7 Tips to Write an Essay on Video Games in the Best Way

Writing an essay

Video games are popular among college students and writing an essay on the topic might seem a simple task. Developers today offer astonishingly better graphics and simulations. They can be played on handheld devices or computers in groups or alone. 

Writing an essay about video games requires a student to brainstorm deeply. They need to create a topic they will love and make it attractive to the readers. The student must spend time in research and develop better writing skills. This makes writing about video games tough, but these tips will help. For additional assistance and to further enhance your essay writing skills, consider using the professional services of WritePaper. Their expertise can provide valuable support in structuring your essay, refining your grammar, and enriching your content, ensuring that your thoughts are articulated clearly and creatively

Choose an exciting topic

Like any other type of essay, the topic is a highly important essay feature. It gives you direction during research. It creates boundaries for you by marking the extent to which you cannot exceed them.

The golden rule of essay topics is to choose a topic you are excited about. Search first to help you know if you will get enough points to discuss or prove your topic. Many students prefer letting an essay writing service choose a topic for them and complete the entire essay for better grades. 

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Take time to research

You cannot write an essay with strong arguments if you fail to do thorough research. You might understand video games from a player’s point of view. However, you need to tweak that and focus on an educator’s point of view or someone who knows nothing about the games.

You may research developer’s websites, blogs, education websites, and many more. Make sure you get strong points to support your argument in each paragraph. 

Provide a detailed definition

People may understand games from different angles, but it is upon you to help them understand them from your angle based on research. Instead of defining video games using a dictionary, define them through the inspiration you get from research work.

Video games are classified as multimedia content, but you need to refine your explanation based on the thoughts of a student. If need be, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional essay writer. He can help make your definition and writing easier. 

Mentioning the history is important

Video games started in the 1980s during the Arcade era. Since then, they have evolved into exciting products loved by every young person today. The journey, however, has been rough, going through the console era in the 1990s and on to the console wars in the 2000s.

The 2010s are famous for Network games, E-sports, and today there are VRs and ARs. Letting the reader know about the history proves that you’ve spent time in research. 

Examples are necessary

Make your essay about video games more exciting by using examples. You may consider citing a few from the more than 30 different genres available today, such as: 

  • First-person shooters
  • Real-time Strategy
  • Adventure games
  • Action games
  • Puzzle games
  • Role-playing
  • Sports video games
  • Simulation games

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Stay within structure

Essay structure does not change, no matter the type of essay or topic you are writing. The structure carries weight, and your lecturer might award you points for keeping a good structure. From the start, have this structure in your mind.

  • Topic: This is the main heading on what you are about to write. Make it attractive.
  • The introduction: The introduction gives an overview of your topic and the entire essay. It is what grabs the attention of readers and determines their next action. This is where you include the introduction paragraph and the thesis statement. 
  • Body: The entire weight of the essay is contained in the body. This is where you include all your arguments point by point. Mostly, the body contains three paragraphs, although they can be more for longer essays. Prepare one strong point to cover in each paragraph and have enough backup information. 
  • Conclusion: This is where you restate your thesis statements and wrap your essay. Help the reader reflect on the main points in the body and the topic. 

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Editing and citation

All forms of academic writing require citations in the correct format. Most essays within humanities and liberal arts cite in APA, although MLA is a good option too. Sometimes the lecturer might be specific on citation but if not, choose the most appropriate. Editing is as important as writing. 

It makes your work presentable and smart. Use editing tools, but also make sure to use plagiarism check tools for originality. Editing and correct use of citations give you confidence when submitting your work. It earns you good grades and helps you develop good writing discipline even after graduation. 


Since the 1980s, video games have evolved from simple computer games to complex videos with better graphics and simulation. Writing essays about video games might look easy, but it is a tough task. It requires a great deal of research and development of writing skills. The writer may discuss the history of the games and cite examples of video games over the years. Due to the challenges of writing an excellent essay, seeking help from writing experts is a good option. 

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