What is Ram? How Much RAM do I need?

What is Ram ? How Much RAM do I need ?

You might complain sometimes that your PC is not performing in the way you want it to be. You also have spent a huge amount on purchasing it, but it proves to be useless! Well, it may be because you purchase an expensive one but forget to check its configurations are either according to your need or not!

Like every system has a main factor on which its performance greatly depends, personal computers also have some factors on which it depends considerably. You obviously must want to make your PC’s performance efficient and massive. But have you ever take a look at what configurations your PC has? Have you checked it’s RAM and ROM range? If not, then go and have a tour.

Your PC’s performance does depend on its RAM. Purchasing an expensive PC is not fun, actual fun is to have a PC whose RAM range is according to your requirement. Alright, don’t ask how much RAM do I need? Before getting this answer, let us see what RAM actually is!

What is RAM?

RAM is defined as “Random Access Memory” Okay; don’t complain that this is a kinder garden level’s explanation. Hold on! We are getting into it. From how much data can be store in your personal computer to how flawlessly it will perform, it all depends on the RAM.

All information that your PC’s operating system requires depends on RAM. Now to make your PC’s performance smooth and distortion-free, you must have a good and reliable Random access memory (RAM). If you really presuming about the importance of RAM, then think of it, you must have heard that due to power failure, all data lost. This data actually belongs to RAM, so losing your RAM means that losing all your data.


Again the same question! How much RAM do I need? RAM’s range is dependent on your use. If your use is high, then you require a high RAM power. Or if your use is somewhere between average, then a normal RAM will be ok for you.

But wait! How does RAM manage to do all this work? From storing all data to polishing the PC’s performance. How is that possible that this one small hardware does all these legendary works?

How does it do this?

Why does RAM be so important? Because they are faster, smarter, and high-speed storage that you’re PC and its reinforcements use to store data temporarily. In simple words, you can say that RAM is a computer’s precise term memory.

It stores data that are continuous in use rather than storing it in a much slower hard disk as Solid State Hard Drive (SSD). RAM has memory what we called as “volatile memory” which is removed when the computer’s power turns off. From your OS to Adobe to Chrome, each one uses RAM to run and store data (even the article you are reading is run by RAM).

Although RAM does not save data on each of its chips. RAM is like a transporter that consists of too many workers that help it to transfer the data required by its customers. So when you ask your computer system to please show the data, it asks the RAM that hey buddy! Where is it? Then RAM replies, wait, bro! Let me show them my magic! Then we all know what will happens next!

Types of RAM

Over time everything has evolved a lot. In this modern time, we managed to learn more about personal computers. RAM’s speed and capacity have increased a lot. The only way in which we can get profit from it is by producing different types of motherboards.

At the time at which this article is written, the most high-speed and used RAM type is DDR4. DDR4 uses DDR3. Similarly, DDR3 uses DDR2. The DDR2 uses DDR1. Each type is ultra-fast and capable of storing Random Access Memory. The rule of thumb says that each one is best at its shoes, it all depends on your mode and preference that which one you find the best.

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For what purpose do you use a PC?

Yes, the RAM’s capacity depends on the usage of the PC. It’s just like the higher the use is, the higher should be the RAM. Personal computers are used for many purposes. Some are used in offices for productive work; some are in net cafes, while some are in-home use. In-home, the personal computer can be used for many purposes.

Today’s generation has shown too much interest in online gaming, streaming, and video editing. Personal computers use for these purposes are of high capacity and speed.

From office use to home use to use for gaming and video editing. All these require different RAM for use. So before you ask how much RAM do I need, first figure out for what purpose you use a PC! 

  1.  For Office Work

Computers used in offices consist of wide data. Your personal computer should be efficient in performance and be capable of storing a lot of data without being hanging. Your all office work is productive. You should prefer RAM that helps you to run the PC smoothly.

The most recommended RAM’s range for office use is 4 GB minimum. Higher than this figure will be thumbs up! But lower than this will provide issues in performance. 

  1.  How much RAM do I need for gaming and streaming?

Well, this usage requires high power RAM. If we start listing what popular games are trendy in today’s date then believe us, the article will take a U-turn towards another direction.

