Web-based Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation

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Sultan Mamyraliyev was born in Kazakhstan and educated in Beijing University of Science and Technology. He got a bachelor’s degree in Automation Engineering. In his country he was involved in the first Compressed Natural Gas filling stations project in history of independent Kazakhstan. Mission of “AutoGasAlmaty” LLC (subsidiary of Kazakh “QazaqGaz” and South Korean “Kolon” corporation) completely coincide with Sultan’s views on modern fuel and reducing emissions.

While working on both hardware and software systems, Sultan gained unique experience and he started studying IT/coding and industrial automation at “Siemens”. Later in 2018 the need for enhanced English and technical skills brought him to USA.

In order to get the right to work and develop his knowledge of the specialty in the USA, Sultan took the Software Quality Assurance course in the Portnov Computer School, CA. For more effective study and interaction with colleagues, he completed the ESL class at ASA College, NYC and began to gain experience in various projects. Sultan Mamyraliyev did not stop. He took many more Software Quality Assurance and even AI related courses on online platforms. Since then, Sultan had a chance to work on multiple projects including a full-time SQA Engineer position in one of the largest global professional services companies – Cognizant Technology Solutions.

A more effective cooperation with other businesses and engineering companies, Sultan Mamyraliyev created his own one, AskSultanOnline LLC, where he is president for now. Sultan believes that it is very important to improve the process of development of software so that problems can be prevented before they become a major issue. At present, his company implements 2 main areas of consulting:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Web-based Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation

His immediate plans also include Testing AI and IoT projects. These areas of consultation are relevant due to development of modern technologies. Sultan Mamyraliyev pays particular attention to small businesses. “Unlike large corporations, small businesses, which form a significant portion of the US GDP and employment, often face challenges accessing top-tier IT consulting and solutions. My diverse experiences have endowed me with a wealth of knowledge, which I share with small and medium-sized businesses in the software development industry. As a software quality assurance specialist, I aim to enlighten potential clients and partners about Software Quality Assurance through my website, https://consultan.tech/, offering practical insights on software quality assurance. I focus on tried-and-true tools and strategies with real-world applications. Through the blog, I present real-world cases, allowing readers to learn from successes and challenges and equipping them with invaluable perspectives for their ventures.”

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