The new generation is a lot in gaming and as the gaming world is increasing so are the products and accessories related to them. Mouse Bungees are one of the few latest trends that are becoming famous with every passing time. 

Mouse Bungee gives your mouse the freedom to move without enmeshing and restricting your hand movement. It keeps the cord flexible and adds more value to your gaming experience.

Now the question arises why go for a wired mouse when wireless mouse is also available. So, my friend if you are into gaming then it’s a win and lose situation for you to go for a wired mouse. A wired mouse will increase your response time as it is a bit faster than a wireless one. It is cost-effective and more reliable and less laggy during gaming. 

Ready to do some additions to your gaming setup. Well then read below to understand all the necessary features needed to enhance your gaming experience with a mouse bungee.  There are many affordable and excellent offers in the market and on Amazon this holiday season just for you to do some purchases without ruining your budget. Take time out and read till the end to have full insight into the best mouse bungees.

List of 9 Best Mouse Bungees 2020

  • Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V3
  • Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee
  • Thermaltake TT Esports Gaming Mouse Bungee
  • Benq Zowie Camade II Mouse Bungee
  • Enhance GX-B1 LED Gaming Mouse Bungee
  • Casethrone Gaming Mouse Bungee
  • KLIM Mouse Bungee
  • AOBOR Generic Mouse Cord Management Fixer
  • Roccat Apuri Raw Mouse BungeeRoccat Apuri Raw


Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V3

Brand: Razer

Price: $19.99

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Colour: Black

If you do not want to fight with your mouse while gaming, go for this Razer mouse bungee. Razer is not new in gaming; they are amongst the first pioneers. They know their thing better than others and always come up with good features. If you want to have a bottom light go with a Razor Chroma which is a bit expensive. Buy it as you will only realize its importance when you buy one. 



It can fit rubber, paracord and braided mouse cables which is simply perfect to give you a smooth and incessant movement. The spring arm gives you a wireless experience. Its solid anti-slip base will not disappoint you by tripping during the game.  To conclude, its state of art cable management corners the gaming world and offers smooth movement. The drag-free cord controls up to 3.2mm which improves gaming precision. The gaming enthusiast goes for it as the heavy base provides good precision during gaming sessions. Also, its dust-resistant spring arm is good for at least 3-4 years.


  • Takes up minimal desk space
  • Zero movements of the feet when you are moving mouse fast
  • Works with a variety of mouse options
  • Easy to set up
  • Its colour blends easily with the environment


  • Bottom of bungee gets dust fast
  • No RGB

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Cougar Bunker Gaming Mouse Bungee

Brand: Cougar Gaming

Price: $19.89

Weight: 3 ounces

Colour: Black with orange Cougar symbol

This is an accessory of a mouse which is quite helpful for you. This cougar bungee suction cup mounting mouse does not run around your speakers and suspends its movement all over the desk. Its lightweight allows you to take it to every gaming party and act like a pro.



The main feature which distinguishes it from all other mouse bungees in the town is its suction cup quality and strength. It does not move even when you pull your mouse cord hard while playing. Its malleable cord channel adapts to almost all the sizes of cords of a mouse and its arm moves freely with the movement of your arm. High reliability, portability and the response of the corded mouse are accurate with the help of this bungee for serious gamers.  It also offers unrivaled stability, a flexible arm and a cord groove design to adapt virtually to any mouse size. The special collage suction pad offers four matches level of steadiness even on slightly uneven surfaces. Its simple design allows it to carry to any LAN party or a friend’s home.


  • Vacuum suction cup
  • Durable rubber arm
  • Plastic built
  • Ambidextrous


  • Extra bucks if you want an RGB light.

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Thermaltake TT Esports Gaming Mouse Bungee


Price: $19.99

Weight: 7.54 ounces

Colour: Black



The major highlight is the magnetic design of this bungee which makes it a top-notch product of TT eSports. The head keeps in place and is firm due to the magnetic weight. Also, the non-slip base featuring rubber coding provides versatile supports for your mouse. It is highly user-friendly, affordable and robust with a scorpion look.  Cleaning is easy due to the detachable head. A three-legged base provides the stability and concentration a gamer strives for.


  • Excellent movability 
  • Non-slip base
  • Magnetic detachable arm
  • Enables mouse to run consistently.
  • Can be easily transferred for offline gaming.


  •  Not compatible with all mouse cords

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Benq Zowie Camade II Mouse Bungee

Brand: BenQ

Price: $18.99- $37.99

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Colour: Black/ Red



Still thinking to consider more options and enhance your gaming experience then go for Benq Zowie Camade Mouse Bungee for a clutter-free gaming desk. Its rubber foot is awesome in keeping balance and fixture throughout the high-octane games. Its spring is adjustable to allow you to fine-tune the cable to two possible heights. Its unique design allows for easy mobility. It is flawless in preventing the tangling of wires due to its unique design. Easy cleaning due to its removable head is a plus point in this bungee.


