3 Tips To Make Your Airbnb One To Return To With Technology

Everyday technology can prove helpful and make your life easier; when running an Airbnb, it’s essential not to overlook the everyday tech devices that could take your space from an excellent stay to a must-return to a hot spot. If you want people to book your space fully, check out these three tips!

1. Think Of Everything That Could Go Wrong

It might sound a little dramatic, but thinking of everything that could go wrong for your guests while they stay at your property is a great place to start; if you’ve pre-empted some potentially stressful situations and (most importantly) catered for them, then your clients will barely notice any inconveniences.

For example, imagine that while your guests are staying at your space, there’s a power outage. Maybe your property is in a black-out-prone zone. Even if not, catering for that eventuality will mean that your guests don’t have to panic or even contact you to help if help is already in the building. That’s why buying portable solar generators would be an excellent investment for your property.

If there were any need for extra power, your clients would have help at hand. If it’s important to you that their stay is as environmentally friendly and physically comfortable as possible, you can store the solar energy before their visit so they’re using clean energy with peace of mind.

2. Make Your Home Homely

Making an Airbnb feel as comfortable as a home is essential to making your customers feel like they never want to leave, and when they do, they give you a 5-star review. However, one study demonstrates a positivity problem in star-rating reviews, so you want to go above and beyond for your guests so that they leave you with positive written reviews to back up the star rating. You could supply your home with:

  • Smart speakers
  • Wireless chargers
  • A Digital Guide to the area (that clients can access on their phones)
  • Large TV with as many streaming platforms as possible

3. Little Amenities Make A Big Difference

You want to ensure your clients can see the care and attention that has gone into their stay. By examining the arguments for hotel stays vs. vacation stays, you can determine what elements of a hotel stay you can offer your guests to combine the personal and the professional.

Could you think about the more minor things? Yes, you could offer some free coffee and tea, but can you also install a coffee machine? Do you have stylish lamps to do reading at night easily? Or could you install an in-shower shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispenser? Your Airbnb will be greener while offering nice-smelling amenities.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial that once your clients have left, they’re itching to write you a good review. While it’s true that you still need an immaculate space and excellent customer service, these three tips will see you transform your property from a standard Airbnb to one genuinely worth all the 5-star reviews.


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