NVIDIA GTX 1630 Releasing Soon? Details, Leaks, Specs, and Rumors

As per the reports, NVIDIA is all set to introduce NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1630 to compete with the entry-level offerings of its competitor AMD. According to the reports, GTX 1630 will be released soon, and it will target gamers who want a budget-friendly option.

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NVIDIA GTX 1630 Details, Leaks, and Specifications:

According to the leaks and rumors, NVIDIA will be bringing the latest addition to their GTX models after the last card, 1650, which was introduced in 2019. With the GPU price hike in the world, NVIDIA is thinking of targeting the budget-friendly and affordable graphics card market. 1630 is set to replace the legendary GTX 1050 TI.

Release Date:

As per the reports, NVIDIA will be launching the GTX 1630 on May 31st. It will turn out to be the first x30-series GPU to come out of the old GT lineup and move under the GTX brand.

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Leaked Specifications:

According to the rumors, the cost of the graphics card will likely be under 190 USD. At the moment, nobody is sure about the proper specification of the graphics card, but we can expect some of these specs:

  • GPU: 12nm Turing TU117-150
  • CUDA Cores: 512
  • Memory bus: 64-Bit
  • Overclocking up to 1800 MHz
  • TDP: 75W 4GB GDDR6 Memory at 12 Gbps
  • Max. bandwidth at 96 GB/s

As per the leaks, all of this information about the specifications will be even more clear once the GPU gets released or teased. At the moment, the leaks only tell that it will be competing with the AMD’s Radeon RX 6400.

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The specs tell that it will perform really well in the games as well as many gamers will opt-in for these graphics cards as they will play most of the high-demanding titles that have been released recently and coming in the future.

The main highlight of this graphics card is the price tag which is under 190$, making it more anticipated for budget-friendly gamers because it isn’t overpriced. Some of the cards are touching 1000$, which makes it impossible for many people out there.

With a budget build and this graphics card, many gamers will be able to achieve the 60 fps target easily because this card will pack some serious power in it.

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