  • The cord is securely fixed.
  • Provides a good management area on the gaming desk.
  • Zero assemblies are required.
  • Compatible with almost all mouse wires


  • A little on the expensive side
  • No USB port

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Enhance GX-B1 LED Gaming Mouse Bungee


Colour: Black and Red or Black and Green

Price: $17.99

Weight: 7.5 ounces

New to the gaming world or a professional esports player, we all have one thing in common and that is our mouse problems. This could be mouse cables tangling up together which make us lose the game.



This product has a flexible and very viable spring cable arm. This can extend to your heart’s content and eliminate even any thoughts of mouse cables tangling, snagging, or dragging. It provides any mouse cable size which removes the horror of them falling out of place. 

The arm is also removable if you want to use it just as a USB hub which leads me to my next point. This product can also be used as a 4 USB port hub that can connect a lot of peripheral devices. This is like a gamer’s dream because this product can be used as a two in one.


  • 4 port USB hub – 4 powered 2.0 Active USB ports on the bungee’s base 
  • Colourful LED lighting option to enhance the effect of gaming.
  • 3-year warranty
  • The non-slip base is very sturdy.
  • Heavy base 


  • Does not have a sophisticated look.

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Casethrone Gaming Mouse Bungee


Colour: Yellow, Pink, White, Black

 Price: $24.99

 Weight : 15.2 ounces

If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, then this mouse bungee will do the trick for you. So, say goodbye to mouse tangles and say hello to the future where mouse tangles are just a myth of the past. blank


This mouse bungee is accompanied by an Anti-Slip function which as the name suggests does not let it slip off your desk and thus your mouse doesn’t as well. Thus, once a pesky problem is solved by a simple solution. It also allows you to hold your mouse more securely which is especially good for those who start to sweat in the tension of their game. 

Its silicon + stainless-steel design allows for a long lifespan which makes this a good investment in the long run. Finally, it is easy to clean and maintain as the top silicon head can be removed and you can clean your mouse bungee anytime and anywhere without putting any effort into it. 


  • Simple to wash.
  • Longevity
  • Beautiful sleek design
  • No batteries are required for this to work.
  • Has many light modes.


  • Reasonably expensive

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KLIM Mouse Bungee

Are you an aggressive gamer? Consider the KLIM Mouse Bungee. Not only does it provide freedom of movement, but it also adds value to your aesthetic sense.

Brand: KLIM

Price: $22.92

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Colour: dark grey



The main feature of this bungee is the micro-SD card reader. It comes equipped with 3 USB technology, RGB backlight, and a multi-functional cable holder which elevates your gaming experience. It has 3 USB ports connectivity plugins to connect to a USB, a keyboard, and a mouse itself. One of the best mouse bungees of 2020 and a fruit able investment. It is exceptionally durable, switches colours and makes movement effortlessly. The cherry on top is that it has a detachable rubber arm from the solid base.


  • 5GB data transfer option
  • Completely stable and flexible
  • 3 USB ports
  • Micro USB port
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 5-year warranty
  • Build to last


  • Some gamers found light distracting while playing.

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AOBOR Generic Mouse Cord Management Fixer


Colour: Black

Price: $7.49

Weight: 5.6 ounces



If you are a young emerging player or just starting gaming and are using your pocket money to decide which mouse bungee is the best for you then you are at the perfect place. This mouse bungee is extremely affordable however, that does not mean it is terrible. It is made out of metal and one of the most flexible materials plastic. This product is remarkably simple to understand and cannot be misjudged even by a beginner. It still has all the basic features of a mouse bungee like having a cord holder and a base that resists movement.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Simple to use and has no compound feature.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Has all the basic features that any mouse bungee has.


  • Not exceptionally durable.
  • Does not work with thinner and smaller mouse cords.

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Roccat Apuri Raw

Brand: Roccat

Price: $19.99

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Colour: Blackblank


If strength and stability are a problem then this is the solution! This mouse bungee has a low center of gravity which means that it can only fall over only in your dreams. One exceptional and flabbergasting feature of this mouse bungee is that its arm is very flexible which syncs in with your mouse’s movements and like a targeting missile tries to copy them! It’s also shaped like a tripod and has a lock-tight rubberized base which allows for unparalleled stability against its competitors. 

Although its base is made from black plastic its blue LED lights let it shine in the night sky. Sadly, these LED lights are not adjustable and cannot be turned off.  However, if winning is your thing this mouse bungee delivers nothing less than that. The cherry on top is that this mouse bungee can also be used as a 4-port USB hub allowing four times the devices and thus, four times the convenience.  


  • Stable and flexible design.
  • 4-port USB hub.
  • Detachable arm.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No options for lighting.
  • Some lightweight drawbacks.

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You might think that all these products have no difference between them however when you keep all their features and design in mind you will see a significant difference. So read this buying guide for the most optimal purchase of your money and be left flabbergasted with the results. So, now it is finally time to remove those annoying tangled wires from our arsenal and add some firepower to it with this heavy artillery. 

