World’s First OLED Laptop by Razer: Blade 15 Photos, Prices and Specs

The world is slowly moving to OLED panels as well as higher refresh rates. People want to experience something different when they are watching movies or playing games. These OLEDs have the cutting-edge technology to deliver the content in a more fluid way with a quick response time. Whichever thing is displayed on the screen feels so smooth as well as you don’t get eye fatigue after that.

OLED panels are getting used heavily everywhere. It can be a TV screen, gaming monitor, and smartphone. Tech companies are making this technology a normal thing, just like they did back in the days with LCD and then LED. These OLED panels display rich and vibrant colors that look very appealing to the human eye.

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Razer Laptops:

Razer is a well-known gaming brand among gamers across the globe. They know this company because of the amazing peripherals and gaming gadgets they have developed for the gaming industry. All of the best mouse, headphones and keyboards come under this brand’s belt. The products are made up of high-end materials that are created to ensure a better gaming experience and last a long time for the user.

Moreover, Razer has been creating and developing some of the best laptops for people who like to do productivity tasks and gaming on the laptops. The laptops come with beefed-up specs and a display screen that gives an incredible gaming experience to the user.

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Razer Blade 15 with 240Hz OLED Display:

According to the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media, Razer is currently working on the world’s first laptop that ships with a 240Hz OLED display screen. As per the leaks, the laptop will be arriving somewhere in Q4 of this year with a hefty price tag. Potential buyers need to stack up around 3000 bucks for this massive gaming machine.

As per the rumors, the laptop will be supercharged by Intel’s latest Core i9-12900H processor that is paired up with NVIDIA’s RTX 3070TI mobile GPU. For the memory, there will be 32GB of next-gen DDR5 RAM along with the 1TB SSD. Users can add extra storage thanks to the M2 slot on the Razer Blade 15 2022.

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As per the reports, people will be able to get their hands on this beast in the last four months of this year.

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