Black Clover chapter 344 Release Date & Spoilers – Sister Lily To Attack Land of the Sun?


Black Clover is making a comeback for manga fans with the new chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 344:

According to the sources and reports which are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Black Clover will be coming back with another new chapter. It’s been a few months since Black Clover entered its final arc. The final arc is all about the hype, and it has raised the expectations of fans across the world. After the appearance of Lucius, he became the fan-favorite villain of the series and ended up as the best villain of the series.

Twitter handle Diab (@Diab_26) tweeted, “#BCSpoilers Black Clover will be on a sudden break this week! There will be an apology page by Tabata.

As far as we know, the previous chapter ended on an incredible note. Lucius made his move after waiting for a long time. He then sent his sister Lily with other purified devils, to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Manga fans have seen Heath Grice as a purified devil. Asta met Heath Grice during his first mission, where he defeated him with the assistance of Magna and Noelle.

It has been revealed that Lucius has revived him and made him a pure devil. This news came as a shocker, which will be discussed further.

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At the end of Chapter 343, we see sister Lily, Heath Grice, and another person whose unknown arrive at the Land of Rising Sun. It can be that Lucius has sent them to scout for the Land of Rising Sun.

There are chances that Lucius has sent the paladins in search of Asta, and later on, they found that he is in the Land of Rising Sun. We know that Lucius thinks that Asta is a threat to his ambitions.

What’s more interesting is that the revelation is the revival of Heath Grice. Most of the fans are thinking about how he got revived even though he was killed by Asta and Co during their mission.

It has led many fans to believe that Lucius has enough powers to revive anyone in the world. Also, Lucius can turn them into purified devils.

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Release Date:

After the hiatus, Black Clover came back with Chapter 344, which will be released on 28th November 2022. The reason behind the break is yet to be revealed. As of now, all we have to do is to wait for the new chapter.

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