App Development in Healthcare: 12 Exciting Facts

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Custom healthcare app development is on everyone’s lips these days. The pandemic has highlighted the need for healthcare application development services around the world, as software engineers, doctors, and governments all do their part to improve the health and wellbeing of the public. 

Interesting Facts About Custom Healthcare App Development 

If you own or are thinking of starting a custom medical software development company, you’ll love these interesting stats and facts about the industry. 

1. More than 350,000 apps 

There are more than 350,000 healthcare apps in the world available on the major app stores. This means an increase of over 25,000 apps in less than five years, including fitness apps. 

2. Healthcare Apps keep growing

The number of healthcare-related apps released on major app stores is increasing by 6% every year. Healthcare custom software development isn’t just focused on the public, though. Hospitals and private practitioners also use applications for record-keeping and to power diagnostic equipment. 

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3. Software development in Healthcare Industry Fuelling App Downloads

During the early days of the pandemic, health apps were downloaded 593 million times. By the second quarter of 2020, more than 656 million apps were downloaded. 

4. Tens of Thousands of Publishers

The need for healthcare development services is fuelling rapid growth in the sector, with close to 90,000 publishers releasing healthcare-related apps on the Play Store. 

5. Half a million Dollar Business

Healthcare custom software development isn’t a cheap business to get into. US development companies charge up to half a million dollars to build a simple healthcare-related app. This is why so many investors are offshoring software development services. 

6. Insurance is the Way to Go

Digital health practitioners believe that health insurance companies are the best way to get healthcare apps in the hands of consumers, as opposed to hospitals or doctors. Medical insurance companies offer great perks to their members for healthier living, including tracking your health through apps. 

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7. Fitness is the Biggest Market

Planet Fitness workouts are the most downloaded app in the USA, following widespread gym shutdowns during the lockdown. The app generated more than 900,000 downloads in 2021. The second most downloaded app was the Calm app, with 340,000 downloads. Stress is clearly a concern for the US!

8. Offshoring is Key

The expense of creating apps in the USA has led many companies to move medical app creation to destinations in other countries, including Ukraine and India. 

Android is the preferred medical app download platform, overtaking Apple in 2021. 

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10. Doctors Are Tech Savvy

Nearly 60% of doctors own tablets, and 85% own a smartphone. More than two-thirds of medical professionals have also completed some form of online or digital training course related to their field. 

11. A Ratings Boom

Patients are as eager to review the medical care they’ve received as they are when it comes to rating restaurants and movies. Nearly 9 billion dollars has been spent in the last few decades building rating software related to the medical industry. 

12. Mobile App Investment is Climbing

More than half a billion dollars is spent building mobile health apps every single year! That means that investors are recognizing how important mobile health apps are to both doctors and patients. 

Clearly, custom healthcare app development is a growing industry as patients and doctors campaign to improve services following the pandemic. Healthcare app development is an interesting industry that can be very rewarding for investors and software developers alike, and we can’t wait to see which new apps will hit the market in the next few years! 

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