Out of this guide, many major points need to be highlighted and should be paid a bit more head than others. Now that you have read that let us go through a brief recap of what you should be keeping in your mind while purchasing a mouse bungee.

Best Mouse Bungees 2020 – Buying Guide 

Style and design 

You want to show everyone your skills and the best way to do that is through a good stylish mouse bungee. Getting a mouse bungee with RBG would shine and spark its way through the competition and leave most star-struck by its beauty. A mix of LED lightings can also glamorize your gaming setup. Also, do not forget to add some lighting effects to this vast mix.

Stainless steel would also be another amazing option as not only is it durable it also reflects your taste in fashion. Different. On that point, you should also get a mouse bungee that matches your setup for some bonus points!


If you are spending a decent amount of money on a mouse bungee to enhance your performance then you are willing to deserve something that is durable and has a long life expectancy. 

You should look for a mouse bungee made from a material that is as hard as a rock but as shiny as the Sun and stainless-steel is the best example of this. Other than stainless-steel any material that can absorb a few hits should be optimal for you like silicon for instance. Just try to keep your mouse bungee out of harm’s way and try to get as few as possible scratches on it. 

Extra features

Let us be honest we all like a clean and easy-to-use setup at the end of the day. So, buying a mouse bungee that has some features like USB ports can help you have a tidy setup. 

Instead of having an individual port for your headset, keyboard, mouse, USBs show about one port that you will be using during your gaming journey or career. Via these USB ports located on some mouse bungees, you can connect all these peripheral devices to a single hub and increase the amount of space for your setup for other things.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in this topic because they also have many other extra features as well like RGB or LED lighting, micro SD card ports, and the list goes on.

Support Mechanism 

If you are reluctant about buying a mouse bungee yet your mouse still falls and collapses on the ground then you should read this. Mouse bungees use various materials and supporting methods to give your mouse cord flexibility and stability. Spring-loaded, rubber or plastic arms are the best when it comes to this job. 

You also want your mouse bungee itself to be steady as well weighted bases with rubber suction cups or non-slip grips will stick like glue when it comes to the base. These two combined will give you a cozy and reliable combination in the long end. Plus, their partnership is very sticky. 

Final Verdict on Mouse Bungees

Well, I hope this information will strengthen your decision of buying a mouse bungee and lets you buy the most optimal one from the vast roster of mouse bungees.  Remember when you are buying the mouse bungee of your life to consider some features or qualities. Such as durability, lifespan, USB ports, rating, price, effectiveness, weight, appearance and personal choice. In the end, we all want our money’s worth, who does not? 

Also keep in mind your choice because even if you buy a product that has all the features of the world, but you do not like its design, style or colour then it’s pointless to buy it. Well as we all have fallen under the spell of gaming, I hope you will be satisfied with your new product. So, let’s go online and game to our heart’s content! 

Happy gaming without any mouse cable tangling up!



Mouse Bungee FAQs

Can these Bungees fit all the mouse cords?

ANS:  I was able to use my G403 and G203 cables with most of the bungees. Razer and Cougar are good at supporting all kinds of cord thickness.  There is an elastic impact in the Enhancer bungee to help your thin cable stick firmly. Bungees can also cater braided cords unless the point where you are mounting the cable is hard. A tidy and neat fixture of mouse cord under the bungee gives more space on the gaming desk.

I have heard the suction cup should be strong. What if I planned to change its position? Will it stick again?

ANS: Whenever you want to change the position of the bungee just apply some force and pull it out, clean the bottom and stick it to the new place. It will stick perfectly if not use any adhesive or double-tap to help. The Cougar gaming mouse bungee has an incredibly good suction cup that does not stick out even if you are playing aggressively. It is good for professional gamers as it helps them to focus on the game instead of the wobbling bungee.

Is RGB light a good feature for mouse bungee?

ANS: RGB lighting is available in many of the latest versions of mouse bungees. It adds a sense of aesthetics and beauty to your mouse bungee. However, some gamers find it distracting as they lose their focus on the game due to light colour. It all depends on your choice and taste. Just make sure that your desired bungee has a control switch for RGB light otherwise it will light up like the Roccat Apuri Raw did every time you were playing and annoy you.

Is it worth spending more than $20 on an accessory like a mouse bungee?

ANS:  If you are a hardcore player or want to adopt gaming as your profession, then it is highly recommended to go for products like KLIM, Casethrone, and Benq Zowie Camade. Maybe some of the features you find are the same, but their durability and dust resistant power is much better than others. Power up and energize your true gaming instincts

Should I consider style and design while buying a mouse bungee?

ANS: Everything you think of buying depends on one basic thing that is that it should look good to your eyes.  Therefore, it is good to buy a design that enlightens your taste and gives a beautiful look along with functionality. Elegance alongside performance is an unbeatable duo.