Best SEO Practices For Automotive Business


SEO has been helping many businesses with achieving their monthly targets and shooting up their sales. It is one of the best practices to tap all your audience on the internet. As we know that SEO (search engine optimization) is an amazing thing for impactful marketing campaigns, and we need SEO for most of our campaigns running on the internet platform.

Digital marketing has been taking over conventional advertising in many industries, especially automotive. Keep reading this blog, and you will get to know some best SEO practices that you should do for your automotive and driving business.

SEO for Automotive Business:

What if we tell you that since 2015, automotive marketing experts have been throwing some more cash into their SEO budgets while they spend less on traditional channels, for example, TV.

Many potential buyers search for cars and autos on some websites, EveryCarListed, TrueCar, and AutoTrader. They spend a lot of time researching the dealerships, pricing of cars, and their reviews before contacting an automotive business.

What’s more interesting about this is that there’s 53% of users use mobile platforms and desktops and click on the organic search results instead of going through the paid ads. These stats tell a story that SEO is pretty amazing. However, automotive SEO isn’t just all about the ‘do it once and forget about it’. Google changes its algorithm many times throughout the year.

If you want to stay on the top of Google’s search results, then you have to know some of the factors which matter a lot. Let’s get started with this.

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Developing Authentic Automotive SEO Content & Incorporating Rich Text Snippets:

We know that website is a powerful tool for reaching out to customers outside the dealership’s designated market area. Things can be tricky to figure out how much content is to include on every page of your website.

You have heard about this thing that Google prefers pages that have 1600 words or more in them. It is kind of true for the longer content like blog posts which most of the individuals aren’t going to read more than the starting few words of the page. However, Google prefers to have more word counts for in-depth content for automotive businesses. As we know, the topics have to define and discuss stuff about the cars in a more detailed way.

Most of the experts think that the ideal blog post length should be somewhere between 1,500 and 2,400 words.

As a general rule, some marketers agree with the fact that sticking with the length of a 1,600 words count per post is ideal.

Posts of this word count outperform the shorter posts. They just have to be original and unique. The results are good across every type of business, and it includes car dealerships and other companies related to the automotive.

Whenever posting blogs and setting up web pages, you have to make sure that your web developer and SEO expert have added rich snippets. Rich snippets are the bits of code that tell Google to display the text of a page in a summarized manner in the search results. This helps the individual who’s searching up the web to find something accurate.

These rich snippets ensure that your pages stand out from other competitors. It gives a striking message which drives the customers to click.

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Incorporating Video SEO In Your Strategies:

If your business is all about cars, you know that video SEO is the real deal for reaching out to your potential customers. This thing will make them visit your page very often. Car dealerships are already one of the most famous categories in the popular video streaming platform, YouTube.

YouTube is undoubtedly the second largest search engine, so it’s crucial to ensure that all your videos are accurately and properly optimized to appear in the search results.

Some of the studies have shown that users like to watch the content instead of reading a paragraph of text. Optimizing your videos for search engines will start to increase the chances of being seen by many potential buyers. Moreover, videos are most likely to be shared on people’s walls or timelines or to be shared with others on social media. With this, you will be able to reach a wider audience.

For people who are looking to follow SEO practices, you can follow these simple tips for improving your car dealer video SEO.

  • First things first, make sure all the videos are keyword-rich. Usage of relevant keywords will in the title and description assist in bringing higher rankings in the search results.
  • The second thing you need to do is to keep the videos short. Nobody likes to watch long and boring car commercials. You can aim for it for two minutes long or less than that.

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Ensure That Your Website Looks Visually Amazing On Phones:

In 2022, half of the online traffic will come from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Most of the people are on their mobile devices searching for stuff. However, the regular average bounce rate is 51.6% for mobile users. It happens when the page fails to load properly on the user’s device. Most of these customers don’t come back after that.

To make it easier for you, there are many car dealerships and other automotive businesses in the world; those who have failed to take mobile searches seriously have been failing to get half of their prospective customer base. It’s a big profit margin for many businesses.

The thing that would be good for you to capture a market share in your own automotive business is to deploy an amazing and visually perfect mobile version of your website.