Most teenagers are devoted to video gaming and streaming. These kids spend more than 12 hours playing these games. A few of them sometimes complain that their personal computer is not performing great and hanging a lot as well. The reason is that, these users instead of doing an investigation about which PC and which RAM is ideal for them they just purchase a thing which they found glossy and shiny.

If you want to avoid such issues in your video gaming and streaming and your main concern is How much RAM do I need for a gaming pc, then the answer is 8 GB. Yes, you heard it right! As we have mentioned above that gaming pc are typically heavy PCs, because the games and the software they comprise are of high power. So if you want to avoid wear and tears you must prefer a RAM of at least 8 GB.

  1.  For Simple Home use

If you are an ordinary person and your basic need is to use a PC for some kinds of online searches and sometimes for assignments purpose, then don’t worry! A personal computer with a normal RAM range will be enough for you.

Online searches and assignments do not have such high data. So if you use a PC with a RAM of even 4 GB, you can still enjoy smooth and distortion-free usage. 

  1.  For Video Editing Purpose

If you belong to the world of video editing, then you must be aware of how difficult and heavy work it is. From adjusting the graphics of the video to selecting the perfect sound and background, all this requires a lot of time and storage in the PC.

We have noticed that video editors usually ask how much RAM do I need for a video editing PC. After we have understood the sensitivity of this work, the ideal range of RAM for a video editing PC is 16 GB. This range helps you to avoid every possible wear and tear.

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Which Operating System are you using?

Another factor that influences the range of RAM and its performance is the type of operating system (OS). All know that there are three types of OS present, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Windows OS. Figure out by yourself that which operating system you are using then ask how much RAM do I need!

RAM range will vary based on the operating system of the personal computer. If you are using Chrome Operating System then 4 GB RAM can also work efficiently on your PC. If the Mac Operating System is on your use then 16 GB is a must for it. Using 16 GB RAM for Mac Operating System will help you to get a good quality performance.

The third, last, and the most used operating system is the Windows Operating System. The minimum amount of RAM required to run this system smoothly is 2 GB. However, having more RAM will increase the personal computer’s performance.

If you are using the Windows Operating System then the type of Windows should also be considered. From Windows 7 to Windows 10 RAM’s range will depend on it. The best and the most used Windows is “10”. Most users ask that How much RAM do I have windows 10 and how much do I need to make its performance better.

Windows 10 RAM requirements are not that different, 2 GB RAM will be enough to make your Windows operating system’s performance better.

So, how much RAM do I need?

 If you are still confused about how much RAM do I need, then have a look at the types of RAM present. Since we have figure out which factors are important to know while selecting the RAM’s range, now let us see that the ranges the RAM has. RAM range starts from 2 GB and goes way more to 32 GB. the lowest range of RAM is 2 GB, and the highest is 32 GB. It depends on your type of PC, its usage, and it’s Operating System. 

For home usage, the RAM is different, for video editors, streamers, and gamers it is also totally different. You have to know your type then decide the RAM. For instance, let us figure out which range will be the best for each type. 

2 GB RAM: The tiny Packet

You may think that is a small number and it would be very useless to have this figure. But believe us, it may seem small, but it’s not! When it comes to performance, 2 GB RAM can literally win your heart. 

Don’t think that 2 GB RAM will perform on every personal computer. Its performance varies on the type of PC it is used. If you are using a personal computer for simple household works, then 2 GB RAM will never feel that your system is an ordinary one.

Similarly, 2 GB RAM, when used on Windows 10 Operating System, is enough to run the system smoothly, and you can easily store data without even worrying about full-storage issues. 

4 GB RAM: The better Performer

Second in the race is 4 GB RAM. There is no doubt that 4 GB RAM is way better than 2 GB RAM. It is simple like, the more qualified you will be, the more demand will be yours. 4 GB RAM performs more smoothly as compared to 2 GB RAM.

We recommend 4 GB of RAM for most office users. As we all know and understand that office work is not that technical but is productive. One needs to store a lot of data on the PC. From word files to excel files to even PDFs, each of them requires a lot of space in the storage of the PC.

Along with the office users, If you are an online researcher (just like this one), or use a PC for emailing purpose, then 4 GB RAM can also be the best for you.

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8 GB RAM: The Multitasked

Okay, now we are way towards the higher RAMs, so hold on to your breathe, and prepare yourself for the upcoming blasts! Not the actual blasts. 8 GB RAM is way 10 times better than 2 GB, and 4 GB RAM. The storage capacity and the performance of the 8 GB RAM is really impressive.

