Can I use oculus without Facebook?

Can I use oculus without Facebook

In the past, Facebook and Oculus accounts were different. Oculus Quest users can hold their previous Oculus accounts up to date, but the latest users must sign in with an account on Facebook. It means, no matter if you are an old user, you still should have a Facebook account if you have the plan to upgrade to Quest 2. Facebook claims that the current Oculus Quest and Rift management should integrate their Oculus account with their Facebook account before Jan. 1, 2023, to avoid problems.

Can I use oculus without Facebook?

Yes, you can use Ouest 2 business edition without Facebook but its price is 2x more than the standard version of Quest 2. The price of standard Oculus Quest 2 (256GB) is $399 but the price of business edition is $799.

Because of its easy availability and ease of use, the Oculus Quest 2 is probably the best realistic headboard out there. But the owner of the company is Facebook, so the previous year’s company makes it a must for all the quest players to sign up on social media to enjoy the VR headsets. 

That could make a situation awkward for the users who are reluctant to use Facebook like they want to experience the quest 2 amazing feature but don’t want to login to Facebook. But there is a secret path to get the desired results, and the option is that they can get the business version of the oculus quest 2 but it will cost 2x more than the average ones.

Since 2019 the oculus program for business has been in action that offers companies the Quest 2 version that comes with business-level security, 24/7 client service, and multi-device management. But the point of focus is that you don’t need to log in to Facebook.

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The benefit for you comes at a price, like the version that has 256GB you can buy it at $799 but the business version you can have at the rate of $400. You will also have to pay $ 180 annually to get business software that permits you to download apps because you will not be able to purchase from the store of oculus without a properly connected Facebook account. 

Businesses are generally prepared to finance extra for equipment than buyers. Facebook is unable to collect important ad targeting data from business clients and does not spend cash on games. Rather, it excludes its apps of custom. So the price.

To be very clear, you can only use quest 2 with the account of Facebook otherwise Facebook doesn’t give you permission or an option to utilize the oculus account until now no matter whether you have ownership of the quest or not. 

Facebook claims to combine Oculus accounts along with Facebook to offer good transparency in the way it handles the data of users. Facebook also wants to make VR discovery and communication easier. The majority of the users have an account on Facebook, it seems reasonable for the organization to consolidate its resources rather than pressurizing users to create multiple different accounts.

What if I don’t want to associate my Oculus account with my Facebook account?

Accounts of oculus that are already existing don’t need to associate with the accounts of Facebook, but there will be several restrictions in case you don’t do that. Facebook claims that there is no guarantee of accounts of oculus after 2023 because the further procedure from payment to communication will be done through Facebook. it is said that there is no possibility of authentication of payments, store or not even possible to have a conversation with other players in case you don’t have an account of Facebook on your device of the oculus.

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Facebook account is a must requirement for future Oculus headsets

Initiate after this year, you can only access and sign in to the Oculus device with the help of Facebook. Your account will be merged permanently if you already have an existing account. In case if you don’t have an account you can only enjoy it until 2023 after that you will be free from any official support. But there is a free hand for the developers, they can utilize the service with the function of social media and the enterprises already have the separate procedures through which they operate. 

Fb made changes in the platform after purchasing the organization in 2014. At the end of 2019, it introduced new VR social capabilities that needed a Facebook account and started the use of facts accumulated through the oculus in commercials. The organization shared records properly before that, a fact that has involved critics of FB records series practices. 

In 2018, Facebook showed that they could do changes like ban related unsolicited mail debts throughout the systems, however, the inappropriate tracking of customers’ behavior has been rejected. And whilst facebook’s pointed ads have drawn grievance, there are no ads on the platform of oculus now. This latest policy wipes out a very last layer of separation between oculus accounts and Facebook though, and it puts pressure on each person who’s not a friendly user of FB to sooner or later sign on.

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Did you get the answer of Can I use oculus without Facebook? Oculus and Facebook were separate companies and later on, Facebook purchased Oculus. Now there is an ongoing debate about whether or not oculus works without Facebook or not. We did extensive research and it is concluded that in the future you can’t sign up into your Oculus devices without Facebook and you need to merge your Oculus account with the Facebook ones if you are using it previously until the latest update. 

Because Facebook makes some restrictions for the users. But there is some possibility of using the device without Facebook. If you are a developer or have a business account then there will be a separate procedure to operate, in addition, the cost will also be half then the average but they will charge you annually 180 or more dollars.

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