support team so that we can get quick solutions.  We always want to use an app that cares for its users. Now, if you want the best and optimum results, then you should always focus on whether the support team is available for you or not. 

Where the App is Built and Hosted

You want to choose a Quality and Secure App. So, knowing which country the App is built in is very important. As there are many Digital Business Cards Apps available on the market and knowing the country of origin is a key factor to ensure any bad experiences.

Business Cards Scanner feature

Finally, it’s a real extra bonus to select a digital business card app that also includes the functionality to scan and digitize paper business cards. As there are some people out there still using paper business cards. 

Paper business cards have important customer data, so it’s important to find an App that is hosted in country where you know this important customer information will not be compromised.   The other important factor is the accuracy of the App for scanning the paper cards.  If its 90% accurate, then it is good.


These are some of the most important factors that users should consider when choosing a digital business card app. We live in an era where everything is becoming digital, we are connecting with people online and doing business online, and that’s why we should also move to a digital business card. It’s important to choose a reliable app and one that provides prominent features to help you Stand Out.

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