Where to hire Academic Writing Specialist – Best tips from Skillhub

People with advanced writing skills are in high demand nowadays. Digital marketers hire copywriters to create blog posts for websites; job seekers look for resume writers to prepare for the job application; and students, in turn, need academic writing specialists to help with university assignments. Finding a specialist for college writing is extremely hard because this depends on the student’s grade.

Academic Writing Service is excellent for students overwhelmed with tasks in different subjects. It is also an effective solution for students who combine a job with studies or for those who become young parents. There is never enough time to complete all the points of the to-do list, so getting a helper with writing assignments is a good way out of a tight schedule.

Where to find a writer who can craft an A+ academic paper? There are dozens of options online, from big writing businesses to freelance academic writers. But of course, some services are considered to be top-rated, while others are problematic. Check out these tips from SkillHub writers on how to find the best writer for college assignments.

1. Compare Revision Policy & Money-back Guarantee

The first rule of ordering writing works online is to assure you that you can request edits or return money if the work doesn’t satisfy you. Academic writers for hire should be professional in their craft, but even the works of the best specialists require proofreading and edits. Because every client has particular requests and institutional requirements, it’s challenging to satisfy all the demands from the first draft.

Suppose a writing company has a money-back policy. In that case, it means that the company is sure of the quality of its products. Money-back is usually applied when the writer doesn’t fulfill the task and makes some stylistic and grammatical errors. With revisions and money-back, every new client is assured that even if the final result is unsatisfactory, he can get his paper fixed or compensation.

2. The Background of the Writers

Of course, the most crucial search criterion is the writer’s experience. Suppose your major is Economics, and you need a research paper due Monday. In that case, the writer should be proficient in this subject too. The same thing applies to all fields of study. Top writers should have certified knowledge in a particular area of expertise and outstanding writing skills.

Some academic writers can make a paper almost on every topic, and this is because creative people can always find a way out of the most complex situation. But suppose your major is chemistry, biology, or maths. In that case, it’s hard to imagine a writer with a psychology diploma delivering a good paper on this.

Professional writers are versatile specialists. They can be good at writing academic papers as well as at writing resumes or articles for blog posts, like article writing tips. It is excellent when before the order, you can check the writer’s portfolio and see how well he can deliver the paper in different writing styles for various reasons. One of the essential qualities of top writers is flexibility because they can be assigned other tasks.

3. Academic Level

Academic writing companies make papers for all academic levels – Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. From the start, it is essential to know the writer of which level will complete your paper. Because if the Master writes a paper for Bachelor’s level, it can look suspicious. Teachers and Professors can detect when a person writes an assignment of a higher academic level.

4. Rates and Reviews

Before hiring a writer for an academic paper, it is vital to check the reviews on him. All writing platforms usually have a testimonials section, where customers comment on the writers. Such websites as Sitejabber or Trustpilot are also good sources of reviews on writing services. If you come across a new academic writing company, check what people say about it on these review portals.

Where else can a student find information about academic writing specialists? You can always ask questions or start a thread on Quora, Reddit, or Twitter. People there gladly share sincere impressions about their experience with academic writing companies or freelance writers.

Remember that your friends or groupmates might have already tried academic help, and they advise you to the writer that will not let you down during the due date. Referrals from people you know are always better than random contacts on the internet.

5. Graduates and Teachers

Teachers and recent graduates of universities have academic writing as a side job. They have already had good experience delivering essays and research papers on time, so now they help students achieve their academic goals. Also, recent graduates can share the materials they used during their studies to give you a helpful reference or template for your assignments.

A lot of teachers or even professors indeed work as academic writers. It is better to hire a teacher for academic writing because they used to check many essays and research papers during their work. They will surely deliver the paper with correct formatting and maintain all requirements of your institution.

6. Prices

Does academic writing cost much? The cost of academic papers depends on their level and on the experience of the writer. Truth be sad, it’s risky to pay too much and not safe to pay too little. If your paper is for Undergraduate studies, cheaper writers with no Master’s or Ph.D. degree can fit this work.

Suppose your task is to deliver the paper for the Masters’s or Ph.D. level. In that case, you need more experienced specialists who will complete the writing professionally. These pro writers charge more, but they deserve to make higher prices than other specialists because they have more professional knowledge and experience.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways for a student to hire an academic writing specialist. Students’ academic environment can be conducive to it as groupmates can give the contact information of reliable writers. Before hiring them, it is essential to consider the theoretical level, professional background and reviews, and the writer’s cost.

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