How Do Recruitment Assessment Tools Help in Making Unbiased Recruitment Decisions?


No matter how many hiring memes on social media make us laugh, hiring is not a game. One of the biggest obstacles a hiring manager must overcome is unconscious bias. Most of the time, these biases stem from a lack of awareness and hence are difficult to detect but potent in damaging a firm’s reputation and financial growth. 

According to a Deloitte study, organizations with inclusive cultures have a 120% higher chance of meeting their financial goals and being more creative. So, is it possible to overcome the hindrance to an organization’s growth? Definitely, Yes! And the best bet is Recruitment Assessment Tools

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So, what is unconscious bias?

Throughout the employment process, unconscious bias arises when a choice is made regarding a candidate based on outward appearances. Or if you choose to support a particular candidate over another based on how well you believe you would get along with them in your personal life.

A candidate’s name, location, or even the picture on their resume may have a greater impact on you. 

Even if, in our conscious minds, we would consider that action to be inconsistent with our values, unconscious or implicit bias is the mental process that leads us to act in ways that perpetuate stereotypes. 

Simply said, unconscious bias influences factors unrelated to the job a candidate is applying for on your decision, for better or worse.

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Why should you be unbiased in hiring?

Unconscious bias harms both the firm and the people who make the decisions. It is because it results in a less diversified workplace.

People from various racial, socioeconomic, gendered, and sexual orientations bring something fresh to the table. The effectiveness of businesses is increased when individuals with various perspectives, ideas, and experiences are included in decision-making processes. The diversity within a business encourages deliberate strategic planning, innovation, and improved problem-solving.

A bias-free hiring procedure will attract top talent and build a workforce with excellent performance. However, a company’s bottom line might also suffer from the lack of diversity resulting from unintended bias. That’s when Candidate assessment tools come into play. 

Addressing Unconscious Bias in Hiring with Recruitment Assessment Tools

Before employing a candidate, Pre-employment assessment tools determine their strengths and shortcomings in key areas. The Recruitment Assessment Tools can be used in several contexts to assess various skills, including personality traits, academic accomplishment, and linguistic ability. 

The pre-employment assessment tests range from Job knowledge tests to integrity tests, personality and aptitude tests, skill assessments, or one-way video interviews. But, how do they help remove bias in your hiring process? Let’s know in detail!

  • It helps compare candidates instead of judging:

Due to the standardization of aptitude and professional evaluations, it is possible to get quick, unbiased conclusions about suitability in hiring with Recruitment Assessment Tools. To swiftly and easily compare the abilities of each candidate, you can use a streamlined dashboard. Testlify lets you check the overall results or focus on a particular candidate for additional testing.

  • Fosters teamwork:

The right candidate assessment tools will allow you to ascertain whether an applicant possesses the skills you believe are essential for success in your business. Using this technique, you can identify candidates who will be able to start working in their new jobs right away and those who are quick learners and quick adopters of workplace changes. Additionally, it will simplify your current task and affect future teamwork.

  • Shortlist the potential candidates:

Pre-employment assessment tools allow you to learn about opportunities faster than if you had to go through each résumé by hand. A pre-employment assessment tool will simplify testing, grading, and reporting by centralizing and standardizing each process. Shortlisting individuals who are a better fit gets simpler as a result.

  • Puts focus on insights:

Pre-employment testing provides useful information for making fact-based recruiting decisions using a data-driven strategy. Employers are becoming increasingly aware that unconscious prejudice has no place in a fair and effective hiring process. And the uniformity rendered by recruitment assessment tools improves the hiring process further! 

  • It helps filter out the best one:

Pre-employment assessment tools allow you to create an evaluation process specific to your company and job role. Likewise, you can guarantee that your Recruitment Assessment Tools fairly assesses the important characteristics you seek to find.

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Final Thoughts:

Unconscious bias cannot be eliminated, but by empowering your business with the right recruitment assessment tools, you can significantly reduce its impact on the hiring process.

Your staff needs to be future-worthy. Interviews and CVs are out-of-date. And Testlify is here to help you with that! With Testlify, you can hire the top candidates without using all of your brain power and without any opportunity for bias! Make your hiring process more unbiased with Testlify. Book a demo today!

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