Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Laptop

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Laptop

It’s been a long time since we started using laptops. This small and portable device has become a major part of our lives. Whether you are in student life or an employee, you depend more or less on it.

Laptops or micro-computers have made our lives easier with their extensive benefits. However, it has also impacted our personality and productivity to some extent.

Let’s jump into details To get a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of laptops.

What are laptops?

What are laptops

Laptops are portable computers that contain all the components of a desktop pc in compact form. It’s handy and lightweight, which makes it a common gadget. It contains a battery that, once after charging, can be used without a power supply.

Laptops are as efficient as desktop computers. It can perform all functions like desktops pcs and can run numerous software. The thin bottom of the laptop contains a compressed processor, keypad and touchpad which increases its cost.

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What is the difference between a laptop and a desktop pc?

Laptops and desktop PCs are different in many internal and external aspects. The basic differences between the two are as follows;

  • Laptops are portable contrary to desktop computers
  • Different parts of desktop PCs are present in a compact form
  • Desktops PCs are power supply dependent, whereas Laptops have rechargeable batteries
  • Desktop PCs have more powerful processors
  • Desktops have more storage than laptops
  • Desktops can connect more devices as they have more ports than laptops.

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History of laptops?

The formation of a lightweight (55 pounds weight approx) PC in 1975 led to the development of laptops. Moreover, it was 1979 when Bill, a British scientist, developed today’s laptop. It came to market after manufacturing in 1982.

Each year, this invention gets modified with more advanced processors, motherboards, and graphic cards. 

Use of laptops:

The use of laptops in workplaces has increased rapidly during the last two decades. It has replaced giant-size desktop computers, which take up a big space in work setups. Following are the places where microcomputers are used much;

  • In households
  • In educational institutes
  • In offices
  • In industries
  • In hospitals and laboratories etc

Five advantages of the laptop

Laptops have become too common because of their wide applications and benefits. Among all its advantages, we have listed five benefits for you. These are;

1.   Portable and handy:

In the modern era, Companies and individuals do not prefer immobile technologies. These inventions need proper transportation so they may stay intact. Desktop computers are one of these.

However, laptops being portable and handy get priority. People usually carry laptops every day in their backpacks along with them each day. Laptops are not affected during traveling as they are made of durable materials.

2.   Independent of power supply:

Though desktop computers have many advanced processors and other functions, the thing that made them uncommon is their power supply dependency. You can not use these during traveling or in waiting areas.

On the other hand, microcomputers have rechargeable batteries. You can charge your laptop once and use it as long as its battery lasts.

3.   Online and offline operations:

Laptops can access the internet, which has increased their productivity. It can run numerous online functions. For instance, laptops can use many software, apps, and programs.

You can also manage many offline tasks like working on ms word, office, and excel. This offline feature has made laptops more useful for us.

4.   Simple functions:

You don’t need rocket science to start a laptop and work on it. A layperson with beginner-level knowledge can also enhance their abilities by accessing it as they are easy to use. Its several features resemble desktop PCs.

The easy-to-use benefit played a major role in making it a part of every profession and every household. Students who belong to something other than the computer field also use it to do their assignments and make notes.

5.    Replacement of heavy school bags:

It was a debate during the past decade that school bags are a burden on little kids. The heavy backpack influenced students in a bad sense. Advanced countries like Canada have replaced bags with lightweight, handy laptops to protect children from these adverse effects.

Laptops have sufficient storage, and they can save all the syllabi. Students in their classes open it and study from it.  

Five disadvantages of laptops

Though 21st-century technologies come with a huge range of advantages. Nevertheless, a big list of disadvantages also comes along with them. A laptop is also one such invention. The disadvantages are as follows;

1.   Expensive:

Converting a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and central processing unit (CPU) into a portable microcomputer requires capital. This high manufacturing cost results in a high-cost price. You can buy desktop PCs with the same features at cheaper rates than laptops.

2.   Less powerful processor:

Laptop processing units are not capable of processing more data. Even gaming laptops which contain stronger processors are as efficient as desktops. Multinational companies which have too much data still use desktops to store them.

3.   Sedentary lifestyle:

Laptops promote a sedentary lifestyle. You can sit in front of it for hours to work. Constant use can cause many health issues related to the spinal cords, shoulders, and hands. Some reports suggest it can also affect your eyes and digestive system.

4.   Distraction from main tasks:

Internet access on laptops usually distracts people from their main tasks. You can browse many entertainment websites on it or can also play games which will ultimately decrease your productivity. However, you can get distracted from work on desktops as well.

5.   Problems in upgrading the system:

Though the built-in feature of a laptop is a great invention, it becomes a curse when you get some default in them. You won’t be able to get them replaced. Or even If you want to upgrade the laptop, you will not. Instead, you would have to buy a new upgrade laptop. In contrast, you can easily upgrade desktops.


A laptop is one of the greatest inventions of humanity. It has helped us in every sector of daily life, from medicine to engineering to commerce. However, it has dragged us towards some side effects as well. Careful and smart use can protect us from these side effects.

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