8 GB RAM has a very sweet place in its users’ hearts, and it deserves it. Well, not only in a personal computer but also in Laptops, and smartphone, when uses 8 GB RAM it really gives power pack performance and storage.

Okay, we got it that now you are going to ask which personal computers can use 8 GB RAM, and what are its benefits. Video gamers and streamers can easily use 8 GB RAM. They can have a smooth performance without the issue of hanging. 

16 GB RAM: The game-changer

You must be thinking that why we have name 16 GB RAM as the game-changer, the reason is that it deserves to be known as “The Game Changer”. 16 GB RAM is an advanced level RAM. From performance vise to storage everything is beyond perfection.

Well, if you want you to enjoy a distortion-free and smoother performance, then 16 GB RAM will be the best for you. Mostly, video gamers, streamers, and editors use this level of RAM. This is because the system and the software, as well as the apps that they use, are of high storage, so to avoid wear and tears, they use 16 GB RAM.

32 GB RAM: The Next Level RAM

To boost up your personal computer performance, and to store high storage files, 32 GB RAM is in the best situation for you.

32 GB RAM is not a commonly used RAM, most of the high-class gamers, streamers, video editors, and those who belong to the technical world, use this RAM.

However, you must know the pros and cons of every RAM and must know how to use it. We do hope that now your confusion regarding how much RAM do I need, must have cleared. To learn more about RAMs check other articles on our website.

How to upgrade RAM without buying?

We know that you must not be expecting this! That’s why we put it because we always want to make you surprise by our effort. Upgrading RAM without buying it may sound impossible, but believe us it is not.

You just need to follow a simple and clean process to achieve the result. The first thing that you need to do is restart your computer. After doing so, close all of your unnecessary files, and also the task on task manager.

Now open the computer and go to its property and click on the Advanced Setting Option. After doing this, go to the advanced option below and click on the Setting and change it. Now a new dialogue will open and change the setting into virtual memory (RAM). Make sure that the setting should be at the initial stage.

This is the whole process of upgrading RAM without the need to purchasing it. Now enjoy the fast and smooth performance of your personal computer like never before.

NOTE: There is a possibility that this process may prove to be beneficial and useful for you. If not then don’t try to try this process over and over again. 


Here we discussed in detail that what is RAM and how much do I need. Don’t think that you are the only one who is worrying about its personal computer’s RAM range. There are so many people like you who care about their system’s small details, and we think that they are wise because they care.

You should consider the mentioned things when you upgrade your personal computer’s system. And we also hope that now you must have figure out the importance of RAM and its function. Always try your best to keep the personal computer in the best condition. Take care of every single detail.

Must prefer your operating system type and your usage while deciding or upgrading the RAM. Lastly, if you have cleared all your confusion and also have got the answer that how much RAM do I need, then must upgrade your system and enjoy a smooth performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM do I need for windows 10?

As we have mentioned above that the windows operating system is one of the most used OS. The reason behind this is that it can be used even on a small RAM range. The performance quality of this system is highly impressive. So for distortion-free performance, you can have 2 GB RAM for your windows 10 operating system.

Is 8GB RAM enough for gaming?

Honestly speaking, maybe yes, or maybe not! Yes, because 8 GB RAM can really give you quality performance and gaming experience without hanging. And we say no because some of the PC games are of high storage, so when they are used on an 8 GB RAM PC cause hanging and other technical issues like PC shutdowns automatically and show heating problems as well.

How much RAM do I need for video editing?

So you belong to the world of video editing! Impressive. Then you must know about the thick, thin, highs and lows of this profession! Right? As a video editor, you surely know that every video editor somehow at some point complains about how much RAM do I need for video gaming? Well, the genuine answer is at least 16 GB of RAM.

Which one is better? 16GB vs. 32GB RAM for gaming 2020!

We take a survey on the internet and figure out that the majority of the new generation has created a high interest in online video gaming. It would be not wrong to say that most of them have created a passion for the profession. So when it comes to profession, everything should be perfect. Now 16 GB RAM or 32 GB RAM? Which one is better? Well, 16 GB RAM is also best at its shoes but 32 GB RAM can provide you a way better experience than 16 GB RAM.



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