Tech Tips that All Business Owners Should Know in 2023

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Consumers today are increasingly concerned about their online security. Many worry that an online security threat could target their household, impacting their finances, putting their sensitive personal information at risk, and more. Their worry is justified, cybercrime costs victims around the world billions every year, according to some sources.

For businesses, few things are more important in today’s climate than ensuring their customers’ digital security while shopping or doing business with them. Revolutionizing your business’ digital experience for your customers can help increase sales—but only when it goes hand in hand with a safe and secure digital experience.

Ready to help your business improve its digital security, and in turn improve the customer experience? Keep reading to learn a few tech tips all business owners should know in 2022.

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1. Create a Culture of Security and Awareness

Phishing scams are getting more and more stealthy each year, as well as more common. By the end of 2022, it is estimated that more than 6 billion phishing attacks will have occurred.

While awareness of phishing attacks is increasing, a large percentage of phishing emails are still being opened, and too many employees report that they have ignored phishing prevention best practices to click a dangerous link, download a file, or otherwise expose personal data.

Establishing a culture of security and hosting regular training or providing updates to employees to educate them on common scams can go a long way toward protecting your business.

Even weekly newsletters sharing some common phishing emails making their way around can help your employees to be more aware. You should also educate your workforce on the steps that they can take if they think that they’ve fallen victim. Acting quickly can sometimes help to reduce the impact of a scam or attack.

2. Invest in PKI Management

PKI, or public key infrastructure, is a framework of digital certificates that help verify the owner of a website or other digital entity. Your business needs these certificates because they help search engines and even your customers verify that your site is safe to browse. But digital security certificates also need to be updated and monitored in order to do their jobs properly. 

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This is where PKI management comes in. Besides saving small business owners or the IT teams of larger companies’ time and resources that would otherwise be spent managing these security certificates, PKI management can also help your business increase your digital security.

3. Run Regular Updates

Running updates on computers, smartphones, tablets, and software can seem time-consuming and unnecessary, especially to busy business owners or management. But failing to run any available updates could be putting your business’ security at risk.

Many software updates include changes designed to help protect your device or program from new cyber attacks. While waiting to run an update doesn’t necessarily mean that you will automatically fall victim to the attack, it does increase your chances.

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Implementing The Top Tech Tips

Improving your business’s digital security is the first — and perhaps the most important — step in improving your customers’ digital experience with you. Without taking the necessary steps to protect your customers, they won’t get the chance to have a positive experience with your digital tools or offerings. But implementing these tech tips is a small thing that you can do that will have a big impact on your company’s digital security.

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