A skilled web developer can make your site automatically detect if a user is a mobile browser, recognizes each user’s screen dimensions, and adapt every page to look like it was tailor-made for the person’s smartphone or tablet display. This will be an amazing way to keep the mobile users spending time and staying on your site, and your search rank will start to shoot up.

Adding Autodealer Schema & Claiming Your Google Business Profile:

Recently you have seen big detailed info boxes about the local business start to pop up at the top of your Google search results. Most of these business profiles pull out information from a company’s Google Business Profile. It displays color photos of the business, a map full of directions to the business, and details like opening and closing hours, contact info, and the popular times of visiting the business.

You can set up the same thing on your own by claiming your free GBP (Google Business Profile). It only takes a few moments from your day. The next thing you need to do is to ask the web developer or the automotive SEO expert to add schemas markup to the top-visited pages on your site.

These schema markup code tells Google how to organize and display info that it finds on your website. For instance, images, addresses, opening and closing hours, and rich text snippets.

Moreover, you have to make sure that you add the AutoDealer schema. Google will use it in combination with your GBP to create a display box that will capture attention at the top of prospective customers’ search results.

Once you are done setting up your Google Business Profile, make sure that you ask every customer to drop a positive review on your business page.

Positive reviews boost up your local search ranking. With this, the contribution is valuable social proof to your profile on the search pages, and it will do your business to show up very often in the search results on Google Maps..

Leveraging Strategic Relationships For Link Building:

Adding third-party sites link to your pages will make your business look good to Google. It will turn the business into a more trustworthy and relevant business to Google. The inbound links come from the relevant keywords.

These inbound links are known as ‘backlinks’. They serve as the cornerstones of an effective link-building strategy. It can bring a load of organic search results to your website if someone does this in a very skillful manner.

The way to do this is pretty simple: Reach out to the owners of businesses and other organizations that you are currently working with and ask them to link specific pages on the website.

Take this as an example, if you are looking to drive some traffic to a page that is titled ‘Miami, FL Toyota Dealership”, you can go to a local auto parts distributor and ask them to add a link to your website and explain to them how they would benefit from doing this.

Link building requires some skilled experts to do this. You can start by requesting backlinks from other businesses and organizations in your local area. Go for the business whose opinions are valued extra highly when it comes to inbound links by Google. For instance, consider asking for the backlinks from charities and sports teams that you support or the suppliers you are currently working with.

It doesn’t require much to update your automotive SEO strategy. Just some original content, video and mobile optimization, GBP management, AutoDealer schema, and inbound linking. If you have done all of this, you are set to achieve good results.


We have some questions answered for our readers. Read them below:

  • How can I achieve get a flood of online traffic on my website?

You can follow all the SEO strategies which are mentioned above to get good results. It will bring a good amount of online traffic to your website. It will assist in growing your business as well.

  • How can I keep my customers and visitors interacting with my website?

If you want the customers and visitors to stay on your website and spend some time scrolling on it, then you have to make your website look visually gorgeous as well as keep it optimized for every individual’s smartphone. Most of the visitors visit the websites through their mobile devices, so it will be an ideal thing to keep them interacting with your website.

  • Is adding rich snippets a good thing for my website?

Yes, it is. The SEO expert of your website has to add rich snippets which will make your pages stand out from the competitors. It will drive all the customers to click on the content.

  • Do I need a skilled web developer as well as an SEO expert for my automotive business?

Yes. Of course, you need a team of skilled members to keep your business in demand. They will make your business boost up, and you will be able to be popular among the competitors. They will provide you with their skilled services, which will be an ideal thing for your website.

  • What type of content do I need in my video SEO?

For the video SEO, make sure the content is interesting and relevant. Don’t make it more than two minutes, and try to keep it less than two minutes. Nobody likes long boring videos. The usage of relevant keywords will be ideal in the title and description. It will help in ranking higher in the search results.

Final Thoughts:

To sum this up, you are pretty much aware of how to do the SEO strategies for your automotive business in the year 2022. If you are able to pull all of this off, you will receive some good results, and it will boost your business. Furthermore, just make sure that you are following everything that is mentioned above and that you do it in a skilled manner, so everything is accurate and proper for the strategies. Also, if you master these techniques, you will be able to capture the share of the automotive market in your local area.

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