5 Job Searching Sites that Will Help Land 6 figure Job

The modern job search imposes great responsibility on applicants. Several factors influence job search: a global economy shift, IT industry development, and automated applicant tracking processes. Landing a decent job becomes a challenging task.

Luckily, some services will help job seekers find 6 figure jobs and show their proficiency with excellence. This article overviews the best job-searching services that post job offers with 6 figure salaries.

Most Popular Six-Figure Salaries

It may seem that only executives may receive such a high paycheck. A six-figure salary indeed requires years of experience and an impeccable skills list. Yet, there are various options from which a job seeker can pick.

Non-medical six-figure salary jobs:

  • Pharmacist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Lawyer

Medical six-figure salary positions:

  • Surgeon
  • General Practitioner
  • Anesthesiologist

Six-figure jobs with no college requirement:

  • Plumber
  • Real estate broker
  • Startup or a small business owner

Remote positions with six-figure salaries:

  • Senior software engineer
  • Research Biologist
  • Supervisory Attorney

These lists are examples of specialists from different fields and backgrounds who can land a six-figure position on the job market. Determination and time are vital components of a successful job search. The following list will help with the nitty-gritty details.

Best Job Searching Platforms


If job seekers aim for a six-figure salary position, they already know about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best professional social network that unites recruiters and job seekers. The main feature of the network is the profile. A neat-looking profile is an excellent contribution to one’s career development.

The best way to score such a profile is to get professional help from a  linkedin profile writing service and receive a well-polished profile. Professional services will help find the right keywords for the necessary specialization. Besides, they will highlight the most relevant professional information about a candidate.

LinkedIn is a perfect tool for networking and self-promotion. Job seekers may demonstrate their expertise by being active in the network. Communication in professional groups and personal blogs contributes to a positive profile image. Direct applications for high-salary jobs are available for all users.

Yet, the basic functionality is limited in comparison to the premium version. Job seekers who paid for premium features have wider access to the platform’s search tools. It is a minor hindrance, and regular job seekers have their chance to score their dream job too. The job search may be a bit longer than for premium users.


Glassdoor is another renowned portal for job search. The company started its work in 2007, and it remains relevant nowadays. Transparency is Glassdor’s main feature. Job seekers can access several filters, such as salary range and companies’ ratings. It helps to find the best job position available.

Besides, Glassdoor features a reviews feature. It allows learning more about the companies, their corporate culture, and the feedback of regular workers and managers. This tool enables learning about the company firsthand. Job seekers may prepare for the interviews more efficiently. Besides, they will have honest opinions about the company they aim for.

As for downsides, Glassdoor’s functionality is limited. Besides reviews and job-searching tools, there are no advanced features. Glassdoor gives equal opportunities to people who apply there. Yet, the job search will be a struggle without decent preparation beforehand.

Find My Profession

Find My Profession is not exactly a job board with propositions, but still a helpful instrument in the six-figure job search. The resource provides job search coaching and all the necessary management services related to such job searches.

Professional career advice experts will help hone a candidate’s resume, cover letter, and applicant’s professional image. The resource itself will not find applications per se but will enhance the chances of landing the next six-figure position. In combination with other search tools, Find My Profession will shine.

The downside is that there are no free services. Job candidates have to be committed to landing a high-salary job. They should be ready to spend some of their savings to reach the desired position with Find My Profession.


Ladders is a service that concentrates strictly on six figures jobs. It features a ranking system that measures applicants’ education levels, qualifications, and other vital information. Besides, there are only six figures jobs on the platform. Job seekers can focus on landing the positions they are aiming for.

The platform has two plans: basic and premium. The basic plan allows for creating a profile and making its information visible to potential employers. The premium plan charges job seekers $25 per month and allows direct application to job positions.

Naturally, premium users have an advantage over regular clients. Yet, Ladders concentrates on high-paying job positions, and any presence on the resource will benefit a job seeker.

100K Crossing

100K Crossing is the most extensive collection of six-figure job positions available on the job market. The platform collects job offerings, career web pages, companies’ advertisements, etc. 100K Crossing collects job offerings from all over the world, from different industries and types of employment. If there is a six-figure position, it should be on 100K Crossing.


Besides, the platform has a user-friendly interface and search engine. Job seekers may filter companies by salary range, job industry, and location. The service is also completely free.


Yet, like many similar resources, 100K Crossing is just a board with vacancies. It does not provide any advanced features. Job seekers need to put extra time and effort into landing a six-figure job on this site.

Bottom Line

Searching for a six-figure salary job is a challenging task that will take time. Job seekers should be ready to invest in the job search to get decent results. All the resources from the list are equally valuable and relevant for the job search.

Find My Profession will increase the efficiency of job search and landing interviews. LinkedIn is irreplaceable for any professional of high qualifications. Ladders and 100K Crossing will give access to the best positions available. Application to all of the resources will significantly increase your chances of landing a six-figure job.

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