The List of Top IT Scholarships in 2023


Every year, thousands of IT students study for free in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies at the best universities through scholarships and grants. American and European governments and universities provide financial assistance to students with great academic achievement, special merit, and leadership qualities, as well as those who cannot afford to pay for their studies.

We have collected IT scholarships and grants from the most popular educational institutions. And if you read this article to the end, you will know that these are not all financial assistance programs that you can count on!

Before we move on to scholarships, you should understand that the selection process of all universities is quite rigorous. For example, many ask for a high GPA and an essay about why you are a good candidate.

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UCL Global Undergraduate Scholarship

  • The place: University College London
  • Level of study: bachelor’s degree
  • Size: 100% tuition coverage

Every year, University College London, one of the leading British universities, provides 30 full scholarships for students from low-income families. To receive a scholarship, you must meet the entrance requirements and prove that your family income is below a certain level. You can find out more about this here. In addition to tuition fees, the scholarship can also cover living expenses in London.

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Glasgow International Leadership Scholarships

  • Where: University of Glasgow
  • Applicants’ level of study: Master’s degree
  • Size: £10,000

The scholarship is available to IT students admitted to any Master’s degree program, with the exception of research programs. The university distributes grants to new students based on their academic performance and leadership qualities.

International Ambassador Scholarships 

  • The place: University of West London
  • Level of study: undergraduate and graduate
  • Size: £5,000

The program provides financial assistance to international students with academic achievement in IT who want to be ambassadors of the university.

All international students of all university undergraduate and graduate programs can take part in the scholarship competition. The scholarship reduces the cost of 1st-year tuition by £5,000.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

  • Where: University of Bristol
  • Applicants’ level of study: undergraduate and graduate
  • Size: £5,000-20,000

Scholarships from the University of Bristol are awarded to the best international undergraduate and graduate students in all fields except medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine.

Undergraduate scholarships are available in the amount of £5,000 and £10,000 per annum, while Master’s is available at £5,000, £10,000, and £20,000 per annum. To receive a scholarship, you need to have high academic performance and submit an online application on the university website.

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Rhodes Global Scholarships

  • Where: Oxford University
  • Level of study: master’s and doctoral studies
  • Amount: 100% tuition coverage + £17,310 on additional payments

The scholarship fully covers the cost of studying at Oxford University, insurance, air travel, accommodation (£17,310 per year), and other expenses. The scholarship is open to a Master’s or Ph.D. student aged 18 to 27 with high academic achievement and excellent command of the English language.


  • Where: various universities in Germany
  • Level of study: undergraduate and graduate
  • Size: €300 per month

The scholarship is awarded to foreigners of all nationalities with high academic achievement, active citizenship, and extracurricular achievements. Students of any university and any specialty can receive a scholarship. Read more articles on education on our blog.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships for International Students

  • Where: various universities in Germany
  • Level of study: master’s and doctoral studies
  • Size: full living expenses

The scholarship can be obtained by students of various German universities with high academic performance, a German language level of at least B2, and an active civic and political position.

The sponsoring fund gives preference to women, representatives of national minorities, people from dysfunctional families, and the disabled. The scholarship will not cover IT tuition fees.

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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

  • Where: various universities in Germany
  • Level of study: bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctoral studies
  • Amount: €744 per month + additional €300 per month + €71 for health insurance + €155 per month for students with children

The scholarship fund supports talented foreigners with high academic performance and active social and political positions who want to study at universities and technical colleges throughout Germany. The applicant must have a good command of the German language and a bright personality.

DAAD Scholarship

  • Where: various universities in Germany
  • Level of study: magistracy
  • Amount: €850 per month + additional payments

The scholarship can be obtained by a foreign student of any nationality who enters (or is already studying) a master’s program in any specialty at any of the universities in Germany.

In addition to a monthly payment of €850, the scholarship also covers insurance, the cost of a flight to Germany and back, and in some cases, living expenses in Germany while studying.

ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarships

  • The place: European School of Management and Technology (ESMAT)
  • Level of study: MBA
  • Size: €15,000

The ESMAT Scholarship is for girls of any nationality applying for an MBA program. The school awards scholarships to high-performing students who score over 700 on the GMAT exam.

Michael Smurfit MBA Scholarship

  • The place: University College Dublin
  • Level of study: MBA
  • Size: up to 100% tuition coverage

University College Dublin awards full scholarships to the best students enrolled in the MBA program. To receive a scholarship, you need to have high academic performance, as well as work experience and professional achievements. In addition, you need to score more than 700 points on the GMAT or more than 149 points on the Executive Assessment (EA).

UCD Global Excellence Scholarships

  • The place: University College Dublin
  • Level of study: undergraduate and graduate
  • Size: 50% or 100% tuition coverage

The scholarship is open to non-EU undergraduate and graduate students who meet all entry requirements and have high academic achievement, leadership qualities, and extracurricular achievements. The scholarship does not apply to students of online programs.

Choose the right scholarship for you, and good luck!

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