Top 3 Best VPNs for Streaming


Technological advancements have seen an unprecedented boost within the past couple of decades, and gadgets that were formerly considered a phenomenon of technology are going obsolete with each passing day.

Telephones are replaced by cell phones, traditional computers are replaced by movable laptops, and in the entertainment industry, the traditional TV and Cinema have shrunk into the pockets of general consumers in the form of streaming services and apps.

These apps are quite cost-effective and various providers now offer promotions on them. While on the other hand, many cable service providers now offer their own streaming apps to watch live TV.

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Gone are those days when there used to be Blockbuster stores on every other corner or block where you had to go to buy or rent your favorite film. Now with the streaming apps offered by cable providers like Cox Communications, users can not only watch their favorite films and shows through the on-demand content library but can also watch live TV on these apps. Customers can call on Cox customer service number to get more information on the Contour Streaming app.

Talking about streaming apps, we have countless of them today, some famous ones include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+ among various others that are fighting for supremacy in this ever-growing streaming scene.

These streaming services not only give value-added options for users to watch their favorite content from the comfort of their houses but is also a need of the hour, as many of us are still going through lockdowns and government restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic even after more than two years.

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In times when people can’t go to cinemas, the cinemas have come to people in the shape of streaming apps. Now there are billion-dollar deals inked between production houses and these streaming platforms regarding which platform their films are going to be released on.

What’s a VPN and how does it help in Streaming?

But, as there are numerous benefits to those streaming apps it comes with their fair share of disadvantages as well. The biggest one is censorship and the type of content limited to certain geographical regions.

The most recent example of this was that Disney+ services were not made available for certain Asian regions for straight two months while having launched services in UK and USA. But, there is a workaround for everything as long as you have the right tools and knowledge. And during this case, that tool came in the form of a VPN.

Virtual Private Network or to place it simply VPN. It’s an essential tool not only for entertainment purposes but for network security as well for those working from home. 

A VPN essentially hides your actual IP address with an additional layer of a dummy address that is located on an overseas server. This allows users to freely surf the web under the guise of anonymity and with an international IP users are able to access the content and websites that might not be available in their country or region.

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Similarly, hackers have a tough time intruding into a system that has a VPN in place as that makes the original IP hidden from any hacker or unauthorized user. Through this international IP, users can also access streaming content that might not be available in their own region.

Best VPNs for Streaming

Since there are too many VPNs today, a regular user can get easily confused regarding which one to go with. That is why we have created this list specifically keeping in mind the streaming requirements of a user. 

1) Nord VPN

If you are looking for a VPN specifically for streaming, you have probably heard about the NordVPN vs ExpressVPN battle. Both options are suitable for the task but Nord VPN is specifically marketed as a VPN for gaming and streaming.

That’s because one of the most important aspects in gaming is lag and connection stability and for streaming it’s the speed and reliability of the connection because it’s quite annoying to get the annoying buffering icon during an intense part of your favorite movie, with Nord VPN you’ll not face that problem. With servers in over 59 countries, you will always find a connection that’s optimal for you both in speed and stability.

2) Express VPN

One of the most common complaints of a typical VPN user including myself is that most of them are laggy if you’re facing a similar issue give Express VPN a shot, not only it’s one of the fastest VPN services out there but it’s one of the safest as well. Express VPN provides point-to-point encryption to its users so not only you can stream securely on it but you can pretty much access any streaming platform currently available.

Having a network of three thousand servers across 94 countries therefore the only thing you have to worry about is what content to watch and from which country because you’re going to have so many options that you can’t even imagine.

One of my particular favorite features of Express VPN is its Media Streamer option. This equips users to use Express VPN without an app, which in turn, allows any device to run the VPN service that originally can’t install or support a VPN app. This feature gives users an appropriate DNS that masks their original IP, which means all the fun of VPN without any of the fuss, and that for me is a win-win option.

3) Surfshark

Most users have multiple accounts on different platforms and one thing is needless to say, these subscriptions don’t come cheap. After paying for these accounts most users are left with little to nothing to spend on other amenities. For people like these, there’s Surfshark a bitsy, accessible, and cheap VPN service that gives you all the necessary options you need for a flawless streaming experience without breaking your bank.

Surfshark can be conveniently paired with any streaming platform like Netflix and provides optimal speeds. It also has a Smart DNS option that equips devices with VPN services that natively don’t allow VPNs, like gaming consoles. With all the top-notch VPN features that are described before in this list, Surfshark comes with an incredibly low price tag.


VPN is indeed a handy tool and every internet user must use a VPN in order to remain safe in this dangerous online world. Since VPN has such multipurpose options, it can act as a great help for users that are looking to explore content from all over the globe without any restrictions. So for such users, we have created this list containing the best VPNs that are optimal for a global streaming experience. 

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