85-Inch QLED TV: The Key to Cinema-Like Home Entertainment

While the TV didn’t exactly kill the cinema star, many of us prefer to curl up at our favourite sofa spot (Sheldon knew what he was on about!) and binge-watch our favourite shows while munching on delicious, freshly made buttery popcorn. Having a world of options thanks to streaming platforms certainly has a way of keeping us well-entertained in the comfort of our homes, but it’s with the advanced technology at our disposal that all the magic happens.

The incredible quality that provides crisp images with cinematic detail and lifelike colours is within easy reach for us now, what with top-notch brands like Hisense, TCL, and Samsung releasing their stunning 85-inch QLED design TVsutilising quantum dot technology. Unlike OLEDs, these televisions are created to deliver higher colour purity, with some advanced models being able to reproduce up to 93% of nature’s visible colours. Talk about the type of TV that brings the image to life!

If this wasn’t enough, the 85-inch models you can find at retail stores are available in both 4K and 8K resolutions, with the latter, of course, being the newer, more advanced of the two and, as expected, more expensive. Although the 8K comes with more pixels, which results in a truly immersive viewing experience, you can still do well with the 4K, as it too has something to offer: exceptional clarity.

Why Spend on a QLED in 85 Inches?

Because it’s the kind of luxury you should treat yourself to if you want to get a truly captivating and entertaining experience whenever watching TV, much like what you get at the cinema.

For the Exceptional Image

Thanks to the bigger number of pixels (both horizontal and vertical) in a 4K 85-inch QLED or even an 8K, you can get a better resolution no matter which part of the room your favourite viewing spot is, so the whole family can count on a cinematic-like outcome altogether. To give you an idea, the viewing angle is about 178 degrees, and you get this with the least amount of space possible, all thanks to the pixels I mentioned.

In the end, it’s all worth it as it would add to your film time, and not only that, given that many gamers agree the screen makes for clear and detailed imaging, game time would become more special too.

Surprisingly (or not), the Size

Don’t think your living room is too small for this size; with screens getting bigger and bigger in recent years, it’s not at the expense of quality. So, if you think about it, it’s not that big of a screen altogether. Moreover, unlike previous designs, the advanced design of a TV of this size makes it possible to sit closer than you think, and the secret lies in the base—it’s a huge one. A QLED 85-inch TV is right at home in a room that can fit in a device that weighs more (think at least 40 kg without the stand) and comes in a size of 185×107 cm.

Be sure to keep this in mind; measure up and see if your old TV unit can stand up to the weight or if you’d have to opt for wall-mounting instead, which could require some extra help from a professional. This can be said about any room, not specifically the living room; as long as you can provide that much space for that big of a screen, it can fit right in the bedroom, the home office, or even an open-layout living room. Even better if you can create your home theatre that can be reserved for all the streaming and entertainment.

For the Incredible Features

The 85-inch QLED screens are famous for the higher refresh rate too, and HDMI2.1 is crucial for displaying the refresh rates and making for a smooth viewing experience, especially useful with gaming. HDR (high dynamic range) support is another essential component of these advanced TVs responsible for creating lifelike images with precise details even in drastic light variations from bright to dark and vice versa, with the whites being truly bright, and the blacks being truly dark.

What’s also responsible for the unmatched image quality can be found in the image stabiliser and part at the back of the TV too, specifically with the graphic processor, which makes sure you get the quality you want straight from the cable or satellite. What sets it apart from regular TV chipsets is the reliable power you can be certain of, as well as the hardware support. The upscaling makes it possible to watch old FHD pictures without any issue, as these TV sets are designed to automatically convert them to HD.

So, if you plan on watching some non-HD content, like your favourite old films and shows, you can rest assured the picture will be as expected—or even much better than you’ve previously seen it! And then, the incredible sound is guaranteed with the 85-inch QLED TV which is the last piece of the puzzle that makes for an unforgettable cinematic-like experience in the comfort of your home.

For the Premium Sound

Depending on the brand you choose, you’re likely to get a model with a surround sound system included with powerful speakers and a subwoofer, providing you with crisp and clear sounds that further add to the experience. Even if you get one that doesn’t come with this rich system, you could always get a separate speaker bar and get the desired outcome. With sound results much better than traditional TV sets, you can count on a more stable volume that doesn’t require you to sit with the remote all the time while watching something just to increase or lower the volume.

For the Offers

As TV and streaming technologies are constantly upgraded, things are changing quickly when it comes to the amount of money you can expect to pay to get quality that matches that of cinemas. What was previously thought of as a luxury few could afford is now within reach of many, what with new releases from premium brands and offers on the best of the best of 85-inch QLED screens at trusted retailers, so you too can stay up to date with the tech stuff without having to break your bank.


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