Xiaomi Could Be Working On A Dynamic Island Rip-off Called “Smart Island”


The tech giant from China, Xiaomi, is currently working on bringing a Dynamic Island-type feature to the Androids.

Smart Island Is In Works:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on social media and the internet, it tells that there will be a rip-off of Apple iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island is currently in the works. It will be coming for Android phones. Xiaomi is putting Smart Island to work and rolling it out for their smartphones to compete with the latest Dynamic Island from Apple.

Last month, Apple surprised the whole tech world by dropping their flagships with the most highlighted feature, Dynamic Island. With this, they introduced the very first Always-On display iPhone with satellite connectivity. The new design got some praise from the tech world, and many potential buyers placed their orders for the new phone.

Moreover, most Android manufacturers started to copy what Apple showed in their keynote. Xiaomi’s very own theme developer is currently working on a Dynamic Island-style notification area for Android devices that are running Xiaomi’s very own MIUI skin that is based on AndroidOS.

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The new theme is currently under review by Xiaomi, and it is reported to be known as Grumpy UT. It is entirely in the Chinese language. It is still unknown if this feature will support English or any other language once it is approved by Xiaomi and if it will be available for other users except Xiaomi devices’ owners.

There were some speculations that suggested that Xiaomi’s upcoming Redmi K60 smartphone will be shipping with a Dynamic Island-style feature. It will be known as Smart Island.

There are some discussions out there after Xiaomi China’s President Lu Weibing replied to a fellow user on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, asking them if users ‘really need a smart island’ on their Xiaomi phones.

This question came right after the user requested China’s tech giant, Xiaomi, to bring the iPhone 14 Pro’s headline design feature to the company’s Redmi K60 smartphone. Most of the users who replied to the thread agreed with the fact that the similar feature would add an attraction to the new smartphone.

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A little about the Dynamic Island feature:

The Cupertino-based company, Apple, rolled out the latest Pro variant of their iPhone 14 lineup with an incredible Dynamic Island feature. This feature lets you minimize the app’s doing their tasks but in a little punch-type hole on your phone’s screen. You will see tasks that your phone is currently doing on that camera cut-out.

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