Unveiling the Art of Typing: The Mechanical Keyboard Revolution

Welcome to the world of Dustsilver, a brand built on the belief that keyboards shouldn’t just be functional, they should be delightful companions for your creative journey.

Founded in 2020, Dustsilver brings a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality to the world of mechanical keyboards, with a special focus on designs that cater to a love for all things cute and charming.

The Magic of Mechanical Keys: Beyond Just Typing

While mechanical keyboards have long been prized for their satisfying typing experience, Dustsilver recognizes them as more than just tools. Our keyboards are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, boasting:

  • Aesthetics that sing: We go beyond basic functionality, offering keyboards in a variety of styles and colors. From soft pastels to vibrant kawaii themes, there’s a Dustsilver keyboard to match your unique personality.
  • Sounds that Sooth: Our keyboards feature high-quality switches meticulously chosen to deliver a delightful typing experience. Each keystroke feels smooth and responsive, with a satisfying “clack” that’s music to the ears of any typing enthusiast.
  • Performance You Can Trust: Dustsilver keyboards are built to last. We use top-notch materials and thoughtful layouts to ensure a comfortable and efficient typing experience, no matter what you’re working on.

A Journey Through Innovation: Dustsilver’s Story

Dustsilver’s story began in 2020, as an offshoot of Vograce, a leading animation peripheral manufacturer. Recognizing the growing interest in personalized and trendy keyboards, Dustsilver took the international market by storm in 2021.

Over the years, we’ve consistently pushed boundaries and embraced innovation:

  • 2022: We launched a groundbreaking miniaturized keyboard, perfect for those who love space-saving cuteness.
  • 2023: With a focus on user-centric design, we secured original patents for keyboards that are not just beautiful, but also perfectly suited to real-world needs.
  • 2024: Our dedication to refining technology means Dustsilver keyboards are now a popular choice for all desk setups, big or small.
  • 2025: As technology advances, Dustsilver keyboards are evolving beyond typing tools. We’re developing original peripherals to create a seamless and delightful experience for diverse creative workflows.

Meet Ctrl, Your Kawaii Keyboard Companion

Dustsilver isn’t just about keyboards; it’s about a community of passionate creators. That’s why we have Ctrl, our adorable one-year-old mascot named after the essential keyboard key.

Ctrl embodies our mission to make typing a fun and joyful experience, injecting even the most basic keystrokes with a touch of magic.

Empowering Creators, One Kawaii Keystroke at a Time

At Dustsilver, we believe that Kawaii keyboards are more than just tools. They are companions that can empower global keyboard enthusiasts to:

  • Simplify Office Work: Let our keyboards take the tedium out of everyday tasks, making your workday a breeze.
  • Fuel Competitive Spirit: Whether you’re gaming or working on a deadline, Dustsilver keyboards give you the edge you need to perform at your best.
  • Unlock Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with keyboards that inspire and delight.
  • Connect with Others: Join a vibrant community of keyboard enthusiasts who share your passion for all things clicky-clacky and cute.
  • Embrace the Joy of Learning: Make learning a fun and rewarding experience with a keyboard that’s as delightful to use as it is functional.

Ready to Dive into the World of Cute Mechanical Keyboards?

Dustsilver is your one-stop shop for all things Cute mechanical keyboards, especially if you have a soft spot for kawaii aesthetics.

Explore our wide range of keyboards, find the perfect one to match your style, and join our community of passionate creators. With Dustsilver, every keystroke is a celebration of creativity and cuteness!


Empowering Creators, One Adorable Keystroke at a Time

At Dustsilver, we believe that keyboards are more than just tools. They are companions that can empower global keyboard enthusiasts to achieve a variety of goals:

  • Simplify Office Work: Let the satisfying clicks and clacks of your Dustsilver keyboard transform tedious tasks into a rhythmic experience. With a keyboard that’s as delightful to use as it is functional, you’ll find yourself breezing through your workday.
  • Fuel Competitive Spirit: Whether you’re dominating the online battlefield or racing against deadlines, Dustsilver keyboards provide the responsiveness and precision you need to perform at your peak. The delightful tactile feedback and smooth keystrokes will keep you focused and in the zone.
  • Unlock Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with a keyboard that inspires you. Dustsilver’s vibrant colors and playful themes can spark new ideas and fuel your creative endeavors. The joy of typing on a keyboard you love can unlock a world of creative possibilities.
  • Connect with Others: Dustsilver isn’t just about keyboards; it’s about a vibrant community. Join a passionate group of creators who share your love for all things kawaii and clicky-clacky. Share your keyboard setups, typing experiences, and creative projects, and discover a world of inspiration and camaraderie.

The Future of Dustsilver: Where Cuteness Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Dustsilver is committed to continuous innovation, ensuring their keyboards stay at the forefront of the mechanical keyboard industry. Here’s a glimpse into what the future holds:

  • Evolving Form Factors: Dustsilver is constantly exploring new keyboard layouts and functionalities. Imagine ergonomic keyboards that prioritize comfort for long typing sessions, or wireless keyboards with extended battery life for on-the-go creativity.
  • Customizable Kawaii Delights: Dustsilver understands that personalization is key. The future might hold the ability to create custom keycap designs or lighting effects, allowing you to craft a keyboard that’s truly unique and reflects your individual style.
  • Integration with Creative Workflows: Imagine seamless integration between your Dustsilver keyboard and your favorite creative software. Macros and shortcuts tailored to specific programs could streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.
  • The Rise of N+ Peripherals: Dustsilver isn’t just about keyboards anymore. The future might see the development of a range of kawaii peripherals, like matching mice and mousepads, creating a complete and aesthetically pleasing desktop ecosystem.


Dustsilver is more than just a brand; it’s a community of passionate creators who believe that a little bit of cuteness can go a long way. Whether you’re a seasoned keyboard enthusiast or just starting your mechanical keyboard journey, Dustsilver has something to offer you.


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