Is 4ms Response Time Good – Yes Or No?

Is 4ms Response Time Good

Are you a computer novice? Don’t you have any idea about the monitors? Are you looking forward to which response time would be suitable for you? Then, do not be exhausted! 

We have completely covered you and explained everything on 4ms response time. Thus, in this blog post, we will let you know which response time is best. And how slow 4ms is from other response times.

If you are gaming enthusiastic, you shouldn’t miss it because one or another way, it will provide you a lot.

So, are you ready to explore? Fasten your seatbelts and here you go! Wait, before discussing the topic, let’s have a look at what response time is? 

What is Response Time?

Response time refers to the time the monitor rakes to react to the change in the display. Whenever your monitor shows a colorful image, it happens when color pixels change individually. As a result, you can see all the colors on the monitor in the blink of an eye. All these colors take to shift from one to another. This time is the response time of the monitor. 

The millisecond (“ms”) is a unit of time equal to one-thousandth of a second.

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What Are Most Common Response Times?

So, till now it is clear how crucial response time is and how necessary it is to buy a responsive monitor. A responsive monitor will enable you to enjoy lag-free gaming, movies, typing, and other crucial tasks.

There are different kinds of responsive time, as the time will increase, your monitor response will become slow.

The 1ms, 2ms, 3ms, 4ms, and 5ms are the response times – in this list of response times, 1ms is more responsive. However, 4ms and 5ms are the slowest ones – you don’t see a quick response to your instructions and commands; eventually, you will have slow gaming. Your chance of winning the game and defeating your competitors become slow.

If you want to have immersive gaming, you are supposed to hunt a monitor with more response time- 1 ms or 2ms.

Well, it is time to crack more about 4ms and figure out what role does it play in smooth and seamless gaming.

Is 4ms Response Time Good For Gaming?

If you are a pro gamer then these types of questions might be in your mind. But fear not! We are here to solve your problems and to answer the questions which are bothering you related to this topic.

So, is it necessary to have a fast response time while playing a game? When you are playing a fast-paced action game, you will try to interact with the game as fast as possible. And, in the case of competitive gaming whether you are playing an FPS, Racing, or even sports game, every millisecond matters.

Therefore, if you are a hardcore gamer, you need a faster response time on your monitor while playing a game. It shows that the faster the response time the better it is for gaming. Hence, a 4 ms response time is better or faster than a 10 ms response time. That means it is not good if the number of ms in the response time of your monitor is higher.

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Let’s compare different response times with 4ms.

Difference Between 1ms vs 4ms 

Now, let’s have a comparison between 1ms and 4ms. That’s how we will come to know which response time is better for our work. Without going anywhere, let’s have an eye on it.

There is no doubt both responses perform well, there is no better option between these two speeds. Each speed has its own benefits and drawbacks. This is something very hard to distinguish between them. Because of this, it is up to the manufacturers to decide which option is best for their product.  

  • A 4ms monitor will show a new color four times faster than a 1-ms monitor.
  • Some companies offer a 4ms monitor because it is cheaper to manufacture. 
  • For gamers, a 1ms response is better as compared to 4ms. It is because the lower the response time, the better. Low response times combined with low input lag are great for gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

A few of the questions which are frequently asked by you are about “is 4ms response time good.”They are also answered in this article. Let’s have a look at them.

Is 4ms Response Time Too Much? 

If you want a low ms response time that reduces ghosting then 4ms is best for you. Be sure to get 4ms with IPS panels so it will work well for you. 

Is 4ms Response Time Noticeable For Gaming?

Lower is always better, and the lowest response time starts with 1ms. However, only TN panels can achieve that, whereas IPS panels can only go as low as 4ms. Non-competitive gamers go for IPS-4ms because it offers better visual quality.

Is 4ms Response Time Bad?

If you are worried about a 4ms bad time response. Then here is the answer! 

Of course not, it is good especially for gaming and generally, gamers are happy with 4ms or less than it. 

Is 4ms Faster Than 1ms?

From a practical point of view, 4ms is just as good as 1ms as far as input lag is concerned. The human body is far slower than your computer and the monitor is the biggest obstruction for input lag.

Is 4ms Too Slow?

When it comes to response time, the lower the better. Many games do not ask for a 1ms response time. If you play those, you don’t need to worry so much and a 4ms response time will be okay. 

The Finishing

Hopefully, we have served you with enough information about the “is 4ms response good.” Now, it all depends on you for which purpose you are going to use the 4ms response time. 

One thing more, after diving into this article, you will also come to know about different response times and will get your every query resolved. So, what you need to do, for this, you have to just go through this article from top to bottom and collect a bunch of information.

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