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Discord‘s versatility as a communication platform in 2023 is unparalleled. Originating as a platform for gamers, it has since evolved into a hub for communities of all kinds, from business groups to book clubs. 

A popular trend today is the monetization of Discord servers through subscriptions, where users pay a fee to access exclusive content or communities. The challenge for many is the perceived complexity of this monetization process. 

Enter – a platform simplifying the process of creating a premium gated Discord community. 

If you haven’t already created your Discord server – you can read our article on how to create and manage a Discord server.

Let’s explore how to get started:

Step 1: Setting up a Whop Account

Before diving into the monetization process, it’s essential to have an account with Whop.


  • Visit’s Sell on Discord page.
  • Click the “Start Selling” button.
  • Set up your company.
  • Define your business category.
  • Decide on a subscription price for users. This can range from daily, monthly, to annual charges.
  • Customize your brand identity with a slogan and logo.

Step 2: Choose your Perks and Integrate Whop

With your company registered on Whop, it’s time to define the services or perks for which members will be paying.

Types of Perks:

  • Discord roles for special access or titles
  • Exclusive content
  • Links to resources or other platforms
  • Software access or discounts

For Discord server monetization, you will be using the Whop Bot to facilitate Discord role perks, providing users with access to special Discord channels, bots, or expert sessions.

Step 3: Leveraging to Whop Discord Bot

Whop’s Discord Bot is a game-changer. This bot automates the role distribution process based on payments or other triggers. 

This ensures that your server remains organized, and subscribers get instant access to the content or roles they’ve paid for. 

It’s an invaluable tool for server owners aiming to streamline operations and enhance user experience.

Step 4: Activate Stripe Payments

To begin receiving payments, integrating Stripe is crucial.


  • Sign up on the Stripe website.
  • Link your Stripe account to your Whop Business account. If you’re unfamiliar with Stripe, Whop has a straightforward guide to connect them.

Step 5: Promote, Promote, Promote!

The success of your paid Discord community is largely influenced by its visibility.


  • Share the server link with friends or family who might find it interesting.
  • Utilize social media platforms. Share content that aligns with your server’s theme and subtly plug in your Discord link.

Monetizing your passion and creating a thriving community on Discord has never been easier, thanks to platforms like Whop. 

Whether you’re a fan of books, gaming, business strategies, or art, there’s a space for you to grow and benefit. Ready to embark on this journey? Dive into Whop today and watch your community flourish.

Read on for a bonus guide to monetising your Discord server:

5 Ways to Monetise Your Discord Community

#1 Offer Exclusive Content and Channels

Tiered Access

Implement a tiered system where basic access is free, but premium channels with specialized content, VIP discussions, or exclusive events require a subscription fee.

Expert Sessions 

Host exclusive webinars, Q&A sessions, or AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with industry experts or influencers. These sessions can be limited to paying subscribers.

Leverage Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Branded Channels

Partner with relevant brands or businesses to sponsor a channel. For instance, if you run a gaming server, a gaming accessory brand might sponsor a channel where they can offer exclusive deals or run contests.

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Share affiliate links of products or services that align with the interests of your community. Ensure transparency by informing your users that you earn a commission from these links. Whop has a built in affiliate system, so you can find affiliates to use in the marketplace – or get people to share their own affiliate links for your paid server!

#3 Implement a Robust Role System

Special Roles for Supporters

Offer specialized roles for members who donate or subscribe. These roles can have special privileges, such as increased voice chat limit, access to beta features, or unique emojis. You can set this up using Whop.

Role-based Content Access

Limit some content to users based on their roles. For instance, you could have exclusive channels for certain roles, ensuring that only those who’ve invested can access them.

#4 Host Paid Events or Workshops

Tournaments or Contests

If it’s a gaming server, consider hosting tournaments with an entry fee. For other communities, host relevant contests (e.g., art contests in an art server).


Host workshops that provide value to your community. For instance, a server centered around digital marketing might host a workshop on SEO best practices.

#5 Sell Merchandise and Digital Goods

Custom Emojis and Stickers

Design unique emojis and stickers related to your server’s theme. Offer these as part of a subscription package or for one-time purchases.

Merch Store

If your server has a large, dedicated following, consider selling merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or posters with custom designs or catch phrases related to your community.


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