Shutterstock VS Adobe Stock

Shutterstock VS Adobe Stock

Shutterstock and adobe stock are the most prominent stock photography and video names. These two powerhouses offer high-quality images, videos, and illustrations to crank your projects up. Whether looking for the best affordable pricing options with Shutterstock or uninterrupted Cloud integration with adobe stock, you’re sure to discover the best opticals for your mission. Keep on reading to get the best idea of Shutterstock vs. adobe stock.

What Is Shutterstock?

What Is Shutterstock

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and has become one of the most extensive stock photography and video agency. It is a leading technology company with over 200 million reality-free assets. It offers high-quality visuals, videos, vectors, and illustrations that can be used for various purposes, such as social media management, website design, and much more.

Shutterstock offers a variety of pricing options, from budget-friendly monthly subscriptions to single-image purchases to suit your needs. One of its excellent features is custom content service which creates images or videos based on customer demands.

Features Of Shutterstock

Shutterstock provides customers with a variety of features to ensure quality content. Here’re some of its unique characteristics;

Features Of Shutterstock

1- Advanced searching options

Shutterstock provides advanced searching options that enable you to find the best illustrations for your project. It also lets you search by any specific keyword or image type to get your desired results.

2- Affordable pricing

Shutterstock is famous for its affordable pricing options, including a monthly subscription and a single-image purchase plan to assist customers.

3- Royalty-free content

Shutterstock provides its customers with over 200 million royalty-free assets, including illustrations, images, videos, and vectors for multiple missions.

4- API and Plugin Integration

Shutterstock is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud software which authorizes users to access it directly within their task. It also comes up with a WordPress integration feature.

5- Secure Licencing

One of the best features of Shutterstock is that it provides users with a safe licensing agreement that permits them to use content confidently.

6- Customer Support

Shutterstock provides users with excellent customer support services to solve their issues and curries in the least time.

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What is Adobe Stock?

What is Adobe Stock

Adobe stock was launched in 2015 and is a Cloud-based platform that gives exceptional images, videos, and vectors for various projects. It comes up with 120 million reality-free photos and videos and integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud software to give you access to the desired content. This platform’s commitment is to provide customers with premium assets at affordable pricing.

Adobe Stock enables customers to search for any desired image easily through its advanced search capabilities and creates a superb feature of producing images on customers’ demand.

Features of Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is formulated with versatile features to provide standard services to customers. Let’s have a look at its best features;

Features of Adobe Stock

1- Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

It is the most versatile feature of adobe stock, allowing users to use its strength in a designed workflow.

2- Affordable Pricing

Like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock offers affordable pricing options, including monthly subscription plans and individual image purchases to serve users.

3- Divergent Content Availability

Adobe stock is famous for its divergent collection of content, such as videos and images from various customs and subjects.

4- Roality-Free Content

Adobe stock permits access to over 120 million royalty-free assets for various projects, such as website design.

5- Security and authenticity

Adobe Stock is a secure and reliable Cloud-based software that allows users to use it without interference.

6- Custom Content and Support Services

Adobe stock provides terrific customer support services to solve user issues and offers a custom content service to design visuals on customer demand.

Comparison of Shutterstock and Adobe Stock

Shutterstock and Adobe Stock are both in-demand cloud-based stock platforms that give easy access to a versatile collection of images, videos, illustrations, and vectors to use in various projects. Here’s a comparison of their core features;

1- Collection Capability

Shutterstock provides over 200 million assets, while Adobe Stock delivers over 120 million.

2- Pricing Options

Shutterstock and Adobe Stock offer budget-friendly monthly subscriptions and single-image purchase options, but Shutterstock’s free trial gives you ten free downloads. In comparison, Adobe Stock’s free trial allows 40 free downloads.

3- Number and Quality of Visuals

Shutterstock provides 258M images and 25M videos. In contrast, Adobe Stock provides 191M photos and 25M videos. However, Adobe Stock provides high visual quality compared to Shutterstock.

4- Need for Additional Plugin

Adobe Stock is integrated with Creative Cloud; thus, don’t require any additional plugins. At the same time, Shutterstock requires other plugins for integration.

5- On-demand Downloads

Adobe Stock’s on-demand downloads are more pliable than Shutterstock, making Adobe Stock more user-friendly.

6- Extended Licence Price

The extended license price of Adobe Stock is cheaper than Shutterstock.

7- Perfect For

Shutterstock is best for those looking for the best price, while Adobe Stock is best for those who need high-quality content.

8- Easy to Use

Adobe Stock is easier to use as it does not require additional plugin integration. In contrast, Shutterstock is less easy to use because other plugins are needed.

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FeaturesShutterstockAdobe Stock
Royalty-Free Images200 million120 million
On-demand DownloadsLess flexibleMore flexible
No Free Downloads1040
Ease of UseLess easyEasier
Free TrialAvailableAvailable
Best ForLow pricesHigh quality
Number of Videos and Images258 M images, 25M videos191M photos, 25M videos
Quality of Videos and ImagesLow qualityHigh quality
Additional PluginNeeds additional pluginNo need for an extra plugin
Extended LicenseLess cheapCheaper


It was all you needed to know about Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. They are excellent platforms for licensed images, vectors, and videos. The ultimate choice between Shutterstock and Adobe Stock depends on specific project needs and budget.

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