What Updates WhatsApp Has In Store For Its Users In The Future

With almost every new update, WhatsApp usually introduces some new feature for its users to improve the quality of this social media app and better its user interface. WhatsApp is now looking to introduce two new features that might interest its users. Let us look at what these are.

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WhatsApp May Let Users Download Their Account Info From Their Desktops As Well

While this feature was already present in Android and iOS, it will be the first time this will be possible directly from a desktop.

According to sources at WABetaInfo, a beta version of WhatsApp will make it possible for users to easily check and download all their information from a desktop interface.

Users who already have a beta version of WhatsApp on their desktop can check whether this is available to them through settings.

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Whatsapp May Soon Introduce A Feature That Allows You To Leave Groups Without Giving Out Any Alerts

One of the most annoying features of WhatsApp is that it informs everyone in a group chat when one of the members is leaving. WhatsApp is probably aware of this, which is why it is working on a feature that might let its users leave groups silently.

According to WABetaInfo, there is development being done on the feature and it might be introduced in future updates. In this feature, when a user leaves the WhatsApp group, only the group admins will receive notifications but the rest of the people in the group will not know. A screenshot has also been posted to show how this notification will appear on the user’s screen when they are exiting a group.

WhatsApp Is Working On Adding Link Previews In Status Updates

WABetaInfo also reported that WhatsApp was trying to work on another cool feature, which was to include link previews whenever users share a link in their stories.

An image was shared of how this would look. This is an interesting feature and might turn out to be very useful, especially for people who are looking to promote their online businesses or products. These new links that WhatsApp is working on will be more detailed in comparison to the ones that are sometimes seen by users who use WhatsApp through Android phones and other Android applications.

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What To Expect?

These look like some great features that will greatly improve WhatsApp and help it become more user friendly. How these features function practically is yet to be seen. Let’s see when they arrive and how good they work.

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