7 AI Logo Makers That Are Changing Logo Design

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Designing a logo for your company is one of the most important first steps to launching it. Without a logo, your customers and clients have less ability to remember your services later. As a core component of your business, it is important to get your logo just right. Artificial intelligence (AI) logo makers could be the way to go. Here’s what you need to know as you get this process started.

What Is a Logo Maker?

A logo maker is a type of software program that is designed to create a logo with some basic information from you. You can input simple information about what you need and want, and the tool goes to work to create options for you to choose from for your needs. You can alter a lot of the details. It is an excellent way to create something unique. Logo makers rely on the information you provide to them to work.

A logo maker allows you to use software to create a logo. There are several different styles and functionalities available. Yet, their underlying goal is to help you create an on-brand logo for your company.

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How AI Logo Makers Are Different

An AI logo maker is a bit different and can be far easier to use. It uses AI technology to analyze your brand information. It then uses that information to create logos for you. It can generate a far larger number of logos to choose from and offers more on-brand and smart choices that are better fitting to your overall branding goals.

For many, an AI logo maker is simply more effective. It can give you smart suggestions about fonts, colors, and features to include that may help with brand recognition. Because it has so much information about not just logos other companies use, but industries and associated information, it can provide an enhanced, higher quality logo selection for you to choose from for your company. It works in any industry, too.

7 AI Logo Makers

There are a lot of logo makers out there. These are seven of the best based on how they work and the results they provide.

1. Logomaster.ai


Super easy to use and overall designed to provide good results, Logomaster.ai is a solid option for most professional users and startup companies. There are over 100 templates to use to create the logo. Users input answers to some core questions to get logo recommendations.

There are three package offers available ranging from $25 to $125. The mid-range option at $75 offers high resolution logo files, transparent PNG, custom background colors, and instant file access. The higher end version allows users to create up to five logo variations.

Logomaster.ai is a solid pick for its ease of use, though it is a bit more stripped down than other models. There’s not as much customer support here as there is with some other brands as well.

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2. GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings.com is one of the original logo creators that has been around since 2013. Over 1 million companies have created their brands using GraphicSprings. This tool is perhaps the most powerful in terms of editing capability and a great option for those with a bit of design experience. They offer thousands of predesigned templates along with an easy to understand on-boarding process.

3. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Quite the impressive tool for its overall efficiency, Tailor Brands offers an AI logo maker that is powerful, easy to use, and exceptional in overall results. Users work through a series of questions about their brand. It then gathers information about style preferences. Within a matter of minutes, it generates a lot of logos to compare. Once you select one, you can then customize it how you wish.

This AI maker provides hundreds of logos to select from with ample customization options. Then, you can download it in various file formats, all of which offer high-resolution images. It can be resized for social media use, too.

Another nice feature is that it allows you to then add your logo to the branded assets you need, like business cards. The company offers asset storage and good customer support, too.

Logo plans start at $3.99. However, it states that you do not have to pay if you are not happy with your logo.

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4. VistaPrint Logo Maker

VistaPrint Logo Maker

Super fast to use, VistaPrint offers a logo maker that is pretty enjoyable to use. The logo tool provides hundreds of design options that act as a foundation from which you can then build. It is then possible to customize colors and details to fit any need. This is a more hands-on option in that you have to make a lot of the decisions.

The company is not as forthcoming about costs, but it is about $90 for their design service. This comes with a custom logo for your website. They do allow you to skip the designers and create your own free logo to use. If you go this route, it is free to use as long as you purchase merchandise through the company with that logo.

Still, it is intuitive and easy to use. It is also a company with a long history of supporting startups.

5. Placeit Logo Maker

Placeit Logo Maker

The key benefit of using Placeit is how easy it is to use. You do not have to have any clue what you want in the final product. The company asks some questions and the software goes to work for you. The company offers thousands of design templates to use and a large library of free mockups and videos.

The interface is easy to use, but they really push for you to use one of the company’s templates for creating logos. They still apply AI elements to the process, but it is more about transforming other logos than creating a from-scratch logo for yourself. Still, you can create some pretty outstanding options here.

To use the interface, you will pay $7.47 per month with unlimited downloads. This provides access to fully customizable logos to use and access to high resolution images. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Some people do not like the design platform stating it is too simplistic and does not offer as many options. If you have some creativity, use the logo tools. If you want a hands-off solution, consider hiring their designers.

6. Adobe Logo Maker

Adobe Logo Maker

A higher quality solution, the Adobe Logo Maker is a solid investment of your time. It uses intelligence to create intuitive logos for just about any industry or need. It is an excellent option overall when it comes to generating logos because it’s more refined and offers a higher level of quality both in the interface and in the resulting logo.

As an AI logo maker, it is a lot of fun to use, too. You can really get some creativity going using it because of how many features it offers. In addition to this, you do not have to provide a credit card to get started using the free logo maker. And, it’s free forever.

To use Adobe Logo Maker, you just need to tell the company some information, such as the brand name and slogan. From there, you can browse visual styles and add the imagery that you like. Customize just about everything. Once you create the desired logo, you can print it out and use it on digital platforms.

There are no real disadvantages here, but you do have to do the work of customization yourself for the free product.

7. Turbologo


Turbologo is an excellent option for logo design work. It is an online logo maker tool allowing you to create your own logo using the company’s templates. It does not take long to use to get good quality logos. To use the tool, you will need to input information such as the company name and slogan. It then asks for the industry and other details. Once you do that, it will create a logo for your company.

The design tool is efficient but not as easy to use as some of the other options here. You can choose symbols and colors that you like, and then it goes to work for you to create a custom logo design. Comparing these to other logos, you get good quality but perhaps not as much of a range of options and customizations.

This is a free service. You only have to pay if you want a high resolution image to download, which most companies will. At that point, you can choose from one of the company’s packages.

Is an AI Logo Maker for You?

Even if you are unsure if you will use it, using one of the best options here, like Logomaster.ai or Tailor Brands, will help your business to get some ideas going. You can do most of the design work and test out the logo makers pretty easily without having to do more than creating an account. For businesses that need a logo and don’t want to pay a designer to do the work, this is an excellent resource.

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