How Satellite Internet Is Bridging the Digital Divide in the US

Satellite Internet

Even though the majority of the American population has access to high-speed internet, a significant percentage still lacks access to it. Unfortunately, many of today’s educational and economic opportunities rely heavily on a high-speed internet connection. So, how can families and businesses in rural and remote areas get the same access to digital opportunities as those in more urban and suburban settings?

The answer is satellite internet. Satellite technology has been around for decades but has only recently been adopted as a viable option for delivering high-speed internet access to rural and remote areas in the US — slowly bridging the digital divide. Here are a few ways satellite internet is closing the digital gap. But first, you must understand what the digital divide is.

What Is the Digital Divide?

The digital divide is the gap between individuals and communities with access to modern information and communication technology (ICT), such as the internet, and those without access. The digital divide can be divided into two broad categories:

1. Access Gap – This is the difference between people who have access to ICTs, including the internet, and those who don’t.

2. Use Gap – This is the difference between those who have access to ICTs but are not using them and those who are using them.

How Is Satellite Internet Bridging the Digital Divide in the US

Now that you have a better understanding of the digital divide, let’s dive into how satellite internet is helping underserved areas in the US.

Wide Coverage

Due to its widespread availability, satellite internet has become the top option in rural areas as these places are unreachable with fiber or cable internet. It has opened up access to high-speed internet in underserved areas that previously had no other option but dial-up or a slow DSL connection. 

This improved access to the internet makes it easier for people living in these areas to get online and take advantage of all the digital opportunities available. As it connects families and businesses in remote areas to the internet in the simplest way, satellite internet helps close the digital gap in the US. 

Low Cost

Lower prices aren’t always ideal when it comes to internet plans since the service quality is often sacrificed. However, there are several low-cost satellite internet service providers like HughesNet, which provide both reasonable and high-quality connections.

Moreover, satellite Internet is generally more affordable than other internet access options, making it a great option for those on a tight budget but who need to have access to a reliable connection. Many providers also offer discounts and promotions to make their services even more inclusive and accessible.

No Installation Hassles

Setting up satellite internet does not require any special installation or hardware, making it an easy and hassle-free process. You only need a satellite dish, modem, and adapter to get started. Plus, most providers offer free installation. That means you only need to call them, purchase the service, and wait for them to install your internet.

Continuous Innovations

Satellite connectivity has been used for many years up until today.  However, in recent years it has seen a significant improvement in speed, reliability, and security. The technology is continuously being improved to give customers a better user experience and access to the internet with more reliable speeds.

With the increasing number of satellite internet providers that are revolutionizing this technology, it won’t be long until every remote area in the United States can have the fast, reliable, and affordable internet connection they deserve. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Satellite internet providers often provide customers with great customer service. They typically offer 24/7 technical support, quick response times, and knowledgeable technicians to help you in case of any issues. This makes the overall experience of using satellite internet more reliable and enjoyable. As satellite internet is available nationwide, they’ve been striving to provide the highest quality of service for their users.

The Bottom Line

Satellite internet offers many benefits to people living in remote areas of the US. It is a cost-effective and reliable way to bridge the digital divide between those with access and those without. With continuous improvements being made, it is sure to become an even better choice for accessing the internet in underserved areas.

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