Does VR help you lose weight?

Does VR help you lose weight

Everyone likes having a slim body shape. Losing weight and burning calories is a challenge for many people who are fat as they want to improve their physical appearance.

Virtual reality has brought a great impact on the lives of people. It is not only used for entertainment purposes like gaming or watching movies but the military, sport, mental health, medical training, and education.

Side by side using virtual reality in these fields, people have come across an important concern. Does VR help you lose weight? Therefore, we have composed this article to find answers to this question through in-depth research.

Does VR help you lose weight?

Exercising using VR is a trick to lose weight. VR can help people improve their physical and mental health. It’s important to know that you do not carry out physical exercises like stretching, jogging, running, or cycling in VR headset to lose weight.

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You do certain gestures and actions in VR that make your body sweat and your calories burn eventually leading to a decrease in your body’s weight. However, it is important to note that VR is not the permanent solution for losing weight.

If you’re a fitness freak, you would not like the idea of losing your weight just through VR because the results are not fast enough and you would only be able to see a gradual decrease in your body’s weight.

However, people having less fat in their bodies wanting to keep themselves fit for the sake of improving their physical appearance can use VR. Moreover, if you’re too lazy to hit the gym or walk for 5-6 kilometers, you would love to utilize VR technology.

The most common way to burn fat is to play certain VR games that require physical interaction. Other things like watching movies, developing, or using VR for business would not help you to lose weight because these kinds of tasks do not require your physical efforts, thus they are of no use in this matter.

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Best VR games to lose weight 

When playing in VR,  You’re not just making your body sweat or your heartbeat increase but you’re also able to enjoy your favorite games and achieve various goals in the virtual world.

Below are some games that are best for losing weight through virtual reality. We have tested playing these games for a considerable time and recorded the impact they had on weight loss.

1. Beat saber

Undoubtedly, being amongst the popular games in VR, Beat saber is actually a good game to lose weight. In this game, a player uses sabers to slice colored blocks that come flying at them.

In later stages of the game, things get more complicated as players have to slice these blocks in different directions and dodge vertical walls to complete levels. We recorded burning over 10 calories per minute while playing this game.

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2. Bitslap

This game requires the most intense physical workout as the players have to punch cubes in large numbers following the pattern they appear in. It may seem easy at first, however over time, it becomes difficult as the level of the game increases.

While playing this game, you have to punch these cubes repeatedly which makes your body sweat eventually leading to burning fat. 13 calories per minute are burned when someone plays this game.


Ever wondered what a virtual boxing area looks like? Well, this game gives you an excellent interpretation of it. BOX VR is an award-winning fitness game that provides you with a wholesome experience of virtual hardcore boxing.

BOX VR is more than just a game. Through playing it, players can improve their physical strength by using their fists to punch on the punch bag. It is indeed one of the most effective VR apps to lose weight.

4. Holopoint

Another brilliant game for this purpose is Holopoint. It is a pretty old game however, it remains useful for workouts. In this game, players have to fight through the waves of ninjas.

You have to be quick with your shooting and dodging skills. As the game gets intensified, the fatigue level of your body increases leading to the burning of fat. This game especially helps in leg workouts.

5. Sprint Vector

One more game that can help you improve your physical strength and lose bodyweight to some extent is the Sprint Vector. Players have to constantly use their arms to make their characters move around obstacles.

It also has multiplayer races that provide more fun to the players as they can compete with others. Most of the workout is for arms, however, you can play this game to burn some amount of calories.

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6. Hot squat 

Hot squat offers a great physical workout for the players. It challenges players to do maximum squats. This game is fun to play and much more convenient in comparison to doing squats in a gym.

If you want to lose weight, never skip playing this game. According to our testing, it can help a person to burn over 11 calories in a minute.

7. Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a VR freestyle dancing. Players have to punch and block different objects using physical strength. The game requires you to move and dance around as well, which contributes a lot to losing weight.

Along with providing next-level entertainment, this game is incredible for physical improvement and it helps a person to burn up to more than 8 calories per minute while playing it.


These were the specific games that can greatly improve the physical strength of a person and help them to lose their body weight. However, as said earlier, playing games on VR would not help you lose your weight as much as you could do while doing prescribed physical exercises. Does VR help you lose weight? The answer is VR doesn’t help you enough to lose weight.

At last, we hope that you found this article interesting. We tried to cover the topic in full detail to assist you to know more about stuff related to VR and weight loss.

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