Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft PowerPoint

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microsoft PowerPoint

No one is a stranger to extensive use of Microsoft PowerPoint in offices, schools, businesses let alone homes. Every field demands convincing presentation slides that only Microsoft PowerPoint can originate. Even if the presentation is corrupted, it can be repaired by PowerPoint Repair Tool

Microsoft PowerPoint is considered an accessible and widely used tool for professional, educational and personal purposes. With its appealing graphics and easy-to-handle style, this program leads the race for the most popular software application. 

However, every benefit comes with a price. Microsoft PowerPoint retains disadvantages along with numerous advantages. The costly program, technical difficulties, and high-risk virus attacks may prove inconvenient for many users. 

Let us go through the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint with the intent that you can maximize the efficiency of your presentation. 

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint? 

What Is Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program included in MS Office 365. This program uses graphics, videos, text fonts, audio, animations, and transitions to make the presentation more appealing and interactive. The slides can be shared and collaborated among the users. 

Research by Statista indicates the number of active Microsoft users has almost doubled in the Covid-19 endemic from 150 million users in 2021 to 270 million users in 2022. 

Background of Microsoft PowerPoint 

It was first developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at a software company Forethought Inc, with the name presenter in 1987. After three months, Microsoft acquired the presenter for $14 million and renamed it PowerPoint. The updated version of this program kept getting better and now it’s available for windows, smartphones, or tablets, carrying thousands of interesting features.

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How to Use Microsoft PowerPoint? 

Using PowerPoint is easier than you think! You need a good choice of words and a visual aid that complement your ideas. And the deal is yours. 

Here is a complete beginner’s guide to using Microsoft PowerPoint efficiently: 

If you are on your windows, you can download the free version of Office 365 and select the PowerPoint app. 

Then you can select from different designer layouts, title patterns, visual styles, and many more. Most of the brilliant features are included in the free version as below. But if you are up to a profitable presentation then do look for the paid version.

visual styles

For precise guide to preparing PowerPoint Presentation, do read below.

How to Make a Presentation with PowerPoint?

The step-to-step guide to making the most intriguing presentation:

    Open Microsoft PowerPoint and select new presentation.
    Select a designer layout from the right corner.
    Add your presentation title and subtitle on the first slide.
subtitle on the first slide
    Insert new slides by clicking on the left corner.
Insert new slides
    Consider the text and font ideas you want to include. Keep the text short within a slide.
text and font ideas
    Add images or audio by clicking ‘insert’ and then the ‘picture’ or ‘audio’ option.
    Add appealing transitions and animation with the button at the upper corner.
    Review various slideshow patterns and in the end, save your presentation.
save your presentation

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Advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

High Customization 

Microsoft PowerPoint offers high customization with various designer layouts and interactive templates. There is a wide variety of creative options available. You can add interesting text fonts and patterns. 

Export Options

You can save your presentation in .png or .jpg format. You can download a pdf or a document file of the presentation and even animated gifs. It is highly useful if you have run out of space on your application. You can download the presentation on the USB Drive. 

Multimedia Facility 

Visual learning is often considered better. In this regard, Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to add images, animated gifs, videos, graphics, and audio to your presentation. This keeps the presentation engaging and practical. 

Easy to Use 

Microsoft PowerPoint is considered one of the easiest tools in the presentation world. A beginner can master its skills within a few days. You just have to select a suitable template, theme, and text font. You may add multimedia. And Microsoft PowerPoint will award you an amazing presentation. 

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Virtual Use

You don’t necessarily need your laptop or smartphone on which you edited the presentation to view it. You can log in to your account from virtually any other device. Furthermore, you can access your presentation anywhere after storing it on the USB drive. 

Collaborative Features

Microsoft PowerPoint adopted a lot of features in the lockdown and collaboration solution is one of them. Now multiple users can work on the same presentation. They can view or edit the slides without sharing them. 

Multiple Uses

About 89% of people use Microsoft PowerPoint to make presentations. But surprisingly, it offers a lot more uses than that. It is used in making brochures, banners, flyers, resumes, gifs, videos, invitations, collages, logos, and far more. 

Disadvantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

Potential Cost

Even though the free version offers most of the features you can use to make a decent presentation. But for professional use, you have to buy an annual subscription. It may prove costly software for the users. 

Source of Distraction 

The presentation can be a source of distraction if the listener focuses more on the fancy templates and text rather than the actual point. The key points usually don’t stress enough the complexity of the matter and serve as a distraction for the audience. 

Technical Difficulties 

There is always a chance of running into technical difficulties or a virus attacking your program. There can be connectivity problems and your computer can turn off in the middle of the presentation, leaving you in chaos. Moreover, it is not as well adaptable for every computer. Your font may be altered on another computer having a different version. 

Non-Editable Presenting

You cannot add, remove or change the slide while presenting. Hereafter, you have to prepare the slides carefully to avoid any inconvenience. 

Overused Features

Due to a lot of options among templates, text fonts, layouts, and designs; it may appear confusing. Additionally overusing the features can make the presentation boring and less interactive. 


Microsoft PowerPoint is a tremendously functional tool for creating presentations. It covers a long list of benefits that interests the users. However, the disadvantage mainly depends upon the object of the user.  You can utilize this tool to create interactive presentations as guided in the article. 

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