Twitter Users Jump to Mastodon – So What Is It?


After acquiring the famous social media, Twitter, Elon Musk started to change the laws, policies, rules, and regulations of the social media platform. Many users were banned from the social media platform, while some of the employees were laid off when the American multibillionaire took the chief executive officer position of Twitter.

However, some users are seeking alternative platforms to Twitter. One of those alternatives includes Mastodon. Keep reading this article, and you will get to know about Mastodon.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon looks pretty much the same as Twitter. The users writing posts will be called toots. You can reply to it, like it, and repost it. Users can follow each other just like the same algorithm most social media platforms are following nowadays.

As of now, the social network has gained around 230K followers, and now they have total users of around 700K. Many users are joining this social network since Twitter is having a wave of bans and suspensions.

However, things are a bit different in the Mastodon.

There are many reasons and of which is that it is attracting fresh users, but it is causing some problems and confusion to the new users.

The platform is six years older, but most of the users don’t know how to use this platform, and at the moment, it’s struggling because of the new joiners.

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The very first thing users have to do whenever they sign up on the social platform is to choose a server. You can find tons of servers on the platform. Some of them are themed by countries, cities or interests. For instance, in the USA, socializing, technology and gaming, and much more. Every server has its own community where you will find people with the same likings and interests.

It doesn’t matter which server you are because users will be able to follow users from different servers. It will give you a starting community that will match your interests and likings.

Some of the popular ones that might cross you whenever you sign in to the social platform are social and UK. These are running at a slower speed because of the increasing demand.

Ryan Wild, who is currently running the MastodonApp.UK server using his firm Superior Networks has stated that he had around 6000 newcomers in the recent 24 hours. However, with all the users coming, he had to pause the registration for a short time period.

Ryan Wild said, ‘I wanted to see what the hype was about. I stood the server up at 10 pm Friday night, and I woke up the next morning to 1,000 people I didn’t know would rock up.’

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How To Find People?

The server you will be choosing will be a part of your user name. For instance, if your current Mastodon username is michael12, and you choose the UK server, it will look like This will be your address on Mastodon. You can use these addresses to find others and search for them.

If you belong to the same server, all you have to do is to search person’s name, but if they are attached to a different server, then you will need their full address for it.

Mastodon won’t be suggesting followers that you might be interested in. Moreover, users can also search hashtags.

Why Are There Servers?

To keep it simple for our readers, we have to tell you that Mastodon is basically not one platform. It is clearly not one thing, and it isn’t owned by a person or a firm. These servers are interconnected and linked with each other. They form a collective network to form a community. However, every other server is owned by different people and organizations.

This thing is called decentralized, and we have a whole fan base of decentralized platforms who like those platforms for this reason. Decentralized platforms can’t be running through a single entity, bought or sold.

However, the dealbreaker of this is that if you are a person or an organization running the server and later on think of abandoning it, the users connected to your server will lose their accounts. Mastodon will be asking the owners of the servers to give a three-month notice to the users whenever they are winding up the server.

The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is currently working on a new network, which is called BlueSky. He has said in some reports that it will be decentralized, too.

How Is Mastodon Moderated?

The servers on Mastodon have their own moderation rules, and some servers don’t even have any rules or anything. Many servers don’t even link to others, which are crowded with bots, and have seen many hateful comments and content. It clearly means that it will not be visible to those users on the servers where they are blocked. Users can also report to the server owners.

If there’s hate speech and illegal content, the owners of the server have full rights to delete it. However, some sources say that it doesn’t necessarily delete it from everywhere.

This will raise many issues and problems if the platform starts to grow. There are already sources that are telling that people were being targeted by tons of hateful content. A media outlet has seen some examples of these violations.

Do We Get Ads on Mastodon?

No. Users won’t be getting any type of ads on the social platform. No one would stop you from promoting your company or product.

Mastodon won’t give you a curated user experience like Twitter gives to its users. The experience we are talking about is how you view the posts. You will look at what your followers are saying.

Is It Free To Use Mastodon?

It totally depends on which server you are on. Some of the owners of the servers are asking for donations as they don’t get paid. However, the whole platform is free. You will find a lot of servers that are free, and you can interact with the people on them.

Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, if you are a regular user of Twitter, thinking of doing a switch and going to Mastodon, then it’s totally fine. You can do your research about it and see if the rules and regulations, features, and benefits work for you or not. If it suits your preferences, then you can make your account on this platform.

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