AMD Launching New Graphic Cards: Prices, Specs, Leaks, and Release Date

AMD, or lets just Advanced Micro Devices, is a manufacturer of semiconductor devices. The components this company produces include CPUs, processors, flash memories, programmable logic devices, and networking chips. It is a well-known brand for rolling out some of the best processors for high-demanding computers.

Moreover, most of the computers in this world are boasting the CPUs of AMD currently. AMD went the extra mile and put all of its efforts into bringing one of the best series of next-gen processors to the consumer market. It has higher benchmarks for efficiency. It consumes less power and performs really well than its competitors.

Throughout the years, people are opting for AMD processors and graphic cards because of their performance in terms of read/write speeds and processing speeds.

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AMD Radeon:

AMD Radeon is an incredible lineup of AMD GPUs which have the best graphic architecture. Radeon GPUs use RDNA 2 and graphic architecture that is also used in PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and the newly launched Steam Deck.

These graphical units are powerful and deliver a 4K resolution to the user. They have higher GBs of graphic double data rate (GDDR) memory. You get next-gen gaming with a supercharged performance as well as outstanding visuals.

AMD Radeon’s 6000 series graphics cards are the latest GPUs that are created and developed to deliver ultra-high frame rates. Moreover, these new GPUs have the ray tracing feature with cutting-edge and blazing fast AMD Infinity Cache. In addition to this, they come with a massive amount of GDDR6 memory to give you a jumpstart to your ultimate gaming experience.

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AMD 6650 XT, AMD 6750 XT, and AMD 6950 XT:

According to the reports, AMD is currently working on adding three new GPUs to their 6000 series. As per the leaks, these cards will be released soon to the consumer market. The graphics cards will be using the RDNA 2 feature. Users can enjoy their games in 4K resolution. The graphics of the games will be breathtaking, and it will outperform its competitors.

At the moment, the prices aren’t disclosed yet for all of these GPUs. As per the rumors, the RX 6650XT will serve as the entry-level GPU, which will let the users play with a higher refresh rate gaming at 1080p resolution, whereas the 6750XT will deliver a 1440p gaming experience. The gamers who are looking for a 4K gaming experience will get it from the RX 6950XT.

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