Unopened iPhone From 2007 Sold For Almost $40000 – 65 Times The Original Price


An unopened iPhone from 2007 was sold for around $40000. It’s 65x times more than its original price.

Unopened iPhone Sold For $40000:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it says that an unopened iPhone was sold for around grand. Some people say it’s 65x of what its price is. The iPhone back in 2007 was revealed by Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs at MacWorld San Francisco, and it was priced at $499 and $599.

Steve Jobs showcased the iPhone on 9th January 2007, and later on, he announced that the iPhone would be coming in two versions, a variant of 4 GB and 8 GB models. The OG iPhone debuted with an amazing and innovative touchscreen with a 2-megapixel camera and a web browser. The co-founder described this device as an ‘iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator.’ It was an all-in-one, simple device.

After its public release, it was Apple’s most successful product. It came with incredible ripple effects that you can even see in the modern-day smartphones that are available in the market. Moreover, Time Magazine named the original iPhone the Time Magazine Invention of the Year in 2007. Being the leading company in the technology industry, an original iPhone in the unsealed and original packaging would certainly be going for a good sum of grands because there are collectors and then there are Apple fans.

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Apple iPhone 2007 Getting Sold At Auction:

The phone was getting sold at $40,000 in the LCG Auctions. It was listed as an unused and completely sealed first-generation 8 GB iPhone, which is described as ‘flawless’ as it has all the original and authentic factory seals. No aftermarket stickers or damage was present on the iPhone. LCG Auctions further wrote by listing that collectors and investors will find trouble finding a better example of the first-gen Apple iPhone.

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The bidding started at $2,500. It was increasing as there were 28 people who were bidding for the 2007 iPhone. Then, there was a whopping $39,339 bid by a person who wanted to grab this iPhone. The price at which this iPhone was auctioned is more than 65x times of its original price. However, it’s a collector’s item now, and the enthusiast who bought it won’t be taking out the phone from the box anytime soon.

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