Can Protego Warrior replace a full-fledged tank in WoW Dragonflight

This is a special-purpose hero that blocks many physical attacks and skills, protecting himself and allies, while inflicting counterattacks and control effects in parallel, allowing his allies to act freely.

You will be effective in single leveling and indispensable in combat groups of all directions, including hunting for representatives of enemy factions.

You can level up on your own based on your damage and stamina, or use wow services to get the results of leveling to level 70 much faster than the quest system and grind will allow.

What skills and talents have changed in the latest patch

Get in the habit of analyzing all the patches that come out in World of Warcraft, as they give an accurate understanding of where the project will move for each class separately, and this way you can find out the relevance of the current meta and whether your hero will be effective in the foreseeable future with his build.

Sweat and Blood – a skill that allows you to quickly restore health from the damage received now gives more % than it was before. The skill can only trigger once every 10 seconds.

Ignore Pain – You activate a skill and temporarily take only half of your normal damage for the duration of the skill.

Deep wounds and motivational violence. When you use the first skill, you deal both one-time and delayed damage to the enemy with the effect of bleeding, and the talent for violence allows you to redirect all damage into restoring your health.

Support is a talent that allows you to significantly increase your defense in critical situations if your Not One Step Back skill is on cooldown.

Strategy and objectives when playing as a Defense Warrior

Since you are a warrior with the ability to attack enemies, but with an increased potential towards defense, then you should concentrate on your main duties – the role of a tank, and only then go on the attack if the opportunity presents itself.

The main parameter is still the concept of rage, which accumulates as damage is received and dealt, and is consumed as defensive skills are used.

For example, a shield block that prevents melee damage from being taken for 6 seconds.

Revenge – allows you to counterattack the enemy with a series of strikes, and if the effect of parry or dodge is triggered, the next revenge will not cost resources to its owner.

Use the Shield Slam skill and other skills to build rage.

The main characteristics that need to be developed for the Warrior class with the Defense specialization in World of Warcraft

Characteristics are special parameters that are present in each character to one degree or another, but each hero has basic parameters that are important to develop in order to increase his effectiveness.

This can be done with the help of equipment, talents, buffs.


For a tank and a warrior who classifies himself as a tank, the speed parameter is important, which allows you to quickly approach the target and take control of it, preventing it from working to its full potential and harming allies.

Speed is not only the pace of movement, but also the speed of attack and reading magic. The higher the attack speed of any warrior, including the defensive type, the faster and more actions he can perform per unit of time. The parameter affects both the use of skills and physical attacks.


A parameter that gradually develops attack and defense characteristics, and does so evenly after level 1.

If for other heroes this parameter is secondary, then for tanks the ability to additionally increase defense is the most important characteristic.

Critical hit

This is a characteristic in World of Warcraft, which allows you to chance to inflict additional damage when attacking a target, and given that the tank develops an indicator of movement and attack speed, such a bonus will work very, very often.

Critical damage will help the tank to contribute to the enemy, which he holds on himself, preventing allies from attacking.

The second direction of application is personal pumping. The more damage you have and the potential to accelerate it through critical attack and speed, the more autonomous and self-sufficient you can be when playing a warrior with the Defense specialization.


A characteristic that affects the strength and effectiveness when using skills of all types.

When attacking, it helps to significantly increase the chance of passing skills with a negative effect. For buffing skills, the Mastery stat increases the chance of the skill to proc with double the power, or no cooldown.

Key Benefits of the Defense Warrior Class

Perfectly counteracts all types of physical damage and has one of the strongest blocking potentials in World of Warcraft

Thanks to his defensive skills, he can make absolutely anyone predictable for himself.

A number of skills for quickly approaching enemies and allies to intercept damage that was intended for your associates.

A number of group skills that are useful are a temporary increase in health and attack power for your allies and an intimidating shout for driving the enemy into a state of fear and reflecting all directed skills back at the enemy in a short period of time.

The ability to create three useful builds for all occasions and situations – single leveling, AoE farming and raids, PVP.

Weaknesses of the Warrior class with the Protection specialization in World of Warcraft that should be taken into account.

The need to keep all the key defensive skills under the optimal situation, otherwise you can get on cooldown and lose.

Not as original in actions without the support of allies as other tanks, because whatever it was, a Warrior with the Defense specialization is essentially a combo class, and not a full-fledged tank, or an attacking hero.

The class is strong against direct physical damage of any direction and distance, but weak against negative effects that cause periodic damage – bleeding, burns, poisoning, and so on.

General conclusions on the Warrior class with the Protection specialization in World of Warcraft

Weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that the Defensive Warrior is an excellent class that can independently pump and protect itself and allies from all types of physical damage and even temporarily reflect all spells, but remains vulnerable to negative effects that cause periodic damage, or powerful damage that can be applied by waiting out the magic-reflecting shield.

Considering that most bosses, including mythical ones, deal more physical damage than magic, it is the defensive warrior who will be able to provide maximum protection thanks to the shield block and to parallel jump and close the ally with his armor if the boss suddenly breaks down and tries to harm the healer and others classes.

In PvP, the class is revealed by blocking the damage to physical classes and the ability to control many enemies through stun and taunt skills.

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