Does VR headset work with PS5?

Does VR headset work with PS5

Playstation 4 has been the best selling gaming device, and its hype knew no bounds. The promotion of PS4 was well versed in the market, and nearly every gamer has once dreamed about getting his or her hands on the popular gaming device. 

The usefulness of the PlayStation was not restricted to the dreaming zone as this dream has met the silver lining, and millions of users worldwide have achieved this milestone and bought the PlayStation 4. 

The then-best gaming device is no longer the self-acclaimed best gaming device as there are many famous and well-established rivals such as the Xbox one and the Playstation 5. 

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PlayStation 5 is the upgraded version of the PS4, and this device has caused an alarm among the gaming freaks and enthusiasts looking for the best bang for the bucks. 

The legacy of Virtual reality is also no exception to the gaming world, and the last few years have become the highlights in VR technology.  PSVR is one of the common and much talked about VR devices, if not the best one. 

To complement the PSVR with the PS5 is the best thing gaming freaks can ever ask for. This dream has become a reality with PlayStation 5, and users can pair their virtual reality headsets with the PlayStation 5 and give wings to their goals. 

Which VR headset works with PS5?

Does VR headset work with ps5 is still confusing, as many users cannot understand how to pair it with the PS5? Therefore, it remains ambiguous whether the VR headset works with ps5 or not. 

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If you are looking forward to resolving this query, then continue with the following passages.   

PSVR has no plug for a gaming console, and there are no cameras on PlayStation; therefore, it is tricky to pair the PSVR with the PS5. Although it is not straightforward to work with both of these gaming devices, it is not impossible to work with them.

It is easy to use the PlayStation first generation gaming set with the PS5, and for that purpose, you need to purchase a gaming adapter that will aid the connection between the two devices. 

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Bottom Line

Not all VR headsets are supporting PS5 gaming, and the same goes for the games. Not all games are capable of running on PS5 paired with PSVR. 

If you plan to run the VR-specified games, it is not a big deal to work a VR headset with the PS5. PS5 needs an upgrade to be able to play VR games without the need for an additional adapter. 

It is not a solid reason for the upgrade as you can use the feature with an extra purchase of the VR adapter, and then the PlayStation is ready to feature its plug n play gaming experience. 

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