Black Clover Manga Chapter 333: Release Date, Time and Spoilers


The latest chapter of Black Clover Manga is coming soon for manga fans around the world.

Release Date and Time:

According to the reports and rumors, it says that the Black Clover Manga Chapter 333 will be coming soon for the fans. Sources say that it is set to release on 7th August 2022. Most of the fans know that Black Clover is published under Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, where they roll out a new chapter every Sunday.

As per the leaks and rumors, the raw scans and translations for fans will be available soon. The time is not decided yet for all of this.

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As of now, there are release dates and timings for the international fans who want to read the manga in English translation. The availability will be on these dates and times, which are as follows:

  • 9 AM on Sunday at Pacific Time.
  • 11 AM on Sunday at Central Time.
  • Noon on Sunday at Eastern Time.
  • 5 PM on Sunday at British Time.


The spoilers for the Black Clover Manga Chapter 333 are out. You will find them below:

  • The title is “The Saviour and The Flaw of the World.”
  • “The most talented devil-host in the history of our family. Born with 2 souls in 1 body.”
  • Starts with a short flashback to Lucius, where you will see him looking at his siblings in Spade. Then you will see him in a temple-like thing looking at broken stone tablets.
  • ‘I’ve thought a lot…… about what we are and what we’re meant to accomplish.”
  • “Follow the highest ranking devil Astaroth of time magic and find the answer” (The text floating around the panel, most likely it is from the stone tablets)
  • Lucius-Julius inner-convo:
  • (“I’ve seen it, Julius. The future. The true peace of this world”)
  • (Lucius, this is..)
  • (Aah, I’ve seen you trying to stop me too.. You, the closest to me, didn’t understand)
  • (What are you doing, Lucius?)
  • (It’s fine, Julius. I’ve seen it all)
  • Lucius: I can reach the peace of this world.
  • Perhaps the reason why he couldn’t stop time for Asta is anti-magic. Lucius says ‘anti-magic…the power that defies reason.’
  • Scene back to Asta-Lucius. Lucius stops time for everyone except for the 2 of them.
  • Asta: “Wizard King… not? Who are you?” “The magic of the Wizard King… on a largescale!!!”
  • Lucius: “I’ve taken Lucifero in.”
  • Asta’s inner thought: “this like his..??? (thinks of Lucifero) “What do you mean maan?? You are the wizard king, but you are not … you’re a human, but you are not.. Who are who?? Where is the Wizard King??
  • Lucius: I’m the saviour of this world… Julius is dead.
  • Asta: “the WK is dead..?!”
  • Lucius: Julius had a mission for our ideals, to understand sadness, hatred, dispute, and no discrimination, for the sake of true peace.

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Lucius gives a speech on destroying all of humanity and rebuilding them with the magic of his siblings. So that all humanity becomes equal. He thinks of ruling them, so nothing goes wrong in the future.

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