Is Acer A Good Monitor Brand?

Is Acer A Good Monitor Brand?

As the world of technology advances, there are always additions to the market that might make you confused about whether or not you should invest in one brand or the other. 

When it comes to computer monitors, sometimes all you want is a budget-friendly one but of course, with the best features you can find. As our day-to-day life has continued to progress, it is very understandable to want a monitor that fulfills your everyday needs plus you want some level of comfort. 

Some people want a bezel-less design, some want a certain viewing angle, some have specific hardware needs, or some just want an overall great performance that gets their daily work done. To catch up with the demands while keeping your wallet happy, you need to find something that fits your needs. 

What About Acer?

Many brands try to make sure that you get the best features at a great price and one of the most well-known brands that try their best at that includes Acer. 

Acer has become a key brand in technology and has been in the industry of computers for a very long time. It has a very valuable reputation that has been very promising and they are known for producing high-quality electronics. 

However, you might be confused as to why these Acer electronics are much cheaper than the other ones in the market, and if they are as good as they sound- are they really worth investing in? 

While other brands continue to give you the best, how does Acer compare? Is it giving you all that it promises to give? Is it living up to its reputation? Does it have any errors? Does it lag? If you want these questions answered and more- continue reading this article. 

Acer is well known for its gaming monitors. These gaming monitors are specifically built to accommodate larger gaming files while making sure there is little to no lag, with the best viewing angles and exceptional screen quality. 

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A Great Number Of Features

  • Acer monitors come in a variety of styles and designs but their gaming monitors continue to dominate the market. Their performance is super impressive, with almost no lag and great features. Acer even has the option of a Curved Monitor for better viewing and an immersive gaming experience. 
  • Specifically the Acer Predator laptop is considered the perfect machine for gaming. With all of the features and function, it is considered one of the best laptops for gaming. 

While we talk about Acer’s gaming monitors capabilities, their monitors are more than capable to run complex programs that anyone who works with big projects might need to run. 

  • Some of the Acer monitors even have the special feature of Killer DoubleSHot Pro, which gives you the option to choose which applications take up you precious bandwidth, which will also come handy when you are working on several different projects at once. Bandwidth prioritization can be controlled by the user through the control panel. 
  • Acer also offers monitors with height adjustment so you can have the ease to set up your monitor at whatever height fits you best. These monitors keep your comfort in mind. There is also an option for the Zero Frame design where you have the option to have the sturdiness with style! 

With its aesthetically pleasing monitors and its extremely durable hardware design, Acer ticks a lot of boxes. 

  • If you are someone who is looking for monitors that support your high tech requirements, Acer’s Digital Signage Monitors are the one for you. These monitors support big files, offer great performance with a vivid display so you can do your day to day activities and tasks that you would need to do while relying on your monitor to help you every step of the way. 

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Types Of Acer Monitors

1. Touch Screen Monitors

Sometimes you want to go a step forward and find a high-tech monitor; Acer has many touch screen monitors to fit your bill! Some of the Acer’s touch screen monitors include the T2 monitor that not only has the touch screen feature but also provides you with an edge-to-edge display for your viewing pleasure. It also has great compatibility with many programs. 

2. Performance Based Monitors

If you are looking specifically for monitors that will give you great performance, then look no further. Acer has high-end offers like H7 and ED5 monitors that you would love! These monitors are great for people who just want a monitor that delivers the performance they require for their day-to-day tasks and provide what has been promised. These monitors are definitely used by professionals in editing, music, graphics, and more! 

3. Day To Day Use Monitors

For people who just want a monitor that fulfills their everyday demands, Acer has a classic line of monitors like R1 and SAO that not only offer an optimal user experience but also great visuals. These are great for people who might not want to do heavy lifting like install big programs or work on different software, but just for daily life entertainment purposes or general use. This is great in many ways. 

4. Gamer Monitors

Now if you are a gamer and you are looking to invest in a monitor, Acer has a great variety of them. Matter of fact- Acer is very well known for its gaming range! Acer offers a 144Hz refresh rate and HD display with the NITRO VG1 monitor. It has many other monitors that continue to revolutionize the gaming industry at such a great price. Some of the monitors might offer HD display, some 4k display, and even 8k display! 

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Is Acer A Good Monitor Brand?

What To Look For When Buying An Acer Laptop?

If you are looking to buy an Acer laptop, you should know a couple of things first. 

The Screen and Its Design

First of all, you want to make sure that the screen you are buying is actually what you would want to look at every day. If a curved monitor would suit you best, get that. Maybe even check out bezel-less designs or bigger sizes that might be the best for your comfort level. 

Check for pixel density and also the resolution of the screen. You would also like to make sure that you are getting the display you would like, HD, 4K, or 8K! 

Refresh Rates

If you are someone who is very much annoyed by lag or if you are looking for a gaming worthy monitor, refresh rates are something you need to ask about. The higher the refresh rate, the better, smoother, and impressive the visual experience. 

You would at least want a 144Hz Refresh Rate. This is to say, the higher the refresh rate, the better it would be for a gamer. Even a 122Hz would work best for your gaming if that’s what you are okay with. 

What Are The Pros And Cons?


  1. Acer offers a great variety of monitors. Anything that you might require- they have it! And not only are they available, they are also incredibly affordable and perform great. 
  2. Acer is not a washed up old brand, it is a well respected brand, considered one of the best in the industry. Countless users trust Acer to be durable and long lasting. 
  3. Display is great and comes in a lot of designs and sizes. Acer definitely keeps comfort in mind when designing their monitors. They offer bezel less designs, wide angle views and many more so you can choose from whichever you like. 
  4. Acer monitors offer great graphics and features that will not only work for an average user but also professionals looking to buy a monitor that fulfills their needs for editing, graphics, or entertainment.
  5. While some people might look at Acer and think they can do better, Acer definitely has the range of designs available with features that are amazing at a price that no one else can compete with. 


  1. Customer support has been reported to have a bit of delay and is not the best. Getting a prompt response for a problem might not be always the case. 
  2. Gaming monitors do have great features but their designs might not be the most incredible ones you have seen in the market. 

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Acer continues to be one of the best brands on the market with its great variety of monitors that come with incredible features and displays. These monitors are not only amazing in performance but also do not cost a fortune. 

People who are looking for monitors while maintaining a budget should look no further in Acer. Acer is one of those brands that uphold a reputation of great quality and durability and reliability. Millions of users continue to put their faith in these products and it is why Acer continues to provide competition in the market of technology. Now that you know exactly what Acer monitors can be like, happy shopping!

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