Difference between YouTube Views & Watch Hours


YouTube Views are basic clicks by your followers but watch hours are the average time a person got interested in your video for. The more YouTube watch there the more chance for your income as there will be more ads which will add up to the cash in Sergey Brin and Larry page’s net worth as well as yours.

People think watching hours don’t matter but they’re the most imperative thing as they help with the search engine optimization of your YouTube channel or your YouTube videos or whatever we say in other wordings or languages.

What Are YouTube Watch Hours?

The higher your average watch time percentage will be the more sophisticated your videos will be in ranking on search engine optimization. If you want your watch hours to be counted you need 4,000 viewing hours in 12 consecutive months.

It doesn’t matter when your video was published because it could even be 12 years old but still you need them to be watched in the last 52 weeks and they can be multiple different videos it doesn’t need to be a single one. To count a watch hour your viewer has to physically touch the play button and the video needs to be at least running on their mechanism for 30 seconds.

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What Are YouTube Views:

YouTube views plays a vital role in the popularity of content. To count a YouTube, view the viewer has to intentionally click your video and keep running it for 30 seconds at least on that and only in that condition will be counted as 1 one view or else it’s purely nothing.

If you even watch your video 7500000 times it will be counted as 7500000 views. Even if your video is uploaded on Facebook and someone watches it even then it will count up as a view.  

Why Is YouTube Watch Hours Important?

The more watch hours your video will have the higher it will be when you are searching about it on google and YouTube and they’ll eventually blow up which will leave you famous. This is a YouTube team tactic. Before October 2012 YouTube used built its search engine optimization based on views but since the time it introduced this algorithm this became the no.1 ranking feature.

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Why Are Youtube Views Important?

YouTube has to ensure that the videos are not being viewed by artificial intelligence robots instead of actual human beings. Their view counting method is structured in such a way that even though it won’t show you the legit number of views when an ordinary person or the creator is viewing but the system will sense the artificial intelligence bots and calculate the amount of human-generated views in its system. The views show how involved your viewers are.

How To Increase Your Youtube Watch Hours?

There are many ways such as regularly posting engaging videos and optimizing your videos for search engine optimization. Make up a website and promote your YouTube channel on it. Here are some more ways:

  1. Create Playlists of Your Videos.
  2. Add securing and Relevant Thumbnails.
  3. Organize Livestreams.
  4. Use YouTube Analytics to Track Your Progress.
  5. Add Teasers at the Beginning.
  6. Cooperate with Your Community

How To Increase Youtube Views:

There are many ways such as creating compelling content and encouraging your viewers to subscribe. Create playlists with your most popular videos and make them public for your subscribers. Here are some more ways:

  1. Promote Other Videos with End Screens and Cards.
  2. Add a Watermark to Your Videos.
  3. Make Sure Your Videos Are Embedding Enabled.
  4. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels.
  5. Understand the Importance of ‘Watch Time’.
  6. cherish a Community.
  7. Optimize Your Video Titles.
  8. Optimize Your Channel.
  9. Create a YouTube Trailer Featuring Your Best Content.
  10.  Create a Compelling Thumbnail description.
  11. Copy your Videos.
  12. Publish Your Videos at The Best stage.
  13. Invite Guest Vloggers
  14. Build an Influence civic.
  15. Know What’s Viral.

What Is Better Youtube Watch Hours Or Youtube Views:

Watch time is the most important algorithm that you can find on the platform known as YouTube. It influences what your viewers will be watching and the recommendations people get. The higher your watch time is the more popular and free promotion it will be getting through recommendations and discovery.

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What Are The Benefits Of Buying Youtube Watch Hours And Youtube Views:

9 in a very methodical way which is extremely hard to explain watch hours are something that can give you a starting kick-off booster so when you are buying it you are investing in the future of your channel.

Your videos can go viral! The more watch hours your YouTube videos have the better their search engine optimization which means that eventually they will be recommended to more people and will rank higher on YouTube discover as well as google searches.

But when the public views your videos they won’t know how many YouTube watch hours or something like that you have what they will look at is how many views you have because that is what they have the access to look at. What draws them is the thousands no one cares about losers in the hundreds.

Reaching such a goal isn’t extremely easy and requires hard work like loads and loads so who doesn’t like the easy way out? So go and buy YouTube views from the YouTube market because Here are some other benefits:

  1. Rising the Number of Your YouTube Subscribers.
  2. Building reliability.
  3. Get More Traffic to Your channel.
  4. Create More Money.
  5. Extra Free Time.

To sum it up,

Views are plain clicks by your followers but watch hours are the usual time a person got involved in your video. The more advanced your average watch time percentage will be the supplementary sophisticated your videos will be in status on search engine optimization. to count a YouTube, view the viewer has to calculatedly click your video and keep running it for 30 seconds at a minimum.

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