How To Outsource Mobile App Development In 2023

Mobile App Development

More and more people spend their time on mobile screens. That’s why it can be useful to have your mobile app out there! It can lead to improved productivity, more leads, exposure, and increased revenue.

When a mobile app becomes the next logical step in your business journey, consider app development outsource solutions. Online companies and freelancers can deliver the product you need on time. Their skill sets and expertise can differ from those of in-house staff.

This article will cover mobile app development outsourcing steps any business owner can take to see success. 

What is mobile app development and why should you consider outsourcing it?

Mobile application development means developing applications made specifically for handheld devices, mainly smartphones and tablets. That means building code, assets, binaries, and back-end services, and testing your app on the devices it’s meant to run on.

When working on an extensive program, consider whether outsourcing mobile app development is beneficial for your business. 

First of all, because it means reducing costs. For example, recruiting a new employee can prove much more expensive than working with a freelancer or a company with this specialization.

Moreover, working with a professional can mean getting top-quality results faster than working with your team with limited mobile app capabilities. You’re also preventively managing issue emergence. And, of course, you’re saving time, both your own and that of your developers.

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Outsourcing app development options

The in-house team is the one you usually use when designing an app. What you see and know is what you get. There aren’t any surprises when figuring out each team member’s skills and abilities. 

Outsourcing opens the way to new possibilities. When you’ve decided to go this route, you have three options:

  • Companies – the most expensive option but also the one that offers diverse specialists with extensive experience and an organized mobile app development process.
  • Freelancers – they’re more flexible and cheaper than companies. They can have certain specializations useful for your specific projects.
  • Software – off-the-shelf software is the cheapest option around. It’s also fast to launch, but it may not have exactly the type of solution or customization you’re looking for.

The choice is up to you. And it depends on the scope of your work or the type of mobile app you want. Of course, your budget plays a part, too.

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Outline your app

Before engaging in outsourced assistance for your project, you need a clear vision of your mobile app. An app development outsourcing company can help you with market research and analysis, but you must make it easier for them to meet your expectations.

When they know what you want the end product to be, it’s easier to build. Your outline’s clarity helps a freelancer understand what you want your mobile app to be. And it avoids miscommunication.

So you can be precise by having answers ready for questions like:

  • Is the app compatible with Android, iOS, or both?
  • What is your goal with this app?
  • What is the problem it solves for a user?
  • What are your required features?
  • How do you plan to use it to make money?

Use the answers to these questions and other similar ones to build your mobile app outline.

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Make budget estimations

Budget is essential for the type of company or freelancer you can afford. Weigh all your options and balance price with quality to conclude. And remember that your initial calculations are just rough estimates. They can change as you get going and as your mobile app development project grows.

You can make or ask for changes, add and remove features, and so on. It’s healthy to have lower preliminary costs than your budget. It’s in your best interest to avoid curiously low prices because they may cost you more in the future. 

A freelancer with really low rates may increase your risk of receiving a bad code or no code at all. If you have a limited budget, focus on additional investments or securing business partners first.

Consider that, sometimes, the differences between freelancer and company prices can be low. And you can still find affordable outsourcing freelance solutions that offer good quality results.

How to find outsourced options

When looking for outsourced developers, your first idea will be Google. Here you can find the most prestigious mobile app development companies.

You can also find good companies on websites like Clutch and GoodFirms.

Great freelancers usually spend time on websites like Upwork, Toptal, Behance, or Dribble.

Make a list of options and go from there. Check them out more thoroughly before contacting them to narrow down your preference list. Look through portfolios and certifications to check for experience relevant to your project needs.

Check positive and negative feedback and reviews from past customers. Some websites feature reviews, while others do not. Those that do can have expensive information, like highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

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Do your research on app developers

Before you spend your money well, do a little research. You need to find a company or freelancer that matches your requirements. 

Look for people with experience with the platform you’re planning to release your mobile app on and skills for the features and technologies you’re looking to implement.

Geography and type of communication can play a role, too. There are three main types of providers from this point of view:

  • Onshore developers – in the same country as you, easy to keep in contact with
  • Nearshore developers – located in neighboring countries
  • Offshore developers – the farthest options. Time differences can be challenging when working together.

Location can influence prices too, which is another thing to consider. Companies and freelancers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, or Western Europe can be more expensive because developers have, statistically, higher wages. 

Finding an experienced and committed company or freelancer who uses healthy remote project management practices is paramount to getting great results, even when working from different time zones.

Get in touch with app developers and companies

Once you have your list of possible mobile app development companies and freelancers, go ahead and contact them. When your list is five or six options long, you won’t spend much time asking for a consultation and quote.

After you establish contact, ask for more info, like what projects they’ve been working on that aren’t featured in their portfolio or if they can offer you some references. Ask anything you want to know that you can’t find online. Then, make your decision based on the data.

After you start the mobile app development process, keep the communication going to stay up to date with changes and advancements as they come.


Mobile apps are a must nowadays because they’re an effective way to keep in touch and interact with users and customers. 

If you want an app for your business, but your in-house team doesn’t specialize in mobile apps, consider outsourcing. 

Choose your development partners wisely to get a cost-effective proposition and a product delivered on